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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Saturday, August 6th, 2016 by Mas | 47 Comments »

“Children die from gunfire. They can only be saved by removing guns from society, and you gun people are all savages and selfish bastards if you won’t give up your guns to save JUST ONE CHILD’S LIFE!

Sigh.  Yes, that’s the kind of argument we get from the prohibitionists.

Let’s talk.

It is generally accepted that a far greater number of tragic, accidental deaths of children are due to drownings, often in private swimming pools or even hot tubs, than to unintentional gunfire. Let’s explore that.  See: , and also

If you want to save the children, why not become an activist for banning private ownership of swimming pools and hot tubs?  After all, there is nothing in the Bill of Rights that guarantees the right to own such things, the way there is with firearms.  You could play the Bloomberg Card and change the terminology to fit your narrative. “Oh,” you could say, “we just want to regulate your swimming pool.  We’ll start by demanding twenty-foot-high fencing, nuclear facility grade if you please, around the pool property.  And of course, require 24/7 lifeguards.”  Michael Bloomberg could afford that, just as he can afford his large, heavily armed contingent of round-the-clock bodyguards.  Ordinary folks can’t afford that?  Too bad.  There you go being selfish bastards again, instead of thinking of those poor children!

Of course, all those nice, law-abiding citizens whose hard-earned pools you might want to brick over will say, “But – but – we didn’t install that pool to kill anybody!” Well, guess what, law-abiding gun owners didn’t spend their hard-earned dollars at the gun shop so they could kill people, either, or American sidewalks would be littered with corpses.

“But, pools are beneficial to society. They relax people. And there are all kinds of healthful benefits from swimming, and exercises physically challenged people can do best in pools.” True. And guns are hugely popular in sporting applications, from target shooting to harvesting meat from the hunting field.  And marksmanship is one of the few sports at which some physically challenged people can compete and win on equal ground with the able-bodied. More than once, the handgunner in the wheelchair has been overall top shot in my classes.

And, as statistics show to those who simply open their eyes and minds, guns save a huge number of innocent lives and prevent a great many serious crimes.

All of which is why banning guns, or restricting them to the rich and privileged, makes no more sense than doing the same with hot tubs and swimming pools.


Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016 by Mas | 13 Comments »

Yesterday marked the half-century anniversary of the mass murder by a crazed ex-Marine at the Texas Tower.

Few remember the role armed citizens played in pinning him down and cutting short the death toll.

Fortunately, the Washington Post DOES remember.

Thanks to the Evil Princess for reminding me.


Sunday, July 31st, 2016 by Mas | 13 Comments »

Sorry to be away from the blog longer than usual. It was a busy week, and frankly, a busy month.  I spent last week teaching an advanced 40-hour MAG-80 class at Firearms Academy of Seattle. The prior three weeks had encompassed MAG-40 classes, also 40 hours each, in Colorado hosted by Hershell and Denise Phillips, Alaska hosted by Todd and Tammy Smith, and at FAS hosted by Marty and Gila Hayes. Many thanks to them and the great range safety/coaching crews they put on the firing line.

There was no time to comment on what else was happening in our world, and there was much.

With no advance warning (and, apparently, no input from the affected industry) our President issued an Executive Order that could have a profound, business-killing impact on the most vulnerable corner of the firearms industry. Read that and tell me how it’s going to reduce crime or man’s inhumanity to man on a larger scale, or be anything but a mean-spirited slap in the face of the firearms industry and the law abiding people who buy that industry’s products.

In Baltimore, after trials of three of the six officers accused in the death of Freddie Gray resulted in one hung jury and acquittals on the rest, the prosecutors decided to drop the pending cases. How coincidental that this decision came right after a judge announced that defense lawyers for the accused cops would be able to cross examine prosecutors about issues in the matter, such as the prosecutors’ failure to furnish exculpatory evidence to the defense.

Ya know, if this was an online class in Ethics 101 instead of the firearms blog at Backwoods Home, we could get some interesting learning points out of this.  Had the decision-making district attorney said “OK, so maybe we shouldn’t have thrown cops under the bus without evidence to placate rioters and uninformed crowds,” I would have to give such reasoning a thumbs up for being ethical in the here and now as opposed to when the decision to bring those cases was made.

Or if District Attorney Marilyn Mosby had even said, “Hey, I personally think those cops did wrong and should be prosecuted, but after failing to gain a conviction three times out of three, I have to consider my fiduciary duty to the public as an elected official not to waste the taxpayers’ dollars on cases unsupported by facts in evidence, so I’m dropping the charges,” well, I’d have had to judge that action with that motivation as being within ethical parameters.

But if this blog was an online ethics class, I’d have to say:

“Class, your optional assignment is to write an essay on the theme of, If You Do The Right Thing For The Wrong Reason, Have You Still Really Done the Right Thing?”


Monday, July 25th, 2016 by Mas | 18 Comments »

All over the world, terroristic mass murder seems to be ramping up.  Here’s one of the latest, done in Japan…with edged weaponry, as seen here.

We were warned. The WORLD was warned.  Virtually every intelligence agency and law enforcement agency has seen it coming, and frankly, most expected it sooner.  We have long since warned about it at Backwoods Home, most recently here, in the current issue.


Thursday, July 21st, 2016 by Mas | 22 Comments »

Our friend Dave Workman, now blogging from a new source, compares the Republican and Democrat platforms on guns.

One is reminded of the quote attributed to Ronald Reagan: “I didn’t leave the Democratic party, the Democratic party left me.



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