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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Thursday, July 7th, 2016 by Mas | 17 Comments »

It has long been known that a large majority of mass murders in public take place in “gun-free zones,” where it is unlikely that any of the potential victims will be armed and capable of returning fire.

The Bloomberg faction of the gun prohibitionist movement has taken exception to this. They conflate gangs shooting members of other gangs on the street with mass murders in public.  They treat the psycho who murders multiple family members in a home as equivalent to the mass murder of random strangers in public. If the mass murderer strikes in a place where the whole community is a de facto gun-free zone, they figure it doesn’t count because a judge, movie star, or Bloomberg bodyguard with a carry permit impossible for ordinary citizens to acquire might have been there.

Here, a masterful counterpoint to that and a clear picture of the reality, from our friend Professor John Lott at the Crime Prevention Research Center.



Sunday, July 3rd, 2016 by Mas | 28 Comments »

Independence Day this year is surrounded by grave challenges to that very independence.

California’s Governor Brown has just signed some truly grim new gun restrictions into law.

The most anti-gun Presidential candidate in our nation’s history is now leading in most polls.

The current national push for “no fly/no buy” comes at a time when certain politicians and pundits are simultaneously using “NRA” and “terrorists” in the same sentence.  The due process concerns in the proposed legislation seem irrelevant to many on the left, but thankfully, not to all. When a piece of legislation is opposed by the NRA, and the ACLU, and the New York Times, it is nature’s way of saying that the bill in question needs to die.

Speaking of terrorists, America’s Independence Day is a symbolic time for ISIS and others who hate our country; probably an especially good day to stay away from the hunting preserves full of helpless victims known as “gun-free zones.”

Have a great Fourth. Celebrate responsibly.  It’s the 240th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, so I think it will be appropriate for me to send some 240 grain .44 Magnum rounds downrange. After all, responsible gunfire is the very sound of freedom.


Friday, July 1st, 2016 by Mas | 5 Comments »

Last week, the judge in the murder trial of a Baltimore police officer rendered a decision of Not Guilty on all charges. It the course of the trial, he had spanked the prosecution for failing to furnish exculpatory evidence to the defense team, and it came out that the prosecutors hadn’t wanted to hear what the lead investigator had to say.  That lead investigator, in fact, testified that when the case was presented to the grand jury, the prosecutor put words in her mouth: .

The deceased, Freddie Gray, died of neck injuries and was found in extremis after his arrest and a ride in a “paddy wagon.”  He was African-American, and his death triggered a major race riot.  In an obvious act of placation, the District Attorney got indictments against six officers, three of whom were also African-American. The defendant in question here, Caesar Goodson, was hit with the highest charge: Murder.  The State threw multiple theories against the wall of the courtroom, hoping at least one would stick.  None did. The prosecutors went to great lengths to overlook the fact that the deceased was known to injure himself so he could sue for damages (known as “crash for cash” in the trade), and that a fellow arrestee in the van told police that Gray seemed to be deliberately throwing himself around on the ride to jail. .

This is the third trial to come out of that prosecutorial train wreck. The first ended in a hung jury. The last two were bench trials (judge only) and both this one and the prior trial resulted in total acquittals. (The judge, by the way, is African-American.) You can read his explanation of his verdict at .

Here we see among other things validation of long-standing conventional wisdom in the trial courts: “If the case turns on the facts, go with a jury, but if the case hinges on the law, go with a bench trial.”  In this case, the judge appears to have correlated the facts and the law most wisely.

If you’re interested in more comprehensive info, the most telling coverage of the trials I’ve seen came from Mike McDaniel at and our friend Andrew Branca at his own blog,, and at

A lawyer friend on a closed forum caught my attention with a joke now going around in criminal justice circles –

Cop: Knock, knock.

Baltimore Prosecutor: Who’s there?

Cop: Ofa.

Prosecutor’s Office: Ofa who?

Cop: 0 for 3.


Monday, June 27th, 2016 by Mas | 20 Comments »

While I couldn’t help but snicker at the sophomoric sit-in on Capitol Hill, I’m still shaking my head at those who overlook Constitutional protections that go beyond the Second Amendment.

An attorney who’s a non-gun owner frames the issues – and the rampant  hypocrisy – very well. .

Thanks to Erich, an attorney and regular contributor here, for bringing that powerful essay to our attention.


Friday, June 24th, 2016 by Mas | 16 Comments »

The meme from the news media: “Republicans Block Gun Reform”

The truth: The Republicans couldn’t stomach the loss of Constitutional due process the Democrats wanted to pass.

The meme from the Democrats: “Republicans Want to Give Guns to Terrorists.”

God almighty, how stupid do those people think we are?

The most rational take I’ve seen on this latest news is from our friend Dave Workman at Second Amendment Foundation.  In the spirit of total disclosure, I’ve been a member of the board of trustees of the Second Amendment Foundation for many years…and I’m proud of Dave’s cogent analysis.

Thanks to all of you who expressed your concerns to your representatives on Capitol Hill.



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