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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Sunday, November 15th, 2015 by Mas | 3 Comments »

On a sad Saturday when the latest Democrat debates saw the Presidential hopefuls trying to outdo each other to see who could be the most anti-gun (and in which Bernie Sanders seemed to blame terrorism on climate change), dozens of serious gun owners and firearms instructors were facing reality as the Legal Eagles firearms law seminar continued in Washington.

Much of that reality is counter-intuitive.  For instance, criminal defense lawyers are taught all the way back to law school to never allow a past or present cop to be on the jury that judges one of their clients. After all, wouldn’t a guy or gal who has spent a career making drug busts and arresting drunk drivers be predisposed to convict a defendant facing such charges?Jim_Fleming

Jim Fleming, a cop for the first ten years of his career in the criminal justice system and a defense attorney for the last three decades plus, explained why he loves to have cops on juries in self-defense trials.  Of all the people in the jury pool, who will better understand the defendant’s perspective better than someone who straps on a gun when going to work every day, because they may face the very same murderous dirtbag the defendant was forced to shoot in self-defense?

I’ve taught CLE (continuing legal education) courses with Jim on managing the self-defense case, under the auspices of ACLDN, the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network.  To sample Jim’s experience and wisdom, read the book about one of his most famous cases (“The Bison King,” available from Amazon)  and particularly his book on handling self-defense situations, “Aftermath.”.  If Jim Fleming’s “Aftermath” wasn’t a damn good book, I damn sure wouldn’t have written the foreword.


Saturday, November 14th, 2015 by Mas | 19 Comments »

While terrorists slaughtered helpless unarmed citizens unable to fight back in Paris, armed Americans on the West Coast listened to trainer of instructors Marty Hayes, completing his lecture program begun the day before.  Then, they heard from a series of survivors.

There was Bob, the jeweler who when a masked thug from Compton burst into his store screaming profane commands and waving a Glock .40 responded by drawing his own Kimber .45 and putting a 230 grain jacketed hollow point into the thug’s chest, fatally ending the encounter. Bob’s description of this incident, along with links to the security camera recording of the shootout, can be found at   There was John, who used his skills in combatives to keep a fellow vet with PTSD from snatching John’s gun to commit suicide and end his despair.  There was Sherry, who when she was 18 and unarmed endured along with a friend a nightmare ordeal at the hands of an armed rapist.  Miraculously and courageously surviving that, she now walks the path of the armed citizen.

And, capping the day, there was George Zimmerman.9A7A4715

He went through his notorious incident in detail, clarifying many of the points that became confused in the media propaganda blitz that followed. I learned something I hadn’t been aware of until now.

If you read my take on Zimmerman’s trial (here in the blog archives beginning on the day of his acquittal, July 13, 2013 and running for a total of twenty segments), you saw how Benjamin Crump – the attorney for the family of the deceased Trayvon Martin – manipulated the media. I did not know at that time that when Crump won an earlier multi-million dollar lawsuit in the state of Florida, he had received assistance from then-Illinois Senator Barack Obama.  In return, Zimmerman said, Crump had sent a very substantial donation to Obama’s campaign for President.

Hmm.  And then came from President Obama: “If I had a son, he would have looked like Trayvon.”

Gosh, Mr. President…if Trayvon had wanted to date one of your daughters, and you had Secret Service check him out first, would you have allowed that date to take place?

The Legal Eagles conference on firearms law, hosted by JB and Glenda Herren, continues for four more days.


Friday, November 13th, 2015 by Mas | 4 Comments »

I’m flying with the legal eagles for the third time this year.  NRA’s national firearms law seminar earlier this year in Nashville, the Texas Bar Association’s annual Texas firearms law seminar, and now the one named in the title.  The only one with “legal by God eagles” actually in the title. The previous ones I attended this year were for CLE credit (continuing legal education for attorneys); this one wasn’t, perhaps because most of the attendees were  (like me) trainers instead of lawyers and didn’t need CLE.

JB_HerrenJ.B. Herren and his lovelyGlenda wife Glenda run a full time school, Northwest Safety First, and they put together a heck of a seminar.  On opening day,





GottliebAlan Gottlieb, head of the Second Amendment Foundation, gave an intro as to the history of Second Amendment litigation in recent years.

Marty Hayes is a retired cop with experience including CLEO (chief law enforcement officer) and founder/director of Firearms Academy of Seattle and the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network.  He shared some of his experiences in 25 years of serving as an expert witness in shooting cases.Hayes

Marty had a lot to share, including several case studies in which the defendant saved their life from criminal attack, but then did something stupid such as lying to the police and got themselves in trouble big time.

Surviving a gunfight with a violent criminal, only to go to prison, is not a desirable outcome.  Hence the value of courses like these.  More to report as the seminar continues.


Tuesday, November 10th, 2015 by Mas | 12 Comments »

I just got home from Columbus, Ohio where I spent a day giving a sort of a “myth-busters” class on armed self-defense for Buckeye Firearms Association.  We had 400 attendees, not counting a couple dozen more from BFA staff.  The class only ran six hours, but we were able to pack in a lot of “reality check” info.


Buckeye _Web


In October, we gave an intensive 20-hour MAG-20 classroom course over a two-day weekend West Des Moines for Iowa Gun Owners. That curriculum is a full “armed citizens rules of engagement” class. We had thirty-some people in attendance.

Earlier in October we did a full-blown 40-hour MAG-40 course that included all of the above plus a bunch of shooting at the ISRA (lllinois State Rifle Association) range and classroom facility in Bonfield, IL.  Got about two dozen people through it, and about 12,000 bullets into ISRA’s well-crafted backstops. It was a combined effort between Midwest Training Group and ISRA.




My primary job is teaching the judicious and effective use of defensive weapons (  It’s always a pleasure to get the truth and the reality to more folks in the American heartland.  I’m not saying this to drum up business; we’re already packed full on the 2016 schedule, and what remains on our 2015 calendar.

A respectful suggestion: talk to your state-level gun owners’ civil rights organizations about hosting training. On the local level, talk to your gun club, grange, or whatever about doing the same. You don’t necessarily need high-priced out of state talent; there are lots of NRA-certified firearms instructors, pro-gun attorneys who’ve done self-defense cases, and street-wise cops who would love to come in and share reality with you and others in your club and your community.

The more we spread the knowledge, the more we spread the hard-won truth, the better it is for all of us.


Thursday, November 5th, 2015 by Mas | 13 Comments »

Remember when Bill Clinton told his fellow Democrats that their emphasis on anti-gun laws had cost them big time?  Apparently his wife wasn’t listening.  Neither was Michael Bloomberg, who poured millions into Virginia in hopes of defeating pro-gun candidates.  That doesn’t seem to have turned out too well for him in this week’s results.


See our friend Miguel Gonzalez’ take on it, here.  And TTAG (The Truth About Guns) had this to say and this.



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