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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Sunday, September 20th, 2015 by Mas | 26 Comments »

If ever a candidate for President crafted a position paper to win over the pro-Second Amendment community, it is this one.

Here, from National Shooting Sports Foundation are some other candidates putting their current positions on the record.


or watch the video here


Your thoughts?


Thursday, September 17th, 2015 by Mas | 11 Comments »

Well, damn. My friend (and favorite gun blogger) Tamara Keel emailed me to let me know our mutual friend Frank James had passed.
Read Tam’s moving goodbye to him. If you aren’t familiar with his work, be sure to follow each of her links.

When I wrote about him recovering from his stroke here on this blog a year ago last April, lots of you wrote to say how much you enjoyed his work. When I last spoke with him a few months ago Frank was upbeat and felt his rehab was progressing well.

Frank parlayed a family farm into millionaire status the same way he became a popular gun writer and gun show TV star. Research, sound knowledge of what he was doing, and common sense…because, quite simply, the common sense that was his trademark demanded in turn that deep research and thorough knowledge of the subject at hand. Combine that with his genuine love of family and country, and his deep caring for his fellow man, and you’ll understand why we who knew Frank James so deeply mourn his passing.

Goodbye, Frank. All of us who knew you were better for it.



Tuesday, September 15th, 2015 by Mas | 8 Comments »

I did a “whiskey-tango-foxtrot” when I read this.  I’m surprised the Gipper didn’t tell his security detail to pound sand.

Ronald Reagan had a long history with guns.  As a young man, he supposedly used a Colt pistol to save a person he saw being attacked in the street (no shots fired).  Nancy Reagan spoke of the “cute little gun” she kept readily at hand in the White House. Legend says that Reagan got a permit to carry a Smith & Wesson .32 in a shoulder holster when he got death threats back in his Screen Actors Guild days.

Most American presidents have been gun owners…until, ahem, recently.  There is that faked-looking photo of Barack Obama shooting at clay birds.  Bill Clinton had some part in assassinating a duck with a Benelli shotgun in a waterfowl hunt supposedly staged to show his support for Second Amendment rights.  (Yeah, right.)  And, yes, when you kill something for political reasons, I think “assassination” is the appropriate term.

A bit more on Presidents and their guns, and more discussion on Secret Service separating Reagan from his guns.


Saturday, September 12th, 2015 by Mas | 20 Comments »

Who stands six feet, five inches tall, weighs 300 pounds, and carries a cocked and locked STI 1911 pistol? LarryCorriea02

Well, I can think of two. Owen Zastava Pitt and Larry Correia. Or maybe that’s one, ‘cause Larry created Owen as the lead protagonist in his best-selling science fiction/fantasy series of novels, and the two have a lot in common.

A little while back in this blog, when I wrote about meeting Stephen Hunter, one of my favorite writers, I mentioned that I hoped to one day meet Correia, too, because he was one of the very few writers I read in that genre. The reason was that he got his details right, did not break my “willing suspension of disbelief” … and was also funny as hell.

In person, it turns out, Larry Correia is also funny as hell in person, and totally down to earth, and of course, One of Us. What else should we expect from a guy who was associated with the coolest named gun shop in history, Fuzzy Bunny Movie Guns, in his younger days?

I enjoyed heck out of his best-selling series, Monster Hunter International. In his second best-selling series, the Grimnoir Chronicles (which he describes as a blend of early 20th Century noir and steampunk), he had me in the first such novel when he made John Moses Browning one of the characters. The evil princess and I have the next two in the series as audiobooks and will be consuming them on our next long drive.

LarryCorriea01If you’re a gun person and you haven’t read Correia, you’re missing some great entertainment. Check him out – Amazon will get you to his work, and Google should get you in among his many fans – and I think you’ll be glad you did.

Oh, and by the way, Larry’s last name is pronounced “Korea,” not “courier.”


Monday, September 7th, 2015 by Mas | 34 Comments »

Point of view is critical to assessing eyewitness testimony, all the more when a camera makes eyewitnesses of us all.

This point has been made here before, and now comes another excellent example.  It is the nature of our arrogant species to say, “I saw the whole thing. If what you say happened had actually occurred, I would have seen it.  I didn’t see it. Ergo, it didn’t happen.”

It’s all too easy to for us to forget that from our angle, our POV, what someone else saw may have been blocked from our own line of sight, or simply ignored because we weren’t looking for it (inattentional blindness).

In this case, the POV of the patrol car dashcam leads us “witnesses via video” to see “OMG! A trigger happy jackbooted thug pointing his gun at an innocent citizen for no reason!”

But the POV of the officer’s bodycam shows us what HE saw…and now we realize that his swift draw of his service Glock may well have prevented the officer and/or the motorist being shot.

Watch and learn. It’s the sort of lesson all of us who constitute the vast Jury of Public Opinion cannot review too often…and it can impact peace officer and armed citizen alike.


Or view it here:



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