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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Archive for the ‘Uncategorized’ Category

Massad Ayoob


Sunday, October 26th, 2014

I’m a father of daughters and have had the privilege of training multiple female shooting champions, including both of those daughters who each won national titles while still in their teens.  I’ve also spoken in court for some forty female law enforcement officers who were fired for failure to qualify with handguns that weren’t the right size for them (and which they sometimes weren’t trained with correctly), when I was able to confirm that proper training and suitable police weapons that DID fit them allowed them to qualify just fine.  So, it pleases this old testosterone creature when the estrogen tribe kicks butt with guns.

At the NRA annual conference in Indianapolis this year, I got to meet Lena Miculek.  She’s the daughter of two old friends: Jerry Miculek, whom I consider the greatest double action revolver shooter of our time and probably ever, and Kay Clark-Miculek, a national champion shooter in her own right and a kick-ass gunsmith who built the Clark Custom Ruger 10/22 I used to earn a Rifleman patch at my first Appleseed event.

Yeah, there may be a genetics component: if the sire and the dam are both Kentucky Derby winners, you can expect their filly to win races, too.  More to the point, though, both Jerry and Kay have shown themselves for decades to be exemplary as both human beings and shooting athletes, and they passed their dedication to excellence along to their daughter as well as all their knowledge.  She has been stomping mucho boo-tay in three-gun (rifle/shotgun/handgun) competition.  Her father is duly appreciative: see photo.Jerry Miculek Lena Miculek

Closer to home for this writer, estrogen still ruled this week.  Last Saturday, we finished a MAG-40 class in Florida and as usual, staff shot a pace-setter demonstration of the qualification, and then it was the students’ turn.  The instructors toss in $5 apiece, top staffer taking all…students pony up a buck each, winning student taking all…and anybody who beats me gets an autographed $5.  Tie scores on point value over the 60-shot qualification course are broken by group measurement: tightest shot cluster prevails.

Among the students were many instructors and some proven competition shooters, and the staff half a dozen state and regional shooting champions and at least four who have held national titles in handgun shooting competition.  When the proverbial gunsmoke had cleared, there were more than a couple of us who had perfect 300 out of 300 scores.  Mine lost on tie-breaker to that of Lt. Col. Dave “the Blaze” Blazek, USAF retired, who last month won the title of high military shooter at the IDPA National Championships in Tulsa.  Dave usually beats me anyway, but to add insult to injury, he did it this time shooting southpaw even though he’s naturally right-handed…and I’m awfully proud of him.

My Group

However, beating us BOTH and everyone else, was my own significant other, the Evil Princess.  She does that, every now and then – beating everybody on the range, including all the men, and most cruelly, including ME – because, I suspect, she just likes to feel the testosterone drop about ten degrees in male-dominated environments. J

And nobody’s  prouder of that than me.  Chicks rule!

Massad Ayoob


Monday, October 6th, 2014

I was in a conversation recently which turned in the direction of serpents, and not the two-legged kind.  I’ve never had to shoot a human being, but have found it necessary on occasion to dispatch poisonous snakes. Each time that happened, I was VERY glad to have a pistol on my person.

What’s the collective experience out there?  I’m no herpetologist, but I keep hearing from folks who live in rattlesnake country that today’s rattlers have learned to keep silent and not give warning before they strike.  True?

Please share experiences here.

Massad Ayoob


Monday, September 22nd, 2014

So, last Friday, the Evil Princess says to me from her workspace across the room from mine, “Today is ‘Talk Like A Pirate Day.’”

“Arrr,” I replied, “then gimme some booty, wench!”

Turns out that was the wrong thing to say, ‘cause I pretty much got keelhauled.

Be careful with this “Talk Like (Whatever) Day” business, fellas.  As far as I know, we’re out of the line of that fire until next April, when “Talk Like Shakespeare Day” comes around.

Forsooth…the winter of our discontent may show up on April 23.

Massad Ayoob


Friday, September 12th, 2014

A comment on this blog doesn’t usually turn into a blog entry, but it happens. Kinda like, as follows.

Someone who goes by “s” posted this as a comment to the last blog entry here:

Once again, Ayoob lies and creates evidence from thin air when it suits him. In his pathetic apology for the anal rape and torture of man, Ayoob conjured up a “duty of care” (to rape a man!) with zero evidence. Now he lies that members urged JPFO to die rather than accept the SAF takeover. Bullshit. I repeat: bullshit.

There were several parties who attempted to contact the JPFO board. They had alternatives and funding to back up their plans. The tiny August shortfall (roughly $1000) was easily covered; they people had 5-figure sums ready and waiting to be put to use. Ayoob dismisses these attempts at constructive engagement as “vitriol,” and any alternative to a takeover by the organization he represents as “clamored for JPFO to “die with dignity.”

Like the anal rape case, Ayoob creates a new reason that had never before been mentioned. Now his self-interested position as an SAF board member is to preserve the JPFO literature.The more likely outcome is that Gottlieb and his lackeys will suppress and attempt to shove the more strident JPFO work down the memory hole. It’s too uncompromising, too principled, too harsh.That attempt will fail. Neither Gottlieb or his lackey Ayoob can understand what has happened, and what will happen. The materials have already been preserved, by the people SAF and Ayoob love to hate. Watch for SAF attempts to suppress them via claims of copyright infringement. If there was any merit to Ayoob’s testilying, SAF would welcome all attempts to publicsize Zelman’s legacy. But since the truth is that the only prize is the JPFO mail lists, more grists for the for-profit Gottlieb mass mailing machine, that will never happen.

“s,” I will respond to your rant point by point, in order.

You started with the New Mexico case awhile back where you and others accused cops and docs of rape when police transported to a medical center a man they believed had stashed drugs up his butt.  I pointed out that anyone who works a patrol car OR an emergency room knows of people who’ve died from doing that. The cops brought him in, the docs did the colonoscopy, and I said we should wait to hear from the cops and the docs themselves why they made the decisions they did.  All these months later, those answers still have not come out.  I won’t make a judgment until they do. You, and those like you, are perfectly ready to form a lynch mob after hearing only one side of the story. I’m not, and I won’t apologize for that.

“s,” you write, “Now he (Ayoob) lies that members urged JPFO to die rather than accept the SAF takeover. Bullshit. I repeat: bullshit.”

The BS is on your end, “s.” I don’t know whether you deliberately lied, or whether you simply spoke from ignorance, but consider the following:

MamaLiberty, 9/1/14, at Claire Wolfe’s blog “1016” comments: “Nothing is forever, obviously. Seems to me an honorable death of the organization is preferable to what may become of it now… but we were not given a choice in the matter.”


J. Eric Andreasen, 8/22/14, at Claire’s original blog entry on the topic, comments: “Claire, this is simply horrifying. Gottlieb is a KAPO, plain and simple. Better to burn JPFO to the ground and start anew.”


On the same day in the same blog, Claire herself commented: “Kapo. Eric, that’s sad. But true. I tend to agree JPFO would be better off gone than turned into an SAF zombie.”


“Kapo.” A term for Jews who were suborned by the Nazis and led other Jews into the death chambers.  A supreme insult to any Jew, particularly the one who just saved Jews for Preservation of Firearms Ownership from oblivion.  And your folks don’t spew vitriol, huh, “s”?  You say I’m wrong for imputing vitriol, yet in your own post you spew words like “lies,” “evidence from thin air,” “bullshit,” “lackeys,” and “testilying.” Can you spell i-r-o-n-y?  Or, h-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y?

The record shows that JPFO came to SAF, not vice versa.  I think the coming months will see JPFO and its message stronger and more widely known than before…no thanks to you and those who think like you.  SAF will spread JPFO’s core message and research to a public that desperately needs to hear it, while you’re still hiding behind your cowardly internet anonymity, spewing your venom at people who’ve done more for gun owners’ civil rights than you ever have or will.

Massad Ayoob


Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Time to update a couple of matters recently discussed in this space…

Shaneen Allen: We discussed here earlier the plight of Shaneen Allen, the young single mom who innocently thought her Pennsylvania carry permit would be recognized in New Jersey, and discovered the hard way it was not, leaving her now facing years away from her kids, in prison and with a “felon jacket.”  We learn that a New Jersey lawmaker is introducing a bill to give judges discretion to handle such things with more justice, rather than apply Draconian mandatory penalties: .  Thanks, by the way, to all who have contributed to her defense fund, which can be found at: .

JPFO: Jews for Preservation of Firearms Ownership is now under the umbrella of the Second Amendment Foundation.  The board of JPFO explains why, here: .

The changeover has generated an amazing amount of vitriol. Under its late, great founder Aaron Zelman, JPFO amassed a quantity of scholarly research that is vitally important to all in the gun owners’ civil rights movement; it must be preserved, and indeed, more widely disseminated.  SAF is in a position to make that happen. Several people who claim to be members clamored for JPFO to “die with dignity” rather than be turned over to one of the most effective pro-2A organizations in the country…a disturbing “If I can’t have her, nobody will” mentality.

The transition will be a significant topic of discussion at the Gun Rights Policy Conference the end of this month, and among the SAF Board which will meet during the same time frame. As a member of the SAF Board of Trustees, I should have more information for you then.



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