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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Archive for the ‘Politics’ Category

Massad Ayoob


Friday, February 10th, 2017

Some folks inside the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives seem to think the way a lot of us do.

Please take the time to read this

… and share your thoughts on it here.

Massad Ayoob


Thursday, January 26th, 2017

Let’s see…first off, today marks four years helicopter crash free for the old guy here, and my buddy John Strayer. For those who weren’t following the blog then, there’s a flashback here.

Or watch video here.

As we savor the schadenfreude of the last election, we need to avoid resting on our laurels. I’m aware that some who follow this blog don’t actually read Backwoods Home magazine.  I’d encourage you to get a subscription, or at least, pick up a copy at the newsstand.  The current issue has the third and final installment of my series on the real issues in the gun control debate, which you can find here.

We’ll be in this fight for the rest of our lives.  Your comments – and suggested strategies for the battle for gun owners’ civil rights – as always are welcome here.

Massad Ayoob


Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

Activists for the civil rights of gun owners know how destructive a bullet we dodged when Hillary Clinton lost the “foregone conclusion election.”  Hell, I felt the way the English must have felt when they learned that unexpected circumstances had warded off the invading Spanish Armada.

If I have learned anything in an adult lifetime spent teaching the management of high-stakes human conflict, it is this: one cannot expect to defeat an opponent one does not understand. It is with that in mind that I offer the following as suggested reading.

Guns and Empathy

It’s not the first time one side has confronted the other, and won’t be the last, but I commend the way this interaction was carried out.  The prohibitionist side tends to denigrate the gun owners as ignorant hayseeds and the pro-gun side tends to paint their opponents as wimpy limousine liberals, but the fact is that both sides have very visceral feelings which those who debate these issues need to take into consideration.

You’ll see some things you agree with and some that you don’t. For instance, having gotten to know George Zimmerman personally, I disagree with the assessment of him put forth by the man who sold Zimmerman’s gun.

My own opinions remain unchanged…

…but, please read…

…and please, share YOUR thoughts on the linked article, here.

Massad Ayoob


Wednesday, November 9th, 2016


To all who contributed to heading off a Hillary Clinton Presidency…thank you.
We’ve dodged some political bullets that were potentially lethal to our rights. The election results have prevented the predictable vitiating of the Supreme Court.
In celebration, I think I’ll wear a couple of stag-gripped Smith & Wessons today.
The shorter, less powerful .38 Special on the left and the .357 Magnum on the right seems appropriately symbolic…election03web

The mainstream media, which went so blatantly propagandistic for the Clinton campaign, literally created its own monster. In giving Trump so much more play than the other Republicans, thinking that if the clown they portrayed him to be was nominated the Democrats would be unbeatable, they unwittingly awakened a vast swath of ordinary middle class Americans with classic American values to the belief that Trump was their only hope. If Trump was as stupid as they portrayed him to be, he wouldn’t have outsmarted them at their own game.
We’ve won the battle, but not the war. Among other things, there will be some respite for this blog to go back to talking about using guns, and not just keeping them.
When you start seeing t-shirts like this, you know Americans are getting fed up with mainstream media that sounds like Pravda during the Cold War years.

Massad Ayoob


Sunday, November 6th, 2016

Yesterday, Saturday morning, I went by the post office before they closed to pick up my mail. There was a nice lady there in a pink “Women For Trump” tee-shirt.  She was getting compliments from the other weekend postal service customers.  She got a thumbs-up from me.

On the way home, there was a gentleman on a street corner waving a handful of Trump bumper stickers, and holding an array of Trump lawn signs along his other arm. Folks were stopping to take some of them off his hands.  I gave him a thumbs-up, too.

I did early voting, and have already cast my ballot: “For Donald Trump” or “AGAINST HILLARY CLINTON,” however you want to read it, though the way I wrote it pretty much shows how I felt about it. The rest of my ballot, in local municipal and county races, was pretty much split between Democrats and Republicans, as it usually is.  I go with the individual and their stance, not their party.

As “October surprises” flowed into November, they’ve hit the Clinton machine pretty hard, though they don’t seem to have hit the mainstream media so much, giving credence to the growing public perception that the media is in Hillary’s pocket.  Sad thing to watch.

There’s still time to do what the lady in the post office and the gentleman on the corner (and me, here) are doing: SPREAD THE WORD TO THE VOTERS!

Feel free, while there’s time, to share this from Ann Coulter. Love her or hate her, Ms. Coulter has largely nailed the matter here.


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