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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Archive for the ‘Politics’ Category

Massad Ayoob


Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

Why did I title this “Ferguson, Part I”?

Because we all KNOW there’s going to be more than “one part” to whatever happens when the Grand Jury announces their determination of the facts based on the testimony they’ve spent so long hearing.

As we all wait on tenterhooks for the determination of the Grand Jury, and for what happens next, we have to consider some basic facts.

Intelligence from the field has told Missouri’s Governor Nixon that he needs to call out the National Guard and have them ready.

Agenda-driven outside protesters are already there, and have been poised for quite some time. The protesters’ alliance encompasses many of the usual suspects in the race-baiting-for-money world, and more.  In a New Thing, the protesters have issued Rules of Engagement that they, uh, demand that the police follow: No protective gear allowed for cops, more than they’d usually wear, that sort of thing.  Uh, yeah…

Here’s a hint: when YOU propose “Rules of Engagement,” YOU are preparing to ENGAGE.

Some of the “protesters” are on the internet requesting donations of things like gas masks and, I’m told, even bullet-proof vests.  Huh.  Wonder what they’re planning to draw upon themselves…

I am hearing, “Don’t worry. It will be a peaceful demonstration.”  This from the same people who are talking about blocking highways (in bitterly cold winter weather) and keeping people from getting to and from work, ambulances from getting to hospitals, fire trucks from getting to fires, people from arriving at or departing from the St. Louis International Airport, etc. Keeping parents from picking up kids at school, and causing parents and kids alike who can’t make that connection, to panic.

I’m sorry, but that sounds to me very much like “disturbing the peace.”  Can anyone tell me how disturbing the peace of people who are not involved in the thing you are protesting is NOT a crime?  Can anyone tell me how, by definition, disturbing the peace is PEACEFUL?

Both sides seem to expect a verdict exonerating the officer who pulled the trigger. If it goes that way, I sincerely hope that people who have invested themselves heavily in potential violence protesting that verdict experience a sudden attack of massive self-control, and don’t do it.

But, a long cynicism-producing life tells me that this is not the most likely outcome.

If things “go south,” I can think of at least one cop (not me) who has suggested flamethrowers.

Many more observers, looking at the frigid weather in the Ferguson/St. Louis area – which many of us “in the business” believe may be a factor in the announcement being delayed this long – are of the opinion that fire hoses could come into play if extreme mob violence has to be contained.

I’m not recommending fire hoses, mind you, but given that the police in Ferguson have been shot at repeatedly since this whole thing began, and to the best of my knowledge the cops haven’t thrown anything but gas and rubber back, if things go violent a Night of the Frozen Ice Protesters might be preferable to another Kent State.

Readers, your input is welcome.

Massad Ayoob


Sunday, November 9th, 2014

I’m writing this on November 9, the anniversary of kristallnacht, and there’s no better way to remember what that means than reading my friend (and yours, if you support gun owners’ civil rights) David Codrea, here:  In it he links to a very important essay by another friend, a man I’m proud to have had as a guest lecturer at one of my classes, Rabbi Ron Mermelstein: First published in 1998 by Jews for Preservation of Firearms Ownership, it is as timely now as it was then.  Perhaps more so, since in the interim we’ve had more gun prohibitionists claiming, with revisionist history worthy of Holocaust deniers, that the Nazis didn’t disarm the Jews and the Jews never could have fought to save themselves from genocide.

Monday will mark the Marine Corps Birthday; the USMC was founded in 1775. This coming Tuesday will be Veterans Day.  I don’t need to remind anyone here how much sacrifice those days of memorialization represent, sacrifice rendered in the name of the freedoms we now enjoy and hope to keep and even expand upon.

Over the centuries and much in the memory of living Americans, the butcher’s bill has been high.  May those good people not have been killed and maimed in vain.

Massad Ayoob


Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Thanks to all who voted!  You made a difference.

Republican control of both houses of Congress is huge for all in the gun owners’ civil rights movement.  The key thing from my point of view is Congressional approval of Federal judges and particularly new Supreme Court justices the lame duck anti-gun President is expected to appoint in the next two years.  The specter of Eric Holder sitting on the Supreme Court is no longer something we need to shudder before.

On local fronts, Charlie Crist, a waffler on more than the gun issue and an opponent of Stand Your Ground rights, missed his Bloomberg-funded bid to topple pro-gun Florida Governor Scott, and Illinois gun owners will be better off with their new Republican governor than they were under the ferociously anti-gun Pat Quinn. A Republican governor has to be an improvement for gun owners in Maryland, too.

Election Day made another specter, that of President Hillary Clinton, a little less substantial. According to TV reports this morning, more than 30 of the Democrats she and her husband campaigned for were trounced.

There were disappointments, though.  In Colorado, Governor Hickenlooper managed to stay in office by less than 1.5% of the vote, thanks to a heavy turnout from the Yuppie enclaves, despite it being proven in public that he had lied to his constituents and his state’s own sheriffs about his ill-conceived, Bloomberg-inspired “assault weapons ban.”  And, in a triumph of Bloomberg purchasing power and propaganda that would have made Goebbels weep in envy, Washington state voters approved the egregious 594 initiative criminalizing ordinary lending of guns between law-abiding people.

Looking at it as a gun owner, I’m not so much into the Republican versus Democrat thing.  I’m a registered Independent, and in most elections vote for candidates from both parties according to the individual rather than the party.  Yet we can’t escape the fact that the Democratic Party itself has published strong anti-gun planks, and the Republican Party has not. I’ll take a proven pro-gun “D” over a waffling or unproven “R” anytime, but the Republican sweep is, in toto, something our side has every right to celebrate.

Massad Ayoob


Friday, October 31st, 2014

I hope you all and your kids and grandkids have a safe and happy Halloween.

But that’s not the season I’m talking about.

I just got my voting done early, and I urge all of you to make your vote count in the mid-term election only a few days away.  Yeah, pundits are talking about a Republican sweep and a Republican-majority  Senate that would be good news for gun owners…but I’m not nearly so sure of that as some.  Neither are some folks over at Breitbart: .

Please get out there and vote.  It’s more important than usual this time.

Massad Ayoob


Sunday, October 19th, 2014

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School atrocity of December 2012, anti-gun politicians fell over themselves ramrodding poorly crafted legislation into law, in the vain hope that Kool-Aid flavored Band-Aids would somehow cure a societal cancer.  Second only to Governor Cuomo in New York in this respect, was Governor Hickenlooper in Colorado.

When was the last time you saw the majority of sheriffs in their state sue their own Governor over poorly crafted, unenforceable law?  Well, the Colorado fiasco comes most readily to mind. Having had some small part in that litigation, as an expert witness retained to speak for the sheriffs’ side of the case, I have no argument at all with the following cogent analysis by Larry Keane of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.  Thanks to Jim Shepherd at The Shooting Wire for sending it along: .



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