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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Archive for the ‘Politics’ Category

Massad Ayoob


Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

The New Hampshire Presidential Primary is unfolding.  As the nation awaits their results, I notice an interesting column by our friend Dave Workman at the Second Amendment Foundation.

Dave doesn’t think gun control will be an issue in the Granite State as much as in some other areas. You’ll recall that during the Democrat candidates’ debates, particularly their first one, it seemed like a race to see which of them could be more anti-gun.  Check out Dave’s take on it.

Massad Ayoob


Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

So far, the President’s nervously-awaited announcement on his executive orders relating to “gun control” shows little potential except for unmitigated cluelessness.

Here’s friend Andrew Branca’s take on it at the always-informative Legal Insurrection site.

Second Amendment stalwart Alan Korwin has some important observations, as well.

And Dave Workman of the Second Amendment Foundation has another cogent analysis.

Let us know what you think of it all.

Massad Ayoob


Sunday, December 27th, 2015

Christmas Eve and Christmas Night saw full moons for the first time since 1977, I’m told. Just  too purty for the Evil Princess not to photograph.


The approaching New Year brings with it challenges for those who fight for gun owners’ civil rights.  The latest incarnation of the useless old “assault rifle ban.”  Democrat candidates for President fighting to see who can be the MOST anti-gun/anti-self-defense candidate.

Christmas has, however, had its bright spots.  While the prohibitionists were trying to tell Americans that gun owners are a radical minority, the Government’s own statistics for NICS checks for firearms sales showed an all-time record on Black Friday, the big Christmas shopping day that follows Thanksgiving.  The gun shop owners I stay in touch with tell me that sales have been extremely brisk, AND THAT MANY OF THEM ARE TO FIRST-TIME GUN BUYERS.

When those who would deprive you of your rights make a mockery of themselves, that’s something to celebrate, too.  It happened in New York State just before Christmas, when lawmakers floated a bill that would limit citizens to buying no more than two gun-loads of ammunition every ninety days. Doing the math, Washington Times said, “The provision would limit the amount of bullets a gun owner can buy to no more than twice the amount of the capacity of the weapon ever 90 days, which means someone who owns a six-shooter could only buy 12 bullets every three months, the Brooklyn Eagle reported.” See the whole story here.

Quite apart from the fact that ammunition is not normally sold by the cartridge – typical packaging is 20 to 50 cartridges per box for brass-case centerfire – it would take years to accumulate enough ammunition for a new shooter to take a firearms safety course.  And, taken to its logical stupid extreme, a hunter who preferred a single shot rifle could only have eight cartridges per year…not even enough to sight in, let alone practice and maintain proficiency.  Target shooting in all its forms would become impossible.

Why celebrate that stupidity? Because it brings the prohibitionists right out of the closet and past their fake “gun safety” argument, and exposes them to the light of day (and the light of reason) before the vast middle ground of American voters. You don’t even need the light of a full Christmas moon to see the hypocrisy in the agenda of the selfsame politicians who said in the past, “We won’t interfere with your target shooting or hunting or self-protection.”


Massad Ayoob


Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

Let me get this straight. Their Bill Clinton Assault Weapons Ban that lasted for a decade until its sunset in 2004 didn’t do a damn demonstrable thing for public safety, and the Democrats are introducing it AGAIN?  See this from our friend Dave Workman at the Second Amendment Foundation:

BOHICA – Bend Over, Here It Comes Again.

Wait. Did I say “Bend Over”?  Nah – to Hell with that.  Stand up and fight.

Time for calm, well-reasoned letters to your Representatives and Senators in Washington.  (Hint: my friends with great experience on The Hill say that short, respectful handwritten letters get much more attention from our elected officials than form letters or emails.  They show that a voter cared enough to sit down and write an opinion.)

We all know why this sort of legislation is BS, but this would be a good place to collect those good reasons to oppose it, so feel free to share here.

When you write to those who represent you in the Nation’s Capitol, you might want to remind them of an on-point meme that’s going around among gun owners:

“We agree with you when you say not to blame all Muslims for the acts of a vicious few…so why would you enact legislation that hurts all us lawful gun owners for the acts of a vicious few criminals?”

As for me…I suddenly feel another AR15 coming on.


Massad Ayoob


Monday, November 16th, 2015

The six-day Legal Eagles seminar continued on Sunday with a powerful all-day presentation by attorney Mitch Vilos, author of “Self-Defense Laws of All Fifty States.” Mitch specializes in firearms law and has done a hundred or more such cases himself as trial lawyer, and has studied hundreds more such cases for research.  He has discovered the epiphany almost every attorney experiences in the courtroom:  law school teaches you the law, not trial tactics.  The latter is something that is learned on the job, or in specialized in-service training known as CLE (continuing legal education).M_Vilos

Mitch is smart, he’s funny (in a good way), and he’s a voice of experience. He pointed out that the defenses-with-firearms which seem to cause the least trouble to the good person with the gun are those involving home defense, interdiction of mass murder, and fighting off armed robbers.  The least defensible are those in which the defendant might be seen as “the initial aggressor,” or those in which the defendant was doing something illegal at the time of the incident.

Some of those epiphanies are counter-intuitive. Mitch, like veteran defense lawyer Jim Fleming who spoke the day before him, has found that cops make wonderfully favorable jurors in self-defense shooting cases.  And that’s just the tiniest sample of the experiential wisdom for which the dozens of attendees are paying a well-spent $3,000 over the course of this six-day seminar. It wouldn’t be right for me to give it all away here.

Let me share another bit of Mitch Vilos’ wisdom. I am not exactly the world’s biggest fan of pastel pistolas. However, Mitch revealed that his current concealed carry pistol in his stomping grounds of Salt Lake City is a purple-color SIG-Sauer.  Mitch, like others of us in this business, has seen more than one case where someone has claimed the defendant pulled a gun on him when he didn’t.  Mitch likes the idea of being able to say to the investigating officer, “Ask the complainant what color the gun was that he says I pulled on him.”  If the liar doesn’t say “purple,” Mitch has a strong reinforcement of the truth that the guy never saw a gun at all and is making up a story.

Damn…live and learn.  That’s the first good reason I’ve come across for carrying a handgun of a non-traditional color.  And learning, of course, is what I came for.



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