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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Archive for the ‘Gifts for Shooters’ Category

Massad Ayoob


Monday, May 15th, 2017

The Evil Princess reminds me that there’s another new book out this week, my own latest.  I think of it as my “Tom Sawyer whitewashing the fence” book.  Teaching at venues like the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association and the annual Rangemaster Tactical Conference, I’ve been able to get to know – and pick the brains of – the best and the brightest of subject matter experts in the world of threat management.  Thanks to those folks, the new book coming out this week is a most useful compendium, if I do say so myself.  Here’s what the publishers, the Gun Digest folks, have to say about it:


Straight Talk on Armed Defense


Acquiring a defensive firearm and a concealed carry permit is only one very small part of the armed lifestyle equation. Straight Talk on Armed Defense equips you with the knowledge to responsibly defend yourself and those you love.


This volume gathers the advice of Massad Ayoob and 11 other highly respected armed-defense authorities to deliver decades of information from one convenient source. You will come away with a solid grasp on how to avoid becoming a victim, the mental make up of assailants, the psychological preparation for self-defense, the legal details of using deadly force, post-incident trauma management and much, much more.

  • John Hearne takes us “inside the defender’s head” and reveals the most effective route to train and prepare for self-defense incidents.
  • Dr. Anthony Semone discusses post-shooting trauma and necessary steps to develop resilience and symptom reduction following a deadly force event.
  • Dr. Alexis Artwohl explains why understanding how the mind operates is critical to surviving an attack and the legal and emotional challenges that follow.
  • Dr. William Aprill describes “the face of the enemy” to help us understand violence and those who traffic in it.
  • Craig “Southnarc” Douglas details the conditions present during the typical criminal assault and how to incorporate those conditions into your training.
  • Massad Ayoob discusses power, responsibility and the armed lifestyle.
  • Tom Givens underscores the importance of finding relevant training, through case studies of his own students involved in armed encounters.
  • “Spencer Blue,” active robbery/homicide detective, reveals patterns that emerged during his investigations and describes the differences in tactics of citizens who won versus those who lost.
  • Ron Borsch presents dozens of actual cases of armed and unarmed citizens single-handedly stopping mass murders in progress.
  • Harvey Hedden provides insight and advice on lawfully armed citizens and interactions with law enforcement.
  • Jim Fleming, Esq. describes the criminal trial process and how it plays out in a “righteous use of deadly force in self-defense” case.
  • Marty Hayes, JD, provides the critical questions that must be asked to choose a reliable post-self-defense incident support provider.


EDITED TO ADD: Should be available jUNE 8 from Amazon, BUT AVAILABLE NOW FROM .

Massad Ayoob


Saturday, April 1st, 2017

…let it never be said that the firearms industry is without a sense of humor.

From Brownell’s…here.

And from  Hornady…


And from Apex, via Michael Bane:

Feel free to add more.

Massad Ayoob


Thursday, December 17th, 2015

We’re only a week out from Christmas. If you’re looking for last-minute presents for your “gun culture” giftees, there’s still time for Amazon…and books are among my favorite gifts to both receive and deliver.  Any book you want to order, click on the book cover shown below.

“FIGHTING SMARTER,” the updated version of “Fighting Smart” by my old friend and fellow instructor Tom Givens would be an excellent choice.
The book incorporates the lessons of sixty-plus of his civilian students who’ve been in gunfights on the mean streets of Memphis. None of his students has lost a gunfight, though there have been a couple of “defaults” – students who, for whatever reason, were unarmed when criminals murdered them and were thus unable to fight back. Tom constantly invokes the point of one of Jeff Cooper’s acolytes, Mark Moritz: “The first rule of gunfighting is, HAVE A GUN.”  Some of the points Tom emphasizes are constant awareness, regular honing of defensive skills, using a two-hand hold and getting some sort of a sight picture if possible, and “using enough gun.”  (And having enough ammo.)




“THESE ARE MY GUNS!” by Robert L. Jordan is timely, in a world where gun owners’ civil rights are once again under powerful, focused attack. It’s an excellent compendium of clear, logical arguments and statistics to defeat the BS arguments of the Prohibitionists. Those folks were tweeting all their anti-gun minions to make “gun safety” gun confiscation a family topic at Thanksgiving. Don’t know how that went on your end, but on mine, the closest we came to that at Thanksgiving was my surrogate step-daughter showing me her new holsters for her 9mm concealed carry pistol.  Come to think of it, if you’re not averse to a family feud on Christmas morning, a copy of “These Are MY Guns” would make an excellent gift for anti-gunners on your Christmas list…


“Navy SEAL Shooting” by Chris Sanjog is another good example of clear writing,

Sajnogand I think would be well received by any shooter on your Christmas list  and particularly valuable to new shooters. Any two instructors will debate some points within their discipline, unless they’re clones of each other, but since my review copy is conspicuously marked “Advance Uncorrected Proofs,” there’s probably fewer nits I’d pick in your copy than in mine. Lots of good stuff in the Sanjog book.




“365 Guns You Must Shoot” is written by another old friend, a scholar of the gun named Tim Mullin. Now, if you think two specialists in the field might not agree on a few things, you KNOW they’re not going to agree on 365 things, but there was nothing in Tim’s newest book that wasn’t of interest, and he writes from extensive trigger-pulling experience as well as long research. This one is particularly good for the gun enthusiast who is into firearms in general.

Feel free to offer other holiday gift suggestions for shooters, here.

Massad Ayoob


Monday, December 14th, 2015

Last class of the year…COMPLETE.  Last court appearance of the year…DONE.

There are still deadlines, gun tests, and some demonstrative evidence and such to be recorded, but dammit, this is as close as I get to vacation, and I’m gonna enjoy it.

Christmas is upon us, and whatever your belief system, even secular folks find it to be a landmark on America’s calendar.

This is the Gun Corner of the Backwoods Home blogs.  While I may actually have all the guns I need, I don’t necessarily have all the guns I want, so there is still that element of the Christmas List in abeyance.

Elsewhere in my life, however, I expect I’ll be giving at least one firearm as a present to someone I care about, and I’d really like to give one more.

My significant other, the Evil Princess of Podcasts, Pixels, and Polymer Pistols, has become enamored of the short-lived and now discontinued Glock RTF2 series.  She wasn’t that interested in them when they came out.  However, she “rediscovered” the concept (gill-shaped slide grooves, and a gazillion little prongs sticking out of the grip that just lock the pistol into the firing hand), she decided she had to have one. Or more.



The Evil Princess demands RTF2 gills on a carry-size Glock 19, like these on her competition Glock 17.

There was a full-size Glock 17 9mm in the gun shop where she and I tend to hang out, and I bought it for, uh, “us.”  That was supposed to be our “shared custody” pistol, but after she put Dawson adjustable fiber optic sights on it, it has spent all its time with its female parent. She wanted another one, so I bought her a Glock 23 .40 caliber RTF2 (thanks, Ernie).  But now, not being satisfied with a RoBar Custom Glock 30S .45 apparently, she wants a Glock 19 RTF2 for concealed carry.  (Not the one Glock recently produced as a special run for one distributor with straight slide grasping grooves: she’s gotta have GILL-shaped grooves, or nuthin’.)



After a few months carrying this 11-shot .45 caliber RoBar Custom Glock 30S, a potential gift recipient wants one particular 16-shot 9mm version. San Bernardino and all that may have something to do with it.


The next Glock 19 for the Evil Princess must have gilled slide grooves like those on this G17, and polymids like this all over the RTF2 grip, or she will make a poor old man suffer…and it will be all YOUR fault. (The Dawson sights are up to her.)

So…help a poor old man to make his life happier. If you see a 9mm Glock 19 RTF2 with gilled slide serrations at your local gun shop, let me know and give me a seller contact, preferably in time for Christmas. Sigh…

But, enough about that.  Black Friday, the premier shopping day after Thanksgiving, set a record for firearms purchases that put our anti-gun President’s teeth on edge. (Thank you all for that!)

What guns are you buying for Christmas gifts for folks you care about, and what guns do you want for the Holiday Gift Season yourself?  (Brief but important hint: let the adult recipient decide what gun they want, and get that person a gift certificate at the gun shop, and make sure THEY fill out the 4473 form for it. If you’re buying it for someone too young to buy it from an FFL dealer themselves, make sure possession stays in your household to avoid anti-gun-motivated BS.)

Massad Ayoob


Monday, December 22nd, 2014

Feeling a desperate need for something upbeat in this column in light of recent news, and bearing in mind that this is a firearms column at a website that celebrates traditional American values, it seems time to ask…

What’s for Christmas?

Under the tree for my significant other are a couple of Glocks.  One is a G37 in .45 GAP (yes, there’ll be a case of ammo with it) for the large-bore Heavy Metal division she wants to try at the Glock shoots which seem to be her favorite shooting sport right now.  She has frequently come in high female (and recently, high non-Master) in the similar Major Sub division, shooting a .45 ACP Glock 30SF that’s a bit big for her smaller hands. Since stock format guns have to be used, she’ll benefit from the 37’s smaller grip girth. The other is a .40 caliber G23 RTF2, the variation with gill-shaped slide grooves and very Rough Textured Finish on the grip area. She fell in love with the RTF2 treatment on a full-size 9mm Glock 17 and wanted the same format, one size down, for carry.  The 9mm Glock 19 in that format is unbelievably scarce, and while a distributor has brought out a limited run with the RTF2 grip treatment, inspired by the great Larry Vickers, it lacks the gilled slide that she’s become fond of. Thanks to the good offices of my gun dealer buddy Ernie Traugh at Cedar Valley Outfitters in Marion, Iowa, I was able to score a 23 RTF2, and given how well she handles a .45, I expect her to wield the .40 with aplomb.

And she, bless her, got me a canopy for the shooting bench at my often rain-swept shooting range.

What guns (or gun-related stuff) are you hoping to receive?  What gifts in that vein will you be giving to others?  And why did you make those particular choices?

Please share here.  Your comments may inspire another reader who has one of those hard-to-buy-for shooters (or potential shooters) on their Christmas list.

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