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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Massad Ayoob


Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

The Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta will be the site of NRAAM, the National Rifle Association Annual Meeting (and Exhibit), April 27-30.  You don’t have to be there every day, and since the dates encompass the weekend, feel free to bring your kids. If you’re an NRA member, it’s free!

There will be inspirational speakers.  There will be almost every gun, ammo, and accessory manufacturer there with their latest wares.  Unlike the SHOT Show, which is an industry trade show open only who those who work in said industry and are at SHOT to sell product and take orders, at NRAAM the companies send their engineers and new product people. They love to mingle with end-user shooter folk and talk guns.  It’s a much friendlier and more relaxed atmosphere. That’s one reason I try to go every year. Something else you see at NRAAM much more than at SHOT: some of the all-time world’s greatest gun collections on display, with the collectors themselves there where you can pick their brains.

For me, the highlight of the event is the annual Firearms Law Seminar, which will be all day Friday the 28th. I don’t say that just because I’m one of the speakers again this year.  I’ll only be at the podium for 45 minutes or an hour late morning, but I’ll be there from 8 AM to closing to soak up all I can from the heavy hitters who comprise the rest of the speakers’ list.

Program is here.  Overview is here. You can scroll down the biographies of the speakers here.

When living legends of the gun owners’ civil rights movement like Stephen Halbrook are going to be talking, any serious advocate for the Second Amendment advocate knows it’s smart to be there to listen!

Unlike the NRA Annual Meeting itself, they charge for the legal seminar. (What can I say? There are lawyers involved…) Ticket info is here.  Attorneys get CLE (Continuing Legal Education) credit.

However, there’s going to be another HU-U-UGE highlight this year: President Trump is going to address in person the NRA members who worked so hard to get him elected over Hillary Clinton.

Sadly, he is scheduled to speak the same day as the legal seminar. One effect of this is, since it will drain many attendees from the legal seminar, those doing the legal seminar might just be in a mood to dicker about the entry/tuition fee. If you are interested, you’ll have to bypass website registration and email seminar coordinator Sarah Gervase at

If the legal stuff isn’t up your alley, I still hope to see you at NRAAM. Over the weekend, I’ll be hanging out at the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network booth noon to 2:00 PM each day.

And if you can’t make it, we’ll be reporting on it here.


  1. PatV Says:

    Thoughts on the inevitable Antifa confrontations?

  2. Mas Says:

    Not inevitable, I don’t think. There are protesters every year. They keep a considerable distance. Any who became assaultive would be hugely outnumbered, and they know it. But, antifa is a new phenomenon, and I understand your concern. Know your rights to self-defense in detail, and don’t do anything the law does not allow, including egging them on or “keeping the ball rolling.”

  3. Roger Willco Says:

    What a fantastic, freedom-loving event! I wonder how many of the nearly 200 countries on earth would like to have their own version of the NRA. “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.” Sources on the Internet say this supposed Jefferson quote cannot be found among his writings. It’s a great saying whoever came up with it.

    Look at the citizens of North Korea, how they are afraid to criticize their Dear Leader. Hopefully our government fears us because many of us are armed here in the USA. They do tax us too much, and infringe our rights, but they have to do it with a velvet glove and a smiley face……….for now.

    I think it’s great the President will be speaking at the NRA convention. So many wonderful things have happened since I was a kid in the 1970s. About 42 states with “shall issue” carry laws, 12 states with “Constitutional carry” and firearms and ammunition being sold on TV commercials. Hopefully, with Trump, we can make even more progress in returning to the way the Second Amendment was intended to be enforced in 1787. It is supposed to restrict the power of the federal Congress, not the people of Hawaii, Illinois, California, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts. (Not sure about gun laws in Connecticut).

  4. Paul Edwards Says:

    Guess we did “The Right Thing”, since we got Past April 19, 2017, without any Home Grown, or Radicalized Islamic Muslim Jihadist’s, Protesting by committing a Mass Shooting, or Blowing Up a Federal Building, or other Facility, Our Right Wing Militiamen, (Cling to our Guns, and Bibles) must be Pretty Happy with President Trump’s Election to the U.S. Presidency?

    So, I’m now 110% behind Anything that he may want to Try to do to Restore America, to the Position of Greatness, and World Leadership (With out the U.N.), that we Once Enjoyed!

  5. David in Nashville Says:

    I’ll be there! Hope to see you mingling about.

  6. TWW Says:

    Will the ACLDN booth still be there? The NRA told the US Concealed Carry Association they could not be there. See:

    This rivalry to me could be a story for a good article for a gun magazine.

  7. Mas Says:

    Yes, that’s the plan. Not sure what’s going on with NRA and USCCA at this point.

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