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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Massad Ayoob


Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Several weeks ago, I was signed up to take Mikey Hartman’s instructor course in IDF (Israeli Defense Force) style combat shooting with rifle and handgun.  Unfortunately, a member of my extended family came down seriously ill, and I had to bow out to be of assistance on that. Fortunately, our loved one recovered and is now OK, but I hated missing Hartman’s class.

Mikey Hartman is often described as the guru of IDF shooting techniques.  I talking with him at length over the phone after missing the class, and it became clear that TODAY’S combat doctrine for IDF is not what it was years ago, though some on the gun-related Internet might have you believe otherwise.

For instance, except for the closest of close combat, Mikey tells me that the doctrine of Israeli combat shooting is definitely “aiming,” not “pointing.”

Below are links where you can read about the class that I (dammit!) had to miss:



  1. Scott From England Says:

    Hello Mas. Sorry to hear about your family member and I’m glad he’s OK. I have been watching your ‘Stand Your Ground’ presentation down in the library at Suwannee County, FL. It was an excellent lecture but I have only just noticed that you are dressed half and half with top-half shirt, jacket and tie and the bottom half tactical pants. Is there a particular reason?

  2. Mas Says:

    If ya can wear jeans and a sport coat as casual wear, no reason not to have a pair of 5.11s with extra pockets.

  3. Mike Sweeney Says:

    When we see tactical pants with sportcoats become mainstream we will have Mas to thank for starting the trend!

  4. Dennis Says:

    Not uncommon in my neck of the Ozarks to see men coming to church wearing a sport coat over their overalls. You can depend on these men to do the right thing when they are not in church.

    One of my favorite lines in a movie “48 Hours” was an exchange between Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy. Murphy had just tried to insult Nolte because of his cheap, disheveled suit and Nolte replied “You may be wearing a $500 suit, but you are still a low life” (or words to that effect).

  5. Cal Says:

    I fail to see how the IDF pistol technique can be any better than Cooper’s. Has there been any IPSC or other competitions where IDF and Cooper went head-to-head?

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