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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Massad Ayoob


Thursday, February 16th, 2017

Dave Duffy, founder and publisher of Backwoods Home magazine, has announced that the periodical will cease publishing its print version this year.  Its sister publication, Self-Reliance, will remain as a hard copy magazine.  The electronic version of Backwoods Home will continue, at least for now, online.  So will this blog, and Jackie Clay’s.  Stay tuned for further updates.  Dave’s own statement on the matter is here.

Now, Backwoods Home ain’t done yet by a long shot.  Print edition production is scheduled to run through the November-December issue, and January-February is what’s current now.  Stay tuned for further announcements.

Having been Firearms Editor for Backwoods Home for some twenty years and blogging here for almost nine, I’m going to miss leafing through those dead tree pages and absorbing lots of useful knowledge from the many contributors who’ve been there and done that.  The anthologies that grew from that have proven to be precious resources, and I believe there will be more to come.

Dave’s magazine lasted a helluva lot longer than Benjamin Franklin’s.

11 Responses to “END OF AN ERA …BUT STAY TUNED”

  1. JT Says:

    Kinda bummed since heeding your call to subscribe just a few weeks ago in your last post. At least I’ll get the 5 future issues. RIP.

  2. Marc-Wi Says:


  3. Roger Willco Says:

    Sign of the times. “Backwoods Home” is great people. I have one of their preparedness books, and another political one. Digital stuff is great, till the battery runs out, the screen gets cracked, or the power goes out and you don’t have solar panels. I learn a lot on youtube and the ‘net, but my books are right there on the shelf at all times, always ready, a storehouse of knowledge.

  4. Christina McCarthy Says:

    How sad! I recently subscribed after finding you Mas-I also took advantage of the “get 10 back issues” and have really enjoyed them a lot. Such a friendly publication! I will look into the other Self reliance mag-

  5. roger in SD asks: Says:

    Mass, they are still going to keep the website up aren’t they?? Lot of good info on there that I’d hate to loose. Maybe one of the grand kids can show me how to do the Kindle thing.

  6. Texas Lawman Says:

    Mas, can you provide links to other blogs, columns, etc. that you pen? I’ve been reading your writings here and in the gun mags for years. Thanks for expanding my mind!

  7. Mas Says:

    roger in SD, the website is going to remain, though it may or may not change somewhat…I’m not privy to that.

    Texas Lawman, this is the only blog I write on. Regular columns include “Ayoob on Firearms” in Backwoods Home magazine for the rest of the year; the Self-Defense and the Law column in “Combat Handguns,” the First Responder column in “Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement,” the Handguns column in “Guns” magazine, the Personal Protection Market column in “Shooting Industry,” and the Cop Talk and Ayoob Files sections of “American Handgunner” magazine. I also write regularly for “On Target” magazine, and my annual “Complete Book of Handguns” from Athlon Outdoors is now on the magazine stands.

  8. Dennis Says:

    I am really going to miss this blog. Even though I have never met you guys face to face, I count you as friends who I’ve known for awhile. While our politics can differ, we all share a love for a sport and a way of life that has gone through constant attack for the last 8 years. Mas is like your favorite teacher back when you were young, who not only knew his subject inside and out, be has a burning desire to share that knowledge.

    Thank you Mas for all you do and all you have shared with us. Thanks to all those who comment here for sharing your experiences and advice.

    Yes, I’m going to miss ya’ll greatly.

  9. Mas Says:

    Blog ain’t gone yet, folks. We’re here for the foreseeable future.

  10. Spencer B. Says:

    Mas Said –

    “Blog ain’t gone yet, folks. We’re here for the foreseeable future.”

    I say –

    Great news!

    Things change, magazines come and go. Instead of crying about the place I prefer to salute Dave Duffy and Co. on a fine run! Awesome work, really.

    Plus there is still going to be Self Reliance in paper form.

    Backwood’s Home ain’t done yet anyhow. It’ll still be online and if we want paper copies, we can print them out ourselves and staple them or place the pages in a binder or folio.

  11. TXCOMT Says:

    Truth to tell, Mas, you should always have a blog somewhere…if here, fine, if not, then fine, too. While your prose in the gun rags is great, it’s nice to be able to “converse” with you directly via comments; plus, I don’t have to keep finding space on my already crowded bookshelves to store all those mags!


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