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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Massad Ayoob


Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

As many of you know, I run Massad Ayoob Group, LLC, offering training in firearms and defensive deadly force around the country. .   We do a (very!) sporadic newsletter for graduates.

For the first time, I’m duplicating the newest of those newsletters here.  It also gives me a good excuse to push for a benefit class I’m doing for some wonderful gun people a little north of Indianapolis. It’s a good opportunity to get some “gun stuff” in without freezing your butt off on an outdoor range in Indiana in February.

Let me know what you think.


Hey, gang Mas here, to say thanks to all who made 2016 such a great year for Massad Ayoob Group.

We have a full year planned, with a very few classes that aren’t yet on the 2017 schedule at  You’d think range rentals could be locked in more than a year ahead of time, but such is not always the case. Stay tuned to the website for more…

I’d like to call your attention to one class that is near and dear to my heart.  We’re doing a MAG-20 Armed Citizens Rules of Engagement Class on February 11-12, 2017 in Rochester, Indiana. Bad news: frigid weather. Good news: that particular course is all classroom, in a nice, warm, modern sportsmen’s club we’ve rented for the occasion.  This will be a BENEFIT CLASS for Sand Burr Gun Ranch. Sand Burr was founded by my old friend Denny Reichard, who has been a full instructor for me under LFI and today for MAG since 1986.  He is perhaps the pre-eminent gunsmith today for “street-tuning” Smith & Wesson revolvers of all sizes and calibers. Retired after 36 distinguished years as a full-time street cop, he and his family own Sand Burr Gun Ranch.

Several weeks ago, a very sophisticated rip-off team managed to break in and steal $40,000 plus worth of handguns from the Sand Burr gun shop. They have not been recovered at this time, though the investigation continues. This is a very hard hit for a small family business which could not afford exorbitant insurance rates.

So…ALL proceeds from this class will go to Sand Burr, including my usual teaching fees.  If you’ve been thinking about taking one of these classes or sending someone else, this is a chance to kill two birds with one stone:  Get the class (two ten-hour days that may run into eleven-hour days) for standard price, AND to do a good turn for a good family of gun owners and protectors, thus showing solidarity with Gun People. Win-win.  For info contact Ashley or Denny at Sand Burr Gun Ranch,

(Why is this particular class likely to run overtime? Because we expect to have the winners and survivors of as many as five or more gunfights there to tell their stories and answer your questions in person.)

First quarter 2017 classes include the same MAG-20 in Virginia, Arizona, and Alabama and a MAG-40 in Florida.  We go full time teaching around the country in April.  In first quarter, we had to leave space open for some upcoming trials, and also for some events we hope to see you at:

  • Annual conference of International Association of Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers, St. Louis. I will once again have the honor of chairing the 4-hour Panel of Experts on Deadly Force and Firearms Training.
  • Annual Rangemaster Tactical Conference sponsored by Tom Givens, Little Rock. Marty Hayes and I will co-teach a class on how to best serve as an expert witness in shooting cases.
  • SHOT Show, Las Vegas
  • Glock (GSSF) matches in Alabama, Florida, and Nevada – if you’re going and would like to shoot on the same squad with me and Gail and some other MAG folks, let me know.

Wishing you all a great 2017,

Mas Ayoob

22 Responses to “AN EXPERIMENT HERE”

  1. Chris Reed Says:

    Sir, will you be doing any classes in Colorado?

  2. Al Stark Says:

    Thanks Mas, great idea! See ya there.

  3. Linda Says:

    Wishing You and the Gang the best in 2017

  4. Mas Says:

    Chris, not this year, but maybe next. We don’t do Colorado every year.

  5. David Eischens Says:

    This a very generous and great idea by Mas. I also suggest that someone create a GoFundMe site, or other mechanism, whereby MAG graduates, Sand Burr graduates, or others, can contribute a small amount to help the Reichard family. If everyone chips in, it will be easy to support this family and undo their losses.

  6. Marc-Wi Says:

    Tough blow to take, I sure hope the perps get caught and guns returned. Thanks for helping them out.

  7. David S. Keough Says:

    Will you ever make it to San Antonio?

  8. Mas Says:

    David, I believe we will be in San Antonio this year. Keep an eye on the website.

  9. Mark Kania Says:

    Great gesture, Mas. Hope the good-will comes back to you 10 fold! Best wishes for the new year. Hope to join you again soon

  10. Bruce Campbell Says:

    Wishing you and Gail the best year yet — stay out of those helocoptors !!!

  11. Dave (the Liberal non-Uncle one) Says:

    Mas, am curious why you call the burgers “very sophisticated”. Was it their choice of what to take or their mode of entry or something else?

  12. Mas Says:

    Dave: The burglars? Can’t really go into detail until the investigation is concluded.

  13. Tam Says:

    The word is spread. 🙂

  14. David S. Keough Says:

    After the investigation, please let us know. And, since your coming to San Antonio, I’ll try and make it. Hopefully, I’ll be in town.

  15. Dennis Says:

    Liberal Dave,

    Just a guess on my part, but many, if not most small gun shops place their inventory in quality safes when closed for business. My guess would be that after entry into the building there was some safe cracking that took place. Also there may have been some alarm disabling. In other words, not your typical street thug smash and grab.

  16. Don - Pa Says:

    Mas, as usual, you have the best sense of what to do to help friends in need. I only wish I had the funds to be there. My dream has always been to take some of your classes. Unfortunately, retirement budget doesn’t allow me to even shoot near as much as I want/should/need, let alone get the training I need. But, I have good insurance and am healthy – just wish I could help such a noble cause here.

    Keep up your solid work, Mas, it is needed now more than ever – especially the writings you do. I wish you and Gail a Happy and healthy New Year.

    Oh, and, as Bruce said ^^^^ – stay out of those “helocopters.” Not a good day for spelling, eh?

  17. Phippa Says:

    What a wonderful way to kick off 2017 with the generous gift of your time and training us all. I called several friends hoping they will register. Please let me know if I can be of service since it’s around the corner from me in Chicago. I am still working on my training plan for 2017 and yet continuing to work on catching up on all my documentation/notes from 2016. Best Wishes for a healthy and prosperous Happy New Year to you and Gail.

  18. Dave (the Liberal, non-Uncle one) Says:

    Burgers. A perfect example of why I don’t like to compose on my iPad, as I did in that case. I make enough mistakes without “help” from autocorrect.

    I’m sure that once discovered that the burgers in this case will be thoroughly grilled. Let’s hope that the investigators will put some mustard on it and do it with relish.

  19. Mas Says:

    Great recovery, Dave. 🙂

  20. Jeff Posto Says:

    Massaad – The course for the benefit of sand Bar is excellent. Wish I could attend but THAT one is out of range. What’s the chances of something near NH or Maine.. or the Tri-State area of NY-CT-NJ ?? Bet you’ll get a good response there. Thanks for the newsletter too.

  21. Mas Says:

    Jeff, we’ll definitely have one in CT third quarter this year, maybe NH also. Keep an eye on my website:

  22. Mark Hardig Says:

    The class was great. I will need a week to transcribe all my notes.

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