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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Massad Ayoob


Thursday, April 18th, 2013

When I heard the news that the Senate had failed to pass a Universal Background Check, I was at a police seminar on the topic of active shooters. The panelists had agreed that “active shooter” was a poor descriptor, one noting that some attackers use other weapons, such as the blade-wielder in the recent Texas case. (And, of course, the Boston Marathon bombing was fresh in everyone’s mind.) Another panelist, a retired SWAT lieutenant who has responded to such things for real, pointed out that an active SHOOTER is what it takes to stop an active MURDERER.

When a retired police chief on the panel announced that he’d just received a text that the UBC had failed to make it through the Senate, the police audience erupted into applause. So much for the idea that cops all want to restrict your gun ownership. The real cops know where the problems are, and that they ain’t coming from people like you.

Alas, the White House is out of tune with that reality.

A very angry Chief Executive declares that Senators who see reality and prevent what’s best described as “the tyranny of the (uninformed) majority” have somehow subverted the process. He then manages, with practically the same lungful of air, to spout bogus statistics and simultaneously accuse those who told the truth of willful deception.

My favorite part was watching Vice President Biden’s face, in the Senate chamber during the vote and at the President’s side during the above-mentioned press conference shortly thereafter. The man does one hell of a good Grumpy Cat impersonation, and one “safu” on the Internet has come to the same conclusion.



  1. Bill Meinhardt Says:

    Want a good laugh ?

    The Newtown school board voted to install armed security at their schools this week.

    Wasn’t that the original suggestion by the NRA ?

  2. Tom606 Says:

    Despite the fact that our Dear Leader didn’t get his way in Congress with his gun grabbing agenda this round, let’s not be lulled into complacency as he and his freedom hating liberal cronies will continue to push for more
    gun control measures. Remember what former President George H.W. Bush did back in 1987 when he banned the importation of numerous firearms by the mere stroke of a pen? Our diabolical Messiah could do sometime similiar since he’s even more liberal than his New World Order pushing White House occupier #41.

    Our malevolent Liar-in-Chief will follow the orders of his puppetmaster George Soros without question, or the two sides of his brain aka David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett who he depends on for all policy decisions.

    The Anointed One is the most dangerous White House resident in American history as he’s absolutely determined to destroy the Second Admendment which as we non-Eloi know is THE most important one, because without it, the others can be easily taken from us. The Second Admendment gives U.S. citizens the ‘teeth and claws’ to resist a tyranical Morlock government. Without it, we would be disarmed subjects of the Dark Lord in Washington D.C. and his/her slimy, buttkissing aristocracy.

    Continue to fight the gun grabbers and their henchmen on the Dark Side and keep donating time and funds to our righteous cause. Also continue to stock up on guns, ammo, parts, accessories, food, fuel, medications, and other supplies needed to survive the unthinkable. Don’t forget stuff for your pets too. And keep everything below the radar and don’t brag.

    Remember the old slogan, “Loose Lips Sink Ships”. Don’t wave a red flag in front of Big Brother’s all seeing eyes. Keep Uncle Sammoud in the dark.

  3. Chris - VA Says:

    Hanza: Excellent choice!

  4. Uncle Dave Says:

    Guy’s this is just round one. Your Medical privacy will be shreaded as Obama overrides HIPPA. In the long run this is even more dangerous than a money pit registration system.

  5. BadgerVet Says:

    In that photo, Biden looks like Walter, the grumpy old man puppet in Jeff Dunhams ventriloquist comedy act. Since we know who pulls his string, I guess we can call BO the puppetmaster.

  6. LarryArnold Says:

    [I was once shocked when I read that in the 1800s it was thought that even criminals had a right to own firearms out West.]

    In the 1800s “criminal you can’t trust with a gun” = someone who was robbing, raping, or murdering. So he got sent to prison or hung.

    Today “criminal you can’t trust with a gun” = Martha Stewart.

  7. Randall Says:

    Yeah, Mas. I too was very annoyed to watch the speech. It was pathetic, especially parading the Sandy Hill parents and Gabby Giffords constantly bobbing her head in agreement. I truly feel for those parents, but there are many deaths each year of children – is the grief of these parents the only thing that matters? Must 20 million gun owners make sacrifices to make 20 grief stricken parents feel better? Obama just does not get it, period. I think he means well, but is blinded by his one-sided view (typical of most presidents I’ve seen).

    “Hanza Says:
    April 20th, 2013
    Today I ordered my ‘ugly black rifle’. It is a S&W M&P15. Along with it I also ordered ten 30 round standard capacity magazines.”

    Congratulations Hanza. I’m surprised you were able to even find an “evil black rifle”. Must have set you back at least 2 grand, given all the price gouging that is going on.

  8. mark Says:

    I find it funny that on both sides of this argument you have extremes that miss the middle completely. The anti gun lobby really believes that only the military and police should have guns. The pro gun lobby has allowed gun sales to out do gun safety and sensibility. Both are bad, because the truth is that there are people out there who can legally own a gun and should not have one. There is also no place for believing that citizens should not own guns. Both sides have interests that do not serve the American people. The anti gun lobby just wants the government to be in control, and the pro gun lobby wants to continue the gun and ammo industry profit margins.

  9. Sian Says:

    @hanza where can you even find 30 rounders that aren’t backordered?

  10. Hanza Says:

    Regarding my rifle and magazine purchase.

    I got both items through Cheaper Than Dirt, and both are still available as of when I wrote this.

    The rifle is stock number gun-811 at $1795.00 and the magazines are stock number mag-790 at $19.97.

    I had been on various email waiting lists for rifles for months, and then late last Thursday night I was notified by CTD of the S&W M&P being available and I jumped right on it.

  11. Chris - VA Says:

    30 rounders are out there.
    Rifle prices have dropped.
    Ammo shortage must have dropped the rediculous prices.
    Can’t sell a car when there is no gas…

  12. Paul Edwards Says:

    Here’s the latest that I could find on the surviving Boston Bomber.

    Not sure I understand why he can’t be tried as an “Enemy Combatant” though?

  13. Enjoy Every Sandwich Says:

    An episode likes this tends to bring out the true feelings of anti-gun fanatics towards gun owners. I’ve been told that the only reason I oppose “universal” background checks is because I’m a monster who doesn’t care about children. The hatred and seething contempt for gun owners is on open display.

  14. Matt Says:

    I’m at work right now, and there is a news story on the radio where an 8th grader was *arrested* for wearing an NRA shirt to school, even though it is not in violation of the school’s published dress code. Apparently the shirt said “NRA – Defend Your Right” and had a silhouette of an AR-15 rifle underneath it.

    Just something you might want to look into…

  15. Noah Vaile Says:

    This prezidents actions must be viewed that every single one is calculated to undermine this country. Its unity, its laws, its Constitution, its economy, its safety and security. This prezident is solely guided by one light… the light of freedom going out.

    We must listen to each word with an ear that hears his lies and recognizes them for what they are. What we want to hear as he does the opposite of what he says. As he says he isn’t doing what he is. As he undermines our national security and says he is building it. As he undermines our economy as he says he is improving it. As he undercuts our military as he says he is strengthening it.

    Every word is a lie, every action a treachery.

  16. the Northwestern Diamondback of THR Says:

    Mas, gentle friends in the reader community, let me remind y’all about something, clinically speaking as a former Psych student AND as a case of atypical neuropathology myself.

    My CLINICAL opinion is that the PETULANT CHILD (operative words) In Chief is, AT BEST, a Narcissistic Sociopath. Possibly even a Messianic Psychopath, though I REALLY hope he’s just an NS… for the simple reasons of remembering what the outcome’s been ever OTHER time in history an MP has seen that their time in power is drawing to a close.

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