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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Massad Ayoob


Thursday, April 18th, 2013

When I heard the news that the Senate had failed to pass a Universal Background Check, I was at a police seminar on the topic of active shooters. The panelists had agreed that “active shooter” was a poor descriptor, one noting that some attackers use other weapons, such as the blade-wielder in the recent Texas case. (And, of course, the Boston Marathon bombing was fresh in everyone’s mind.) Another panelist, a retired SWAT lieutenant who has responded to such things for real, pointed out that an active SHOOTER is what it takes to stop an active MURDERER.

When a retired police chief on the panel announced that he’d just received a text that the UBC had failed to make it through the Senate, the police audience erupted into applause. So much for the idea that cops all want to restrict your gun ownership. The real cops know where the problems are, and that they ain’t coming from people like you.

Alas, the White House is out of tune with that reality.

A very angry Chief Executive declares that Senators who see reality and prevent what’s best described as “the tyranny of the (uninformed) majority” have somehow subverted the process. He then manages, with practically the same lungful of air, to spout bogus statistics and simultaneously accuse those who told the truth of willful deception.

My favorite part was watching Vice President Biden’s face, in the Senate chamber during the vote and at the President’s side during the above-mentioned press conference shortly thereafter. The man does one hell of a good Grumpy Cat impersonation, and one “safu” on the Internet has come to the same conclusion.



  1. Chris - VA Says:

    23 executive orders about guns and yet he still cries after the senate vote.
    Lies about 90% NRA for checks too.

  2. Erik Says:

    America voted for freedom yesterday and our so-called leader called us liars and cowards. How much more of this will America take?

  3. CBMTTek Says:

    The President is not really a sore loser. He truly, honestly believed that he is correct, and he has the support of some 90% of the people.

    In some ways, that delusion is 100% his fault, and in others, not so much.

    This is a President that surrounds himself with people that are of a like mind. No one in his circle of advisors disagrees with his agenda, or any part of it. All the advice, and information, he receives supports his point of view.

    Result is he is incapable of believing/understanding that there is another possible way of seeing the issue.

    Either that, or he is really just a whiny child king that was elevated way beyond his abilities, or mental maturity. Both theories work.

  4. MD Matt Says:

    Man’s been campaigning pretty much straight since december for this mess.
    Got to be a slap in the face to see your biggest personal project slapped down in front of the entire country, even by reps from your own party.
    They couldn’t even leave the language in that would have kept the SAF on their side.

  5. wg Says:

    The pathetic thing is that mental health issues of the murderers have driven so many of these massacres at places like Virginia Tech, Arizona, Aurora, and Newtown. True presidential leadership would focus on the breakdown of our mental health system instead of the implements used to effect the murders. Instead, we get a cynical media driven frenzy orchestrated by the President that claimed universal background checks would prevent these slaughters when even VP Biden admitted sotto voce that it would do nothing of the sort.

    I actually agree that we should do something to reduce carnage and murders. First, use Project Exile as a model to scare criminals into not carrying weapons. Second, prosecute straw buyers and those who lied on their 4473 forms. Repair our fragmented Mental Health System by getting seriously deranged individuals the mental care that they need. Last but not least focus on disrupting gangs that have turned many of our cities into no-go zones.

  6. Matt, another Says:

    The President is also a sore winner.

  7. Dave Says:

    It is not over…not by a long shot.

  8. Josh Welch Says:

    Stay on ’em Mas. All of us who have a brain appreciate what you do and where you are coming from. I try to read everything BHM puts out. I’ll be renewing my NRA membership and becoming a more active participant in our right to bear arms. Thanks again for the common sense, spot-on opinions.

    Josh Welch, Oklahoma

  9. Jaji Says:

    Since The Current Occupant has tipped his hand, he now has to keep focusing on this issue. Also, since he has no real facts to back up his arguments, he has to resort to accusing the truth of being lies and assert his lies as truth.

    The only hope I have is that things are rapidly being shown for what they truly are.

  10. David Jakes Says:

    Biden might look like the grumpy cat, but he IS Jeff Dunham’s Walter.

  11. Matt Says:

    What I want to see is someone telling the president this:

    “Mr President, you say that your true agenda is to protect the kids, and prevent future tragedies like New Town. Obviously your first plan was wildly unpopular and will not work, now or in the future. If you truly want to protect the kids and prevent future tragedies like New Town, may I suggest you stop crying about losing a vote *you* pushed for, and spend your money/time/energy trying other solutions? Solutions like enforcing the existing laws – ones that we have been told cannot be enforced because the agency doesn’t have enough money or time. Solutions like the ones put forward by the NRA and others, such as providing training for armed school personnel and security officers on school grounds? Solutions that are not only simpler and easier to enact, but clearly are more popular and proven to work?

    If you want to be a great statesman, Mr. President, and worthy of your ‘Peace Prize’, then simply admit that your plan was not the best and it is time to look at the other options that have been placed on the table – instead of stooping to petty name calling, and the behavior of a spoiled child. You used the system to push your own plan, and it was rejected. If you genuinely want to save lives, get behind the other plans that have been offered. If your proposal had passed, you would have asked everyone who opposed it to get behind *your* plan, because it was ‘the will of the American people’. Clearly, the American people still want their kids to be safe, but they are NOT willing to adopt your plan. So it is time for YOU to get behind the will of the people, Mr President, and start being part of the solution, instead of part of the problem.”

    Of course, I still believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, too….

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    The guy who ignores the rules to rule unilateraly is upset that someone else is using the rules to represent?

  13. K Malory Says:

    Both of them acted as if mom had just told them to it was time for bed. We however can not take our eye off the ball. He will try again. There is no doubt about that. He (and the “Libs”) want an unarmed populace that has no means to preserve the Constitution. The First Amendment may be the voice but the Second Amendment provides the teeth!

  14. Lucy's Mom Says:

    A good day to celebrate but let’s not forget that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. They will try again.

  15. Guy - GA Says:

    “THE PRESIDENT IS A SORE LOSER”. I’d like to slightly modify the title to simply state… “THE SORE president IS A LOSER”.

  16. Runt Says:

    So only the president is allowed to lie?

    What I don’t understand is that if 90% of people want universal back ground checks (and I don’t believe that number) what politician would vote against it?

  17. Gardenwife Says:

    Grumpy cat? More like Walter! 😉

  18. Mark Says:

    The administration can be as “sore” as they like as long as they’re losers on issues which endanger our rights!

  19. Charlie Foxtrot Says:

    It’s been pointed out that Biden distinctly resembles ventriloquist Jeff Durham’s puppet Walter. Although I’d bet the puppet is smarter than Biden.

  20. Sean D Sorrentino Says:

    Not Grumpy Cat, Walter, Jeff Dunham’s puppet.

  21. Kevin A. Says:

    I think the cat would make a more effective Vice President.

  22. Patrick Says:

    President Readying Executive Orders on Gun Control

    Posted on April 18, 2013 by Robert Farago

    “Vice President Biden told White House allies in the gun control fight Thursday that President Obama will be announcing new executive actions on gun violence in the days after the Senate voted down a gun violence bill,” reports. “On a conference call with ‘stakeholders,’ Biden told gun control advocates that the fight is not over and that eventual action on gun control will come. Press were not invited to the conference call; a participant provided BuzzFeed with access. The White House is already walking back Biden’s promises. But here’s part of the transcript . . .

    Look, I know you’re going to say that I’m just being an optimist and I’m trying to put a good face on this. But, you know, I’ve been around here a long time and we’ve already done, because of you, some really good things. Number one, the president is already lining up some additional executive actions he’s going to be taking later this week.

    Already we have put out notifications to all communities that if they want school resource officers to use their portion of the COPS grant to be able to deal with a school resource officer or someone in the school who’s a counselor, or whatever they need.

    Secondly, we also have pushed forward grants for new and available funding for dealing with training teachers and dealing with alerting them to high-risk, you know, kids in their communities and their school that are signs that they’re going to have a real problem and may be the very kids you need to get to now before they end up like an Adam Lanza. We also are going to have a national mental health dialogue where we’re going to vastly expand mental health availability under the Mental Health Parity act as well as the Affordable Care Act.

    OK that’s the bit that the White House says refers to existing Executive Orders, signed between Newtown and yesterday’s Senate debate about background checks. And then there’s this . . .

    We also are reviewing the list of prohibited purchasers to maybe expand that list of prohibited purchasers. Granted, only 60% of people who go for a purchase are doing it [background checks].

  23. JohninMd.(Help!) Says:

    Actually, Mas, “Plugs” Biden bears an eerie resemblence to ‘Walter’, one of Jeff Dunham’s
    ventriloquist dummies. Appropriate, seeing as everything he says comes out of Obama’s vocal cords…

  24. Jeff in WI Says:

    The bad news is that Obama is now readying more executive actions. God only knows what this round will bring us. How in the world are we going to last until this idiot is out of office?

  25. Crotalus Says:

    Joe looks more like Jeff Dunham’s “Walter” than he does “Grumpy Cat”.

  26. Erik Says:

    The people have spoken and their representation has as well. Give it up you tool, you have no idea what reality is. Go back to Chicago and pout.

  27. Battlefield USA Says:

    One of the biggest mistakes Americans are making is legitimizing the governments role in gun laws. We demand pro-gun legislation. I am happy to say that issue was settled a tad over 200 years ago… and we are falling into what Hamilton called the “colorable pretext” trap. We are legitimizing the very thing that the government has no business doing.

    Shall not be infringe. End of discussion.

    “Why, for instance, should it be said that the liberty [to keep and bear arms] of the press shall not be restrained, when no power is given by which restrictions may be imposed?” – Brackets mine, the rest Hamilton.

  28. WT Says:

    Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, as one wise man once said. Thank your legislators who voted against UBC!

  29. Alan-IN Says:

    That looks like Walter, one of Jeff Dunham’s dummies.

  30. Lew Says:

    “OUR” president will cry the blues while his daughters vacation in Bali, his wife, the First “Lady” shops in London and Paris while he himself golfs in Scotland, Trinidad, Malaysia and Hawaii. That should be it for the mourning period then back to work on more gun control

  31. Gabe Says:

    i think biden was actually against the bill and sabotaged it by telling us to fire blindly into the night and so on. a sane person couldn’t actually say the things he was saying while trying to push this and expect people to take him seriously.

  32. Mas Says:

    Interesting take from the Wall Street Journal, here:

  33. Patrick Says:

    Lame stream media MSNBC slandering NRA.

    MSNBC O’Donnell: NRA Delaying Boston Bombing Investigation

    Robert Farago

    I’ve said it before: MSNBC Commentator Lawrence O’Donnell is insane. His mind’s been twisted by an ugly combination of arrogance, aggression, messianic zeal and paranoia. It’s no surprise that O’Donnell projects this crazy-ass cocktail of characteristics onto the National Rifle Association, accusing them of hindering the investigation into the Boston Marathon bomb. As Brian J Conway pointed out in the comments below the accompanying post, the “taggants” that O’Donnell seeks are known to cause variations in chamber pressure that can cause a gun to explode. As mountocean points out below, “taggants also decompose exothermically, causeing shelved powders to burn/explode if you leave them on the shelf too long.” Anyway, apart from O’Donnell’s contempt for the NRA’s constant efforts to protect gun owners from government intrusion . . .
    The NRA is his go-to whipping boy. As it is for the mainstream media’s commentators, college-educated curmudgeons who dismiss traditional American values of independence and self-reliance as thoughtlessly as they dismiss the waiters delivering champagne and canapés at their tribal gatherings. The NRA’s a soft target for those who can’t abide philosophical intransigence—except their own. Shame on O’Donnell for dancing in the blood of innocents. Again. Still.

  34. Tom606 Says:

    We must have faith in our Dear leader and trust his wisdom. After all, he’s only looking out for us when he proclaims that guns are evil and needs to be removed from American society. The wise Anointed One wants his subjects to lead by example, so if honest citizens give up their firearms, criminals will see this gesture and feel bad, and turn in their guns to the police also, or at least trade them in at gun buybacks to get athletic shoes or gift certificates. We really can all get along as rodney king wanted. See, the Messiah is a lot smarter than us lowly peasants.

    By the way, I heard that our Dear Leader is planning to search every high rated golf course in America for the Boston bombing suspects. Just like O.J. did when he was looking for his ex-wife Nicole’s killer. Even his drop dead gorgeous wife is getting in on the search as she will be flying to all the world’s most coveted vacation spots and high end stores to look for the homicide/terrorism suspects. We can sleep soundly at night, knowing such dedicated politicians are protecting us and even the royal couple of America is doing their humble best to take care of their devoted subjects.

  35. Jack Says:

    So glad our commander in chief did not get his way. His behavior and anger afterwards shows how he wants our guns. He is a dangerous man from my stand point and his buddy Joe Biden is as dumb as a bag of rocks with his grin on his face. I mention that to my wife watching him scold the senators who did not go along with him. He obviously his not dealing with a full deck and the fight for our guns is not over.

    Where were the tens of thousand of folks who have used guns to defend themselves and save their lives? I noticed they were missing and this is one sided garbage. One more piece of legislation is not going to keep anyone safer and stop evil people. Gun owners stand ready and be in the fight for our rights because these crazy anti gun liberals are coming our way soon for another pass at this stuff. And by the way stock up on high capacity mags and whatever else you might need in the meantime when they become available.

  36. Lew Says:

    The WSJ is pretty much on target but the chances of obama going centrist? Nil.
    obama is a radical extremist, no chance he’ll flip
    Senator Mark Pryor from here in Arkansas has been a fairly reliable democrat in the Senate but he felt the heat of re-election coming on. Whatever the reason for his vote, GREAT JOB MARK!!

  37. Roger in NC Says:

    Obama, his handlers and his disciples do not live in or understand the real world, i.e. in our world. They only know the world they want us to live in which, by the way, is not their world either. We won this particular battle but I don’t believe the war is over. It’s going to be a long 3 1/2 years.

  38. Marc-Wi Says:

    Obama seems to have a problem, if he wants to see the cause of it I suggest he look in the mirror.

  39. Lorenzo Says:

    “When a retired police chief on the panel announced that he’d just received a text that the UBC had failed to make it through the Senate, the police audience erupted into applause. So much for the idea that cops all want to restrict your gun ownership. The real cops know where the problems are, and that they ain’t coming from people like you.”


    At the risk of seeming uncaring or insensitive to the career choices of those in law enforcement, where are all these real cops when their chiefs are testifying before government committees to further restricts the rights of fellow citizens? I understand the hesitation, but to tell me that in closed audiences the polls favor the opposite of what politically appointed mouthpieces say in public, is like the tree that fell in the forest with no one around to hear it.

    I am as pro-law enforcement as the next guy or gal here, but that silent chasm has me puzzled. I have LEO’s in my own circle of friends and they will tell me the same, that we are of like mind, but in a whisper with a “you didn’t hear that from me” admonishment. It seems the system doesn’t allow them to be more vocal than a few hushed admonishments. I think perhaps if they were more vocal, given that at the street level they would be more attuned to the benefit of having an armed citizenry, their voices could be better heard by the establishment, making our case the more stronger.

    Just my opinion, Mas. No reflection on anyone, LEO or otherwise.

    Always the student,

  40. Jim Macklin Says:

    The NRA was tracking Illinois Senator Obama soon after he became a State Senator. His one obvious pattern was anti-gun. He voted to support a veto of a self-defense statute that permitted the use of a handgun in the cities, despite any local law. He voted against first passage and then voted to sustain the veto. The veto was overridden because even in Illinois, most legislators don’t kiss the seat of power on the Daley’s backside.
    Just slightly before the 2012 election, the White House merged all visible on the long form birth certificate, for many months it was an obvious forgery, just the last in a long line of forgeries since 2008.
    A common theme in WWII and Cold War movies was the “enemy” counterfeiting the currency of England or the United States. Now, the US Government does that itself, a trillion worthless dollars every year, the dollar is down to 1 cent.

  41. Charley Says:

    This President cares nothing about safety in our schools or repairing our fragmented mental health system. THIS President has the goal of disarming all law abiding citizens. He waited until he was re-elected to pursue this agenda. And the reality is, this administration would welcome and exploit another tragedy, like Sandy Hook, to pursue its anti-gun agenda. And the liberal news media would be right there to support him.
    So, we need to remain vigilant in our defense of the Second Amendment. As the President has said, the fight is not over.

  42. Greg Says:


    I went through some of the first EMT & Paramedic training in the early 70’s and the hospitals were struggling with mental health issues. after the Democrat controlled legislature dismantled the institutions that cared for these folks. It was to protect their civil rights according to politicians. As is the case with anything liberals dislike they destroyed the care system without any thought as to what would take it’s place. We are now reaping the rewards of those actions and I find it ironic that the dems are the ones that dismantled the system and makeup the majority of the mass shooters. So if the pres. Is upset he should look to his own party to place blame not the citizens.

  43. Z Says:

    Mas, you may find this survey interesting:

    It matches up with the reaction at the seminar.

  44. guntotin-mama Says:

    Well. In light of the possibility of terrorist cells operating at will to shut down a major US city…

    I really only have one thing to say about any additional gun restrictions for the law-abiding citizens of this country.


  45. Manse Says:

    I think we should flush out the leftist agenda. They strive to turn the country upside down.

    Right is wrong and wrong is right. Lying and obfuscation on a daily basis is the means to an end. What is that end? Collapse the the economy along with the Constitution and remake it as a one party rule socialist utopia. These people take delight in destroying the country.

    That is a mental disorder en masse or treason.

  46. Marc-Wi Says:

    They are not about to give up…..
    I don’t know how long it’ll be held back but Reid wants to protect the dems up for election in ’14 so maybe it’ll be quiet til then….or not.

  47. Tom606 Says:

    Today, the second suspect in the Boston bombing was captured, after his older brother was killed in a shootout with the law, just four days after that heinous terrorist attack on hundreds of innocent people. Thanks Barry!

    After the vile terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, former President George W. Bush was not able to bring OBL to justice until his much more effective successor, our Dear Leader literally singlehandedly tracked down and killed the terror mastermind with some minor help from the U.S. Navy SEALs and other military units. I told you so! Our benevolent Messiah is without a doubt the greatest political leader America has ever had. He spent countless hours and numerous sleepless nights planning the assault that resulted in the death of OBL, even giving up playing golf and going on date nights with his drop dead gorgeous wife. How’s that for dedication?

    We should be so proud to have the Anointed One ruling us. Bush spent nearly eight years unsuccessfully hunting OBL. Dear Leader only needed four days to kill and capture the Boston bombing supsects and killed OBL to boot. Without ‘sequestration’ which reduced the number of police in Boston, the terrorists would have been taken care of even sooner, or maybe the attack would never have occured. We should never question the Messiah’s actions or motives as he’s looking out for his very adoring subjects and besides, his ingenious way of thinking is way beyond the comprehension of us poor simpleminded peasants.

    Could the our beloved Anointed One handle any situation? Yes, he can!

  48. Roger Willco Says:

    Battlefield USA got me thinking about how minimalist our gun laws should be. We are trying so hard to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. It doesn’t work very well, and it grows our government beauracracy. Licenses are for privileges like driving. You don’t need a license for a right.

    I was once shocked when I read that in the 1800s it was thought that even criminals had a right to own firearms out West. My guess is that back then people must have thought that even a criminal had a right to protect himself from animal or human predators when travelling on dangerous trails.

    Maybe instead of trying so hard to prevent criminals from buying weapons, we could just let every adult purchase weapons, and carry them almost everywhere. When the criminal actually began to use his weapon in a crime, the rest of us could put him down right quick, like they do in Israel. With lots of people carrying, we would certainly have a polite society.

    So when should guns be restricted? At this point I’m thinking they should only be for those 18 and older. People should not drink alcohol when wearing a gun, and they probably shouldn’t carry them in court houses, where emotions can run high. Other than that, I can’t think of where we need more restrictions, (but then I’m no expert.)

    Boy, we moderns really beat the Founding Fathers when it comes to slavery and technology, but they were better than us at everything else! What wisdom they had!

  49. Hanza Says:

    Today I ordered my ‘ugly black rifle’. It is a S&W M&P15. Along with it I also ordered ten 30 round standard capacity magazines.

  50. Slanteyedshootist Says:

    Will you guys please stop insulting Walter?

  51. Bill Meinhardt Says:

    Want a good laugh ?

    The Newtown school board voted to install armed security at their schools this week.

    Wasn’t that the original suggestion by the NRA ?

  52. Tom606 Says:

    Despite the fact that our Dear Leader didn’t get his way in Congress with his gun grabbing agenda this round, let’s not be lulled into complacency as he and his freedom hating liberal cronies will continue to push for more
    gun control measures. Remember what former President George H.W. Bush did back in 1987 when he banned the importation of numerous firearms by the mere stroke of a pen? Our diabolical Messiah could do sometime similiar since he’s even more liberal than his New World Order pushing White House occupier #41.

    Our malevolent Liar-in-Chief will follow the orders of his puppetmaster George Soros without question, or the two sides of his brain aka David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett who he depends on for all policy decisions.

    The Anointed One is the most dangerous White House resident in American history as he’s absolutely determined to destroy the Second Admendment which as we non-Eloi know is THE most important one, because without it, the others can be easily taken from us. The Second Admendment gives U.S. citizens the ‘teeth and claws’ to resist a tyranical Morlock government. Without it, we would be disarmed subjects of the Dark Lord in Washington D.C. and his/her slimy, buttkissing aristocracy.

    Continue to fight the gun grabbers and their henchmen on the Dark Side and keep donating time and funds to our righteous cause. Also continue to stock up on guns, ammo, parts, accessories, food, fuel, medications, and other supplies needed to survive the unthinkable. Don’t forget stuff for your pets too. And keep everything below the radar and don’t brag.

    Remember the old slogan, “Loose Lips Sink Ships”. Don’t wave a red flag in front of Big Brother’s all seeing eyes. Keep Uncle Sammoud in the dark.

  53. Chris - VA Says:

    Hanza: Excellent choice!

  54. Uncle Dave Says:

    Guy’s this is just round one. Your Medical privacy will be shreaded as Obama overrides HIPPA. In the long run this is even more dangerous than a money pit registration system.

  55. BadgerVet Says:

    In that photo, Biden looks like Walter, the grumpy old man puppet in Jeff Dunhams ventriloquist comedy act. Since we know who pulls his string, I guess we can call BO the puppetmaster.

  56. LarryArnold Says:

    [I was once shocked when I read that in the 1800s it was thought that even criminals had a right to own firearms out West.]

    In the 1800s “criminal you can’t trust with a gun” = someone who was robbing, raping, or murdering. So he got sent to prison or hung.

    Today “criminal you can’t trust with a gun” = Martha Stewart.

  57. Randall Says:

    Yeah, Mas. I too was very annoyed to watch the speech. It was pathetic, especially parading the Sandy Hill parents and Gabby Giffords constantly bobbing her head in agreement. I truly feel for those parents, but there are many deaths each year of children – is the grief of these parents the only thing that matters? Must 20 million gun owners make sacrifices to make 20 grief stricken parents feel better? Obama just does not get it, period. I think he means well, but is blinded by his one-sided view (typical of most presidents I’ve seen).

    “Hanza Says:
    April 20th, 2013
    Today I ordered my ‘ugly black rifle’. It is a S&W M&P15. Along with it I also ordered ten 30 round standard capacity magazines.”

    Congratulations Hanza. I’m surprised you were able to even find an “evil black rifle”. Must have set you back at least 2 grand, given all the price gouging that is going on.

  58. mark Says:

    I find it funny that on both sides of this argument you have extremes that miss the middle completely. The anti gun lobby really believes that only the military and police should have guns. The pro gun lobby has allowed gun sales to out do gun safety and sensibility. Both are bad, because the truth is that there are people out there who can legally own a gun and should not have one. There is also no place for believing that citizens should not own guns. Both sides have interests that do not serve the American people. The anti gun lobby just wants the government to be in control, and the pro gun lobby wants to continue the gun and ammo industry profit margins.

  59. Sian Says:

    @hanza where can you even find 30 rounders that aren’t backordered?

  60. Hanza Says:

    Regarding my rifle and magazine purchase.

    I got both items through Cheaper Than Dirt, and both are still available as of when I wrote this.

    The rifle is stock number gun-811 at $1795.00 and the magazines are stock number mag-790 at $19.97.

    I had been on various email waiting lists for rifles for months, and then late last Thursday night I was notified by CTD of the S&W M&P being available and I jumped right on it.

  61. Chris - VA Says:

    30 rounders are out there.
    Rifle prices have dropped.
    Ammo shortage must have dropped the rediculous prices.
    Can’t sell a car when there is no gas…

  62. Paul Edwards Says:

    Here’s the latest that I could find on the surviving Boston Bomber.

    Not sure I understand why he can’t be tried as an “Enemy Combatant” though?

  63. Enjoy Every Sandwich Says:

    An episode likes this tends to bring out the true feelings of anti-gun fanatics towards gun owners. I’ve been told that the only reason I oppose “universal” background checks is because I’m a monster who doesn’t care about children. The hatred and seething contempt for gun owners is on open display.

  64. Matt Says:

    I’m at work right now, and there is a news story on the radio where an 8th grader was *arrested* for wearing an NRA shirt to school, even though it is not in violation of the school’s published dress code. Apparently the shirt said “NRA – Defend Your Right” and had a silhouette of an AR-15 rifle underneath it.

    Just something you might want to look into…

  65. Noah Vaile Says:

    This prezidents actions must be viewed that every single one is calculated to undermine this country. Its unity, its laws, its Constitution, its economy, its safety and security. This prezident is solely guided by one light… the light of freedom going out.

    We must listen to each word with an ear that hears his lies and recognizes them for what they are. What we want to hear as he does the opposite of what he says. As he says he isn’t doing what he is. As he undermines our national security and says he is building it. As he undermines our economy as he says he is improving it. As he undercuts our military as he says he is strengthening it.

    Every word is a lie, every action a treachery.

  66. the Northwestern Diamondback of THR Says:

    Mas, gentle friends in the reader community, let me remind y’all about something, clinically speaking as a former Psych student AND as a case of atypical neuropathology myself.

    My CLINICAL opinion is that the PETULANT CHILD (operative words) In Chief is, AT BEST, a Narcissistic Sociopath. Possibly even a Messianic Psychopath, though I REALLY hope he’s just an NS… for the simple reasons of remembering what the outcome’s been ever OTHER time in history an MP has seen that their time in power is drawing to a close.

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