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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Massad Ayoob


Friday, February 22nd, 2013

So, the man a heartbeat away from leading the Free World – and who has eagerly taken the point on gun prohibition for his Numero Uno – tells us we don’t need semiautomatic firearms to defend ourselves from home invaders because if we just have a double-barrel shotgun and fire it into the air with live ammunition, it will scare the bad guys off. (Scroll to the 6:20 mark)

Yeah, that’s it…hose out into the air and render empty and useless the only thing that can save your life from violent home invaders.  Ignore the fact that the ounce of lead you discharge with each pull of the trigger has got to come down somewhere…like a while back when a careless hunter emptied his muzzle-loader into the air, and the projectile came down and killed a teenage Amish girl far from the scene.

And, gee, if the purpose of defensive firearms is just to make noise guaranteed to scare violent, committed, homicidal criminals away, I guess all we need for ammo is blanks, huh?

Defending your home against (predictably multiple) home invaders with a two-shot weapon is rather like being forced into a boxing match alone against multiple opponents in the ring at once, and agreeing that you’ll stop punching after you’ve swung twice.  And if you’re going to just use it as a noisemaker, the way the VP supposedly told his wife to do, it follows both  your punches in that full-contact, bare-knuckle fight are gonna just have to be shadow-boxing “air punches.”

If our Vice-President has this to say about home defense, one has to wonder just how well-informed he is on other critical issues of the day.

My friend Dave Workman had this to say about Biden’s advice: .

The rush to gun prohibition is monumentally stupid, and the statement above by the White House “face of the (prohibition) movement” shows an appalling lack of knowledge by those driving the push to criminalize a huge percentage of our nation’s law-abiding citizenry.

Will the media make a mockery of Biden for his dangerously bad advice, the way they tried to do to Marco Rubio after he fumbled while reaching for a bottle of water when his mouth got dry during a speech?  Somehow, I’m not ready to bet the farm on that…

61 Responses to “YA CAN’T MAKE THESE FECES UP…”

  1. Robert Says:

    Going to address the boycott of NY law enforcement agencies, Mas?

  2. Russ Says:


    I know cops are often (always?) told not to fire warning shots so, this right here (Biden’s advice) is just wrong in the face of what’s legal and what isn’t. I believe it’s also fairly universal that civilians, in (potential) conflicts are equally admonished/punished for firing warning shots. Aside from these things… as you pointed out, you’re wasting the resources you may need to save your life. All of this goes against “Gunfighting 101” principles. Lastly, I just bought an MKA 1919 — mainly my own little way of saying “Up yours, Biden!” It’s my plan to put a collapsible stock on it and then take female coworkers and acquaintances to the range to shoot it.

    A double-barrel shotgun. Fired into the air. Puh-lease.

  3. Elm Creek Smith Says:

    The “media” will jump all over Biden’s comments, but not to make a mockery thereof. They will fawn all over his advice saying, “See? The Vice President, like the rest of this administration, supports the Second Amendment! He’s so wise!”

    No one needs to answer this question since the answer is self-apparent: What kind of idiot tells his wife to load her sole means of defense, leave a place of cover and concealment, and wantonly fire all the ammunition in her sole means of defense into the air? THAT’S the question the media should be asking with a gretbigo picture of Slow Joe up on the screen behind them!


  4. Mic Says:

    I think this is excellent advice. In fact I think it such good advice that I think his Secret Service should be the first to implement it! When terrorists or other people storm the VP house to kill him the Secret Service can just go out on the balcony and fire off a couple of rounds out of a double barrel shotgun and the problem will be solved! Like magic, then they can go back to bed and have nothing else to fear.

    In fact, if this works so well against home invaders maybe it will work in war as well! Or on the streets for police. We can just issue everyone in our military and police double barrel shotguns with 2 rounds and when bad guys show up just fire the shots into the air and the criminals or bad guys will just surrender almost immediately. No muss, no fuss. Imagine the savings we can implement in defense spending and ammunition costs. Fantastic idea! Let’s do it today!

  5. Matthew Gonzalez Says:

    Ridiculuosness. I can’t believe he’s next in line.

  6. Kyle MacLachlan Says:

    You just have to love the way our dear VP sidesteps all the questions about gun control (“…we’re not talking about gun control, we’re talking about gun safety…”) to make it sound so innocent and reasonable, yet the moderator never puts him on the spot.
    I sense a tiny little bit of bias here 😉
    As for the shotgunblast-into-the-air comment, of course it would work for Mrs. Biden: I bet that the minute there’s a shot fired anywhere close to their residence a contingent of secret service and/or state police will show up to investigate. Around these parts if we hear a gunshot the first thought is: “Cool, someone’s got a new toy!”
    As for scaring off the criminals with the noise (ya right!), why spend all the money on an expensive shotgun; just bang on a pot or garbage can, I’m sure that’ll have the same effect. Of course, we will have to limit the amount of “bangs” to five or less lest the neighbors be endangered by the noise (hearing loss, you know) 😉
    What really scares me is that theres people out there who believe this s…tuff.

  7. Johnm Says:

    We’ll hear a lot more made up feces today here in Chicago, as the gun banners are out in force to oppose common-sense CCW legislation that was ordered by the federal court.

  8. Cliff Says:

    Should this surprise anyone with any modicum of intelligence? VP “Bite Me” has been sharing his “vast knowledge” on a multitude of topics since being elected to the Senate over 30 years ago. Sadly, his “Foot in Mouth” disease makes no difference to the low information voter. Here’s to Hillary 2016 (can’t believe I’d ever feel that way)……

  9. WT Says:

    The VP’s shotgun advice is appalling. The interviewer doesn’t even question the advice. At times the VP is condescending when addressing questions (laughs, chuckles, or makes statement, “how can I say this politely?”).

    The interview further erodes any confidence that the Administration is acting with a full understanding of gun safety (the VP says in the interview that “gun safety” not “gun control” is his focus at 7:56), personal safety/personal protection (at 14:20), existing gun control in cities like Chicago (at 16:00), school safety (17:32), gun violence studies (27:00).

    The VP may be sincere, but he’s sincerely wrong.

  10. Dennis Says:

    The VP is either dangerously stupid or dangerously evil if he would actually advise his wife to protect his family with a noise maker. As a retired big city cop, the best deterrent to a criminal is not the noise made by a round being racked into the chamber of shotgun, it is their knowledge of what comes next. The prudent man doesn’t make warning shots, he acquires a good sight picture and if time permits gives clear instructions as to what you require in order for them to survive.

  11. Steve Says:

    Another minor point; Why would anyone purchase a double barrelled shotgun for home defense when a pump shotgun is substantially less expensive? Double barrelled shotguns are for rich hunters.

  12. joe Says:

    this is what happens when people get elected with teleprompters, cause when they actually speak their mind (no cue card), they have no idea what they are talking about, and no mas they don’t have time to show this on the national news when they have to play the Rubio clip 100 times a day…

  13. Eddie Says:

    Well said Mas,
    I posted Biden’s opinion on this in your last article and just like you, I was amazed. I had never seen a more ignorant statement in my life. Biden, who claims to be a “sportsman” obviosly has no clue on how to safely operate a firearm. From the statement he made, i would assume he has never even taken a simple hunter’s safety course or for that matter, even looked at his gun manuel. We all know one of the most important aspects of safely discharging a firearm; knowing your target and what is beyond. His idea of firing a weapon in a random direction outside your home is rediculous.

  14. Eddie Says:

    If anyone would like to see that Biden video, here is the link where i first heard this bullshit: link:……

  15. Old Man Says:

    Let’s see? Do as stupid says and then the local cops arrest you and it’s off to jail for discharging a gun in the city limits, or the one ounce of lead goes through the ceiling into the apartment upstairs and kills someone? Yup and what is sick WE let THEM elect the stupid’s again. Makes almost as stupid as he is huh?

  16. Akvusn eh Says:

    This guy gives morons a bad name. These people advocating these laws are totally disconnected from the idea of ever having to use a gun defensively and they want to make laws. The context here is just amazing. Here’s a guy with Secret Service protection talking about using a gun for self-defense, who can’t even conceive of responsible delf-defense. Kurzweil is wrong; the Singularity ( is not near, Indiocracy ( is near.

  17. Drake Says:

    Yep count on Vice-President say some thing very stupid on subject any ever time. I like see Vice-President take owen advice well he Azona than watch what happens as arrest for violate Shannon’s Law hall of jail for it.

  18. Norm Emminger Says:

    Maybe Vise President Biden should not have a shotgun. Did I hear him advocate breaking the law? Law makers should have some knowledge about the things they propose to regulate.

  19. Boxrdadd Says:

    “Idiot” is too kind of a word to describe this man. How in the world did the good people of Delaware continue to elect this buffoon in order for us to be stuck with him as VP ?

  20. Jeff in WI Says:

    I have a hard time explaining just how stunned I am after listening to some of this (I didn’t have the fortitude to listen to the whole thing). My jaw is, literally, hanging open and I’m thinking to myself, “He couldn’t have just said that!” I can’t even formulate the words to explain how upset this gets me. The scary thing is that so many Kool Aid drinking Obama supporters will buy this garbage hook, line and sinker.

  21. Chris - VA Says:

    They want to ban what they don’t understand.
    It’s funny, sad and scary at the same time.

  22. Marc-Wi Says:

    Well, what else would we expect the CLOWN prince of America say?
    In a video dating to about two weeks after Sandy Hook Biden admitted that none of what the gun bills and exec. orders would do could not stop any crime or another Sandy Hook killing,but we have to do something.
    A week or so ago the justice dept. ‘s memo said the same thing.
    Make no mistake, that bumbling old man is extremely dangerous. Filthy minded, disgusting, but dangerous.

  23. basicblur Says:

    Biden’s advice to his wife reminds me of the old saw ’bout the man in the middle of the desert, upon realizing he has a nail in his tire, immediately pulls it out (‘cuz that’s what you do with a nail!).
    As he’s watching his tire rapidly deflate (in the middle of the desert), only then does he realize “what a complete moron I am”!

    No doubt Biden’s wife would feel the same way if after her two ‘warning shots’ she realized “hey, they’re not running away”!

    ‘Course, I’m willing to bet his wife is smarter than he is…

  24. Roger in NC Says:

    Frank Sinatra sang it best: “But where are the clowns – send in the clowns…
    Don’t bother they’re here.” Obama’s living life-insurance policy amazes us all once again.

  25. basicblur Says:

    Fergot to add…
    If the two shotgun blasts in the air don’t work, she can always resort to the old clueless standbys!
    1. Fake passing out.
    2. Force yourself to vomit.

  26. Stu Strickler Says:

    What a clown. He is even to stupid to be a clown!

  27. Phil R Says:

    I’m not sure that the VP is really close to his wife! Were she to step out on the balcony and crank off a couple of rounds the Secret Service protective detail would probably light her up like a Christmas Tree. If they were diligent and didn’t light her up they would probably hold her for the local LEO’s for breaking the local ordnance. When the LEO’s found out who her husband was they would let her go out of pity. What would that silly clod know about “common people” because he has always lived off the Federal Mammary Gland.

  28. Tom606 Says:

    One has to remember that Biden’s official title is ‘Court Jester’ for the diabolical Obama Regime. His primary duty is to make people laugh.

  29. azlandman Says:

    Maybe that is the answer to the issue of using drones against insurgents. Just shoot up in to the air. that should scare them off.

  30. Fu#kObama Says:

    My gun has killed less people than Teddie ‘the swimmer’ Kennedy.

  31. Doc Martin Says:

    Actually Biden’s advice was pretty good. Back in the 50s I mean. The 1850s. I mean movies about the 1850s.

    Mas, in all fairness I’ve been reading your work for decades. These guys are just now trying to talk the talk. Instead of dismissing them as a lost cause, perhaps we should consider them a case study of what the general population believes and take the high ground of polite but firm educational damage control.

    I know it’s a long shot but a gentle correction of Biden’s statements by putting out a statement that is instructive with just a hint of forceful grey haired wisdom might show that those who appreciate guns might be smarter and more civil than the media portrays them.

    From my Lazy boy it looks like both Obama and Biden want to play with guns. I think that’s a good start regardless of the current need to wear rubber boots. Let’s capitalize on it in a good way.

  32. Old Man Says:

    The problem with all this is that he is by no means alone in this kind of logic. Take the time to check out pending legislation in the various anti gun states. It is unbelievable that people elected to govern, that we send to do a job for us could come up with this kind of garbage? The Peoples Republic of California’s new shot is register all guns including 10-22 Rugar’s that have any kind of detachable magazine. If even only a small percentage of this kind of stuff passes then Obama has won. His sick misguided legacy will be the cornerstone of the destruction of the second amendment. Once they smell blood it they will never stop. I don’t know that we as gun owners can stop them? At some point I guess it boils down the 3% to make it right just as it was in 1776. One thing for sure common sense has little or no chance of prevailing. I remember hearing someone say that there were estimated 8000 Republicans that did not vote in the last election? The exact number who knows, but their lack of civic duty will haunt us for a long time to come.

  33. Cliff in SD Says:

    Do ALL vice presidents have these “shotgun problems”?

  34. Dennis Says:

    Mr. V.P. in my neck of the woods we have term to describe your type of idiot. My advice to you would be to visit an eye doctor for you will surely go blind and then see a dermatologist for that hair that will grow in the palm of your hand.

  35. Enjoy Every Sandwich Says:

    I was also curious about his assertion that the AR-15 is hard to aim and shoot. My AR-15 isn’t; perhaps Joe’s AR-15 is broken?

    Or maybe he doesn’t have one? Or maybe he’s never fired one? Or maybe he’s never seen one?

    Heh, it looks like the White House Photoshop team had better get back to work to produce a photo to “prove” that Joe fires AR-15s “all the time”.

  36. Akvusn eh Says:

    Well it occurs to me that this supports the narrative that there can be no effective use of a firearm for self-defense. Everybody should simply rely on the government to protect them – first by the absurd notion of getting rid of all the guns. I used to offhandedly say, sure, get rid of all the guns and I’ll give up mine. Knowing it’d never happen. Then some poor schnook, father of a young daughter, a couple towns over, was beaten to death in front of his house by five animals, using their fists, feet and a couple of bricks. They were all caught and convicted. The worst sentence was 17 yrs for murder 2. Victim isn’t coming back in 17 years. As long as society produces such animals, I intend to have the means of deterring them. I might screw it all up, but at least I’ll have the chance. Even a really fast 5 minute response to a 911 call doesn’t cut it. The comic relief thing would be fine if it wasn’t so clearly the agenda. Either these people really cannot conceive the problem and a responsible notion of self defense, or once again, it simply comes down to grabbing more power over the population.

  37. Illinois Bob Says:

    If all it takes is noise to scare off home invaders why do you even need a double barreled shotgun? My wife has a tape recording of two large dogs barking. We all know that no home intruder would ever enter a house that has large mean dogs with big teeth.

    I’m almost afraid to post this because some anti-gun moron will read it and agree. See…you don’t need a gun at all. I could probably make a fortune selling the big scary dog CD for home security.

  38. Illinois Bob Says:


    Too funny. At least right wing VPs shoot people in the face not just blow their wads in the air.

  39. Old Man Says:

    Maybe there is a little hope? Oregon did the same thing yesterday.

    OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) – A Senate committee led by firearm-friendly lawmakers blocked five gun control bills Friday, suggesting that this year’s momentum related to weapons laws may not be enough to win passage.

    Members of the Law and Justice Committee voted to reject a variety of proposals, including one that would have created a task force to study weapon violence and another that would have created a specific crime for people who leave out loaded guns for children to access. Sen. Adam Kline, D-Seattle, expressed frustration after the hearing, saying the majority on the committee was stuck in “mindless, rigid refusal” that rejects even common sense ideas.

    “They are in such rigid refusal, they just can’t see it,” Kline said.

    Kline said he suspected that if the Connecticut school massacre hadn’t happened recently, his proposal related to child access to guns would have passed unanimously.

    Sen. Mike Padden, R-Spokane Valley, chairs the committee and decided not to hold public hearings on many of the gun proposals. Democrats moved to take votes on the measures ahead of Friday’s deadline for policy bills, and Padden argued that the bills should be rejected because they didn’t have a proper public debate.

    “We haven’t had a hearing to hear both sides on this,” Padden said on Democratic Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles’ proposal on child access to guns.

    Kohl-Welles noted that her bill had 24 sponsors in the Senate, including two Republicans and Senate Majority Leader Rodney Tom.

    The state House is working on a plan to expand background checks, with the help of a Republican lawmaker who works as a police officer, providing perhaps the best hope for gun control supporters who have worked on such a bill for years. Padden said he wasn’t sure whether that bill would get a hearing in his committee.

    Sen. Pam Roach, a Republican lawmaker on the Law and Justice Committee, had spoken positively about the first bill considered – a plan that would allow law enforcement agencies to store weapons if people voluntarily surrender them for a period of time. But when it came time to vote, Roach paused before casting the deciding vote to reject the bill.

    Roach then left the committee room for the remainder of the votes, leaving the bills to die on 3-3 ties. Roach did not immediately return a call seeking comment after the hearing.
    Share this story

  40. Wayne in NH Says:

    I think I’ll just stick to my Saiga 12. Even if I have to fire two shots, there are still 18 left in the drum.

  41. Noah Vaile Says:

    No one should be surprised at this statement by the veep. He has been making inane, stupid comments from his days as a senator so why should he stop now? Or ever.

    It’s what makes him so endearing and lovable, our very own “special needs veep.” And I’d rather see him, by a longshot, as the president, than the evil-empire builder in there now. He’s stupid… yes. He’s ignorant… yes. He spouts off inanities at the drop of a drool… yes. But because of all that, his absolute lack of charisma (although I, personally, find none in his dear leader either) all combine to make him a very neutered mere leader.

  42. Craig Nishida Says:

    Joeron forgot to mention that you must use special warning shot shotshells. The pellets turn into unicorns and rainbows when fired skyward. They only fit in them two barrelled thingies.

  43. Jack Says:

    I am sad to say that I am ashamed of my Vice President to go on public TV and answer questions with out and out lies. He repeataly misleads the people asking the question and is attempting to be a slick politician. Joe Biden is untruthful in his answering and avoiding the straight forward questions.

  44. Jack Says:

    Chigaco, LA and New York with higest murder rates is a perfect example how gun control does not work.

    Our VP says we don’t need cops in every school, I disagree we do and we should improve security in malls, movie theaters and places where politicans are making public speeches should require mandatory security not up to the politician and refusing police to be present and stand in parking lots and make town speeches. Sadly our broken criminal and mental health system contributes to these wackadoo’s who go around killing people.

  45. WT Says:

    Unicorns and rainbows! Love it! 😀

  46. Norm Emminger Says:

    I’m beginning to think the “Gun Control” people would like us to fall into this trap, just like the trap of gun bans and high cap magazine bans.
    Of course this is not the first time nor will it be the last time Congress has tried to regulate something they know nothing about, they are frighteningly notorious for that.

  47. Noah Vaile Says:

    Jack: Are you suggesting that congress and the executive branch have become the “holding cell” for our mentally challenged and deranged citizens?

  48. Noah Vaile Says:

    And here is a “police chief” making a fool of himself….

  49. Jim Says:

    I just keep thinking about Odd-Ball in Kelly’s Heroes and the tank playing music with the big loud speakers and blasting the enemy with paint … much more creative than blasting thin air with a shotgun (a felony in most jurisdictions).

  50. BHirsh Says:

    Hey, Mas – You left out the fact that discharging a firearm in residential locations for any reason other than an immediate need to shoot the attacker is ILLEGAL.

  51. Judy G Says:

    And then…………… Is Mrs. Biden familiar with the shot gun and how it works? 🙂 Some women and 12 gauge (I’m one of them) don’t work well together!

  52. Drake Says:

    Obama Paying Union Members to Rally for NY SAFE Act

    Posted on February 24, 2013

    In a previous post, Nick talked about the “enthusiasm” gap between gun rights advocates and civilian disarmament proponents. Gun guys are fighting for their rights with passion, determination and, not unimportantly, strength of numbers. Professional gun grabbers may match the pro-2A side in terms of passion and determination, but they have nowhere near the number of committed supporters. Despite the slaughter in Newtown, a sycophantic press and Double Barrel Joe Biden’s pronouncement that “America is with us!” the disarmament industry is hurting for homies. No wonder ”One Million Moms For Gun Control” changed their name to “Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America.” Also no surprise: the President’s Boyz are using old-fashioned Chicago-style arm twisting to create the appearance of popular support . . .

    Governor Cuomo and our legislature passed the “NY SAFE ACT.” It will reduce gun violence in our state. Predictably, it is under attack by the National Rifle Association and allied groups. :::We are joining with the SEIU 1199 to lobby in Albany. This free bus trip will last from 8:00 to 4:30 with breakfast and lunch included. Meet up at 250 S Clinton St. Park in the M Lot at the corner of W Fayette and S Clinton Sts. (Parking in that lot may be validated. No sure yet.) Show your determination to keep our excellent new law!:::You must call this number to get a seat on the free bus. 315-424-1743 Ext 110 Ask for Nekeia:::Also sign up here.

    That’s straight from the horse’s mouth (being charitable) there is such thing as a free lunch! And a free bus ride! From . . . WV, KY and OH.

    According to their website, ”SEIU District 1199 represents more than 30,000 health care and social service workers across West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio. The Union is a part of the Service Employees International Union, whose 2 million members make it the largest union in the country, as well as the largest health care union in the nation.”

    When I said “arm twisting” above I meant it. How many of these bussed-in supposedly pro-SAFE Act supporters will show-up for the counter-demonstration against the Unite for Our Rights Day in Albany NY (February 28th) because they give a you-know-what about gun control? How many will be there because they were told to harass, intimidate pro-gun folks or (yes) bust heads?

    I reckon this means the pro-gun side is gaining momentum. We shall see

  53. Brian Downey Says:

    Judy G:
    Maybe the shotgun was a wedding “present” to Joe from her Dad?

  54. Tom Says:

    I have a double barrel shotgun that I use for Sporting Clays
    I have a Rem 1100 I keep next to the bed with a extended tube magazine and as many shells as will fit in it.

    Joe can keep his coach gun, that’s his right, not that he’ll ever need it living in the Naval Observatory and with all the guards with automatic weapons guarding him . . . but wait, if Joe has a shotgun to protect himself in his public houseing on Government Property, isn’t that illegal under Federal law?

  55. Drake Says:

    Biden Chief of Staff: Be Sure to Say ‘Murdered’ When Talking About Gun Violence Victims

    Posted on February 26, 2013

    The bummer about email lists is they can be hard to maintain. Sometimes people get messages they’re not supposed to. A TTAG reader forwarded the meeting notes compiled by a member of a group of 120 gun violence victims and relatives. Michael Bloomberg’s civilian disarmament-pushing group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, funded a junket to Washington in early February where participants met with “Double Barrel” Joe Biden’s chief of staff, Bruce Reed, the first lady and their respective Senators and Members of Congress. All under the watchful eye of MAIG operatives, of course. Click here for the trip notes. One of the more revealing details . . .

    Is the effort made by Biden chief of staff Reed to make sure that the victims stay on message when talking to the press.

    During our press briefing with VP Biden’s lead man Bruce, it was suggested that people use the word murdered, versus lost or taken when speaking about a victim of gun violence. Murdered is a very strong word, it certainly brings about horrible images and tragic grief, but that is in fact the case with these shootings. Hearing the word murdered can’t hurt or shock more than the tragic death of a loved one. Using the word murdered stirs a strong emotion, as do these shootings, so it will lend an impact when speaking to or writing your elected official. Although there are some shootings that are accidental, these are a small percentage of the annual average of 12,000 deaths per year due to gun violence.

    Because if there’s one thing MAIG and the Administration don’t want, it’s a bunch of off-message victims running around D.C.

    And Organizing for Action, (Obama’s campaign organization formerly known as Organizing for America) is doing what they can to keep supporters energized when it comes to eliminating the RKBA. Here’s an email blast they sent out this morning trying to rally the troops and maintain the anti-gun fervor:

    Right now, add your name to say you’ll keep the heat on Congress until they vote on sensible solutions to reduce gun violence.

    We know a thing or two about making change.

    We know that doing big things means all of us doing what we can, where we live. That couldn’t have been clearer on Friday for the national gun violence Day of Action.

    We had 117 events in congressional districts across the country. Thousands of supporters joined in, and thousands more called and tweeted at your representatives, demanding real action from Washington to reduce gun violence. On the pavement, on the airwaves, and online, you helped put the pressure on Congress.

    Check out some of the highlights.

    A candlelight vigil in California:

  56. Andrew Says:

    Wow, two VPs in a row who can’t use a shotgun properly!

  57. Lucy's Mom Says:

    The really scary part is the fact that this idiot reproduced!

  58. Drake Says:

    VA Man Arrested for Following “Double Barrel” Biden’s Armed Defense Advise

    Posted on February 27, 2013

    “A 22-year-old man found himself facing a summons after he told officers he fired his shotgun repeatedly upon finding masked suspects leaning in his window.” Huh? But the Vice President of these here U-Nited States said firing warning shots with a shotgun is the sine qua non in home defense strategy. Ol’ Double Barrel Joe even confided that he advised his own wife to do just that if she ever felt threatened in their home. Guess that doesn’t apply in Virginia. Trevor Snowden of Virginia Beach “told police his dog was acting strange. When he walked to his bedroom, he said he saw two masked suspects leaning in his open window” . . .


    Snowden told police the suspects pointed weapons at him and told him to shut the bedroom door. Thinking the suspects were going to rob him, he moved into the hallway and retrieved a shotgun.

    Moyers said Snowden fired through his bedroom door, then opened the door and fired several more rounds toward the window. Any suspects fled the area and could not be located by officers.

    Snowden’s been charged with reckless handling of a firearm. Since this was all just a misunderstanding – Trevor was obviously just following government sanctioned advice – we’re sure the Veep will be glad to cover his attorney’s fees and any fines that may be assessed.

  59. Marc-Wi Says:

    Mas, I don’t know how much more of this I can stand from this clown. Now he want’s to shoot thru doors!!!!!!!!!!…..
    A mockery of gun safety.

  60. Patrick Says:

    Double Barrel Biden: Shotguns Easier to Aim, More of a Deterrent Than ARs

    Posted on February 28, 2013

    Joe “Double Barrel” Biden has been shooting his mouth off again. After advising home owners to fire warning shots from a double barrel shotgun to ward off home invaders, the President’s point man on civilian disarmament told Field & Stream readers to unleash a scattergun blast through a door in an emergency. The Veep also defended his opinion that double-barreled shotguns are better than “assault rifles” for the fairer sex. ”Most people can handle a shotgun a hell of a lot better than they can a semi-automatic weapon in terms of both their aim and in terms of their ability to deter people coming.” I guess Joe hasn’t seen the viral video of female shotgun fails racking-up the views on YouTube. Or asked anyone who actually owns an AR-style rifle why they don’t have a shotgun instead. Or, I dunno, compared firearm genres at a range. But let’s think about this a bit more . . .

    Joe is asking Americans to forgo modern sporting rifles for double barreled shotguns because shotguns are better in terms of their “aim” and their “ability to deter people coming.”

    So, what does Double Barreled Biden mean by “aim”? Is he saying that a shotgun is easier to get on target than a modern sporting rifle? Then he’s wrong for [at least] three reasons.

    1. Recoil

    The video above is no laughing matter. OK, it is (especially if you’re German). But recoil is a big issue when it comes to accurately acquiring a target. If a shooter is “afraid” of the gun’s recoil, if prior experience has conditioned them to flinch (in anticipation of said recoil), their aim is going to suck. Even if it doesn’t initially, it may do for follow-up shots. Shots which could well be the difference between life and death.

    Generally speaking (as we will in this post), a shotgun—even a smaller gauge gun loaded with low-recoil shells—has more recoil than an AR-style rifle (which can also accept low-recoil cartridges). Granted, recoil issues don’t afflict all shooters; plenty of scattergun owners train themselves to handle the recoil. But plenty more don’t.

    That list is not limited to women, younger shooters, older shooters, smaller shooters and handicapped shooters, but they figure heavily in the population of owners who wouldn’t do well aiming a shotgun after an initial fusillade.

    2. Fit

    AR-style rifles have adjustable stocks (voided where prohibited by law); they can be manipulated to fit a wide variety of shooters’ sizes and body types. This adjustability makes the gun easier to hold, manipulate and aim. As do the modern sporting rifle’s dreaded [/sarcasm] pistol grip and fore grip (void where prohibited by law).

    Shotguns, by and large, do not have adjustable stocks, pistol grips or fore grips (they’re illegal in certain jurisdictions). If you’re lucky/rich enough to have a custom-made double-barreled shotgun, good for you! If you don’t an AR-15 will be easier to hold and, thus, aim.

    3. Optics – Optics or sighting systems—from scopes to red dots—make a HUGE difference in a shooter’s ability to accurately aim their rifle. Which is why the vast majority of rifle owners, millions of them, mount optics on their modern sporting rifles. It’s a relatively simple process with enormous benefits for aimed or directed fire.

    Some shotguns will accept optics, but most won’t. Their recoil makes optics generally unreliable and, if not, expensive. Besides, a shotgun is (again generally) a short-range weapon. At “combat distance” it puts out a spread of lead roughly the size of a softball. While you MUST aim a shotgun, it’s not as much of an aimed weapon as a rifle.

    Does that make a shotgun any “easier” to aim than a rifle? Nope. But it does makes a shotgun less accurate in terms of hitting exactly what you’re aiming at—and nothing else. In other words, setting aside “over-penetration” issues, a shotgun has more potential for creating collateral damage than a rifle.

    I wonder if Double Barrel Biden thought about that. At all. Ever. ‘Cause Joe also said this . . .

    We can argue whether that’s true or not [that a shotgun is easier to aim and more of a deterrent], but it is no argument that, for example, a shotgun could do the same job of protecting you. Now, granted, you can come back and say, ‘Well, a machine gun could do a better job of protecting me.’ No one’s arguing we should make machine guns legal.”

    Joe should know. Anyone with any experience of firearms (as Joe claims) would know that a shotgun does not do the same job as a modern sporting rifle.

    A shotgun unleashes a number of projectiles at once, making it a superb not-to-say devastating short-range weapon. It’s not bad at longer ranges, but nowhere near as effective as a modern sporting rifle, which fires a single projectile with terrific accuracy.

    Don’t get me wrong: either gun can be used for short or long range distances. But both have their strengths and weaknesses. Sensibly enough, many gun owners have both platforms. Denying Americans modern sporting rifles because shotguns exist is like denying ice cream lovers chocolate because vanilla exists. Or vice versa.

    As for making machine guns legal, yes please. Not because machine guns are more effective for self-defense than a semi-automatic rifle or a shotgun, but because We the People have a Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear [any] arms. Just sayin’ . . .

    Finally, the idea that a shotgun is a better deterrent than a modern sporting rifle is just silly. Like 90 percent of what comes out of Double Barrel Biden’s mouth on the subject of guns. If you’d like to me to ID the 10 percent that does make sense, do me a favor. Give me a minute . .

  61. Patrick Says:

    Obama Pardons Gun Crime Convict…Why?

    Posted on March 3, 2013

    By Eddie Devir

    What’s been the constant drumbeat from the administration — almost to the exclusion of anything else — ever since Sandy Hook? “Common sense” gun control measures (read: civilian disarmament) are what’s really needed to keep Americans safe. In response, the NRA’s been asking why new laws would make a discernible difference when those on the books now 1) already make everything the Lanzas and Loughners of the world did illegal, and 2) aren’t consistently or vigorously enforced as it is. Which has to make you wonder why Barack Obama included Larry Wayne Thorton in a batch of 17 presidential pardons he signed Friday . . .

    According to,

    Larry Wayne Thornton of Forsyth, Ga., was sentenced to four years of probation for “possession of an unregistered firearm” and “possession of a firearm without a serial number.”

    Unregistered? So…the gun was an NFA-regulated item? A full-auto gun or SBR? Along with taking a Dremel to the heater’s serial number, those are two fairly serious offenses. Just the types of infractions the ATF tends to go after like a Pit Bull on a Bichon Frise.

    Let’s hop in the Wayback Machine, though, and set the dial for January of this year — when the anti-gun furies were really raging — and take another look through those 23 executive orders the Disarmer-in Chief unveiled with such fanfare. Remember lucky number 13?

    Maximize enforcement efforts to prevent gun violence and prosecute gun crime.

    How is pardoning a felon convicted of a couple of unambiguous firearms no-nos consistent with that order? And why would the President knowingly expose himself to the inevitable cries of “hypocrite!” for a guy who only got probation anyway? It’s not like he’s doing hard time.

    Maybe the better question is, who (or maybe what) does Larry Wayne Thorton know?

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