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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Archive for February 22nd, 2013

Massad Ayoob


Friday, February 22nd, 2013

So, the man a heartbeat away from leading the Free World – and who has eagerly taken the point on gun prohibition for his Numero Uno – tells us we don’t need semiautomatic firearms to defend ourselves from home invaders because if we just have a double-barrel shotgun and fire it into the air with live ammunition, it will scare the bad guys off. (Scroll to the 6:20 mark)

Yeah, that’s it…hose out into the air and render empty and useless the only thing that can save your life from violent home invaders.  Ignore the fact that the ounce of lead you discharge with each pull of the trigger has got to come down somewhere…like a while back when a careless hunter emptied his muzzle-loader into the air, and the projectile came down and killed a teenage Amish girl far from the scene.

And, gee, if the purpose of defensive firearms is just to make noise guaranteed to scare violent, committed, homicidal criminals away, I guess all we need for ammo is blanks, huh?

Defending your home against (predictably multiple) home invaders with a two-shot weapon is rather like being forced into a boxing match alone against multiple opponents in the ring at once, and agreeing that you’ll stop punching after you’ve swung twice.  And if you’re going to just use it as a noisemaker, the way the VP supposedly told his wife to do, it follows both  your punches in that full-contact, bare-knuckle fight are gonna just have to be shadow-boxing “air punches.”

If our Vice-President has this to say about home defense, one has to wonder just how well-informed he is on other critical issues of the day.

My friend Dave Workman had this to say about Biden’s advice: .

The rush to gun prohibition is monumentally stupid, and the statement above by the White House “face of the (prohibition) movement” shows an appalling lack of knowledge by those driving the push to criminalize a huge percentage of our nation’s law-abiding citizenry.

Will the media make a mockery of Biden for his dangerously bad advice, the way they tried to do to Marco Rubio after he fumbled while reaching for a bottle of water when his mouth got dry during a speech?  Somehow, I’m not ready to bet the farm on that…

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