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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Archive for February 19th, 2013

Massad Ayoob


Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

The mainstream media marches in lockstep with the White House in an attempt to convince the public that good people must give up some of the most effective defensive firearms they can have to protect themselves and their families, because bad people have misused them. A Fox Channel regular noted last month that CNN has become pretty much a 24/7 telethon for “gun control.”

Everyone knows that the twisted Adam Lanza was the one who murdered twenty little kids and six helpless adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School, yet few in our society can name Dawn Hochsprung, the courageous principal who died trying to disarm him with her bare hands and save the children. I hope I’m not the only one who wishes that this brave woman might have had the wherewithal to press a trigger and save 26 innocent lives including her own.

Now comes a revelation: police investigators have learned that Lanza was obsessed with exceeding the horrible “record” of murder victims racked up by the massively-publicized mad dog killer Anders Breivik in heavily-gun-controlled Norway in the summer of 2011. See this:

More recently, there have been people demonstrating in Los Angeles to demand “justice for Christopher Dorner,” spinning monster into victim.  In the commentary on this very blog at  , I see people expressing sympathy for Dorner, the serial murderer and cop-killer who recently met his death by his own hand after he refused multiple calls to surrender and the cabin in which he was ensconced and shooting at police caught fire from heavy-duty tear gas canisters.  Since he didn’t murder the women he kidnapped and fastened to chairs or the man he carjacked by threat of death, I’m told, Dorner was kind and compassionate.  Gee…by that standard, Jack The Ripper must have been kind and compassionate because of all the women in Victorian London he DIDN’T murder, disembowel, and cannibalize.

Obviously, not having been directly involved in a real-life-and-death murder trial since, oh, the week before last, I have much to learn and catch up on…

Perhaps, instead of demonizing law-abiding firearms owners, the “mainstream media” should look inward and assess its own culpability in glorifying spree-killers and mass murderers, inspiring the next inevitable perpetrators who seek to die in a blaze of sick “glory.”

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