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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Massad Ayoob


Thursday, February 14th, 2013

On St. Valentine’s Day, I wish happiness and romance to lovers and spouses. It’s a time to reflect on our raisons d’etre.  In an adult lifetime spent debriefing firefight survivors, I learned that the almost universal epiphany in the aftermath of such events was the realization that when you fight to survive, you’re really fighting to return to the people you love…the people who define your existence.

We are embroiled in a battle that will, in the end, determine whether or not we keep the wherewithal to protect the people we love, and for them to protect themselves, now and in future generations.  The juggernaut of ridiculous laws that began at the state level in New York now seems about to crush rights in Colorado. By some interpretations, the Colorado legislation would make it illegal for you to hand your pistol to your spouse on the pistol range without a background check, because its passing hand to hand – even in your presence – might be considered a “transfer.”

See what my old friend and stalwart fighter for gun owners’ civil rights Michael Bane, a Coloradan, has to say about it here:

I’m hearing pundits and overconfident gunnies saying, “Aw, that won’t pass on a national level.”  Few thought it would be taken seriously in relatively gun-friendly Colorado, either, but it’s happening before our eyes.  We’re up against people with unlimited budgets, with the media behind them in an aggressive attack that has turned from reportage to flat-out propaganda. We’re up against people with the power to say to a few key legislators, “Don’t worry about getting re-elected. If you take the point for me on this, I’ll reward you with a cushy government appointment and you’ll never have to answer to voters again.”

Redouble your efforts to get the truth out. Write letters to the editors, worded politely, succinctly, and logically.  Join your state level gun owners’ civil rights group and become active, if you haven’t already.

Do it for the people you love.

37 Responses to “ON VALENTINE’S DAY”

  1. Doc Martin Says:

    Well said Mas. Thanks.

    Where I live, literally Where the river runs through it, we have some legislators working on preemptive strikes including Easier CC, and wider berth with said carry. Also there Here’s the juice…

    Of course now there’s the issue of state vs Fed laws, especially with this one:

    “Another proposal would bar state law enforcement agencies from enforcing any possible future federal bans on semi-automatic weapons or high-capacity magazines, a response to calls in Washington, D.C., for an assault weapons ban. Another would declare federal law enforcement agents subservient to local sheriffs, seeking to require the federal agents to get local permission before making arrests or issuing warrants.”

  2. Elm Creek Smith Says:

    Thirty-some years ago I defended my own life, my wife, and my children from a knife-wielding thug in a shopping mall parking lot and suffered wounds to my hand that almost cost me my military career. (The Tueller Drill is absolutely critical!) I was able to stop the attacker, thus we have had many happy St. Valentine’s Days since.

    After I retired from the Army in 1995, we returned to Oklahoma, and I’ve had a Concealed Handgun License (now just a Handgun License since 01 November 2012) ever since. I’ve already contacted Senators Inhofe and Coburn concerning Senator Feinkenstien’s attempt to bring her so-called “Assault Weapons Ban” back from the dead and every other proposal to restrict our constitutionally-guaranteed right to keep and bear arms. My message to them, to President Obama, to Vice President Biden, and to Senator Feinkenstein was “I shall not comply.”

    Join me so we can continue to protect those who are dearest to us. Just tell your senators and representatives, “I shall not comply.”


  3. Jacob Morgan Says:

    Good pint about the media turning into a shameless instrument of propaganda. Well, make them pay. If the local news rag is doing it, cancel and write or call as many advertisers as possible saying that they are subsidizing the destruction of the constitution and that no such sponsor can possibly be subsidized with one’s hard earned cash. Same for TV stations and the like.

    Other thing is, we absolutely love and admire brave young Americans who join the military. But the most dangerous people out to destroy the county are within, not from without. Several good reporters would have kept Barry Sotero, AKA Obama in the corrupt cess pool of Chicagoland. Shame on reporters for being so biased, but best way to address it is for smart and patriotic young people to infiltrate the media. Funny thing is, any glimmer of fairness in the media is a rip roaring financial success. It is supply and demand.

  4. Patrick Says:

    .2/23 National Day of Resistance: Will You Be There?
    Posted on February 14, 2013
    As you might have heard, February 23 has been named a national day of resistance against gun control and civilian disarmament, a day of scheduled nation wide. Here in New Hampshire we are gathering at our state house (there’s a proposal to eliminate our “stand your ground” protections) at noon to show our support for gun rights both federally and locally . . .

    Rallies can be a great way to get the message out, but it’s critical not to scare off honest folks who may be on the fence about the issues at hand. An “extreme” point of view is a tough sell to someone who may be sheepish about firearms. As correct as your view points may be, it is important to tone it down sometimes, stick to the facts and point out how “the figures don’t lie, but the liars can figure”.

    I have personally “converted” many of my co-workers just by taking them out and letting them shoot. Once you get across the point that guns are not evil and that they’re frequently used for good, it opens up the doors to an educational and intelligent conversation. Most people are just misinformed. That being said, there are also the folks who have their heels dug in and there’s nothing you can really do. Sometimes it’s best to just let them go. An argument that escalates generally make the Pro-2A guy look like the “nut job” while the other comes off as a logical thinker.

    Remember, the second amendment isn’t about hunting — keep your camouflage and blaze orange to a minimum (if at all). The media loves to seek out the crazies in the crowd, so keep your answers short, sweet and to the point. Check out to find your local rally. Also search on Facebook and spread the word!

  5. Randy Says:

    Our Illinois State Rifle Association has a trip set to our state capital on March 5th. It has been run for several years. It is called IGOLD (Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day). They run buses from all over the state for a measly $25.00 per person. I have purchased my ticket and look forward to meeting with the pompous asses. We also have the debate on concealed carry to lobby for.

    Get on the talk radio shows and mix it up with the hosts, or guests they may have when ever they start on the same old tired arguments about why we need more gun laws.

  6. dr Says:

    Emergency bill would shield identities of Maine concealed weapons permit holders from public
    Print this Print
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    By Christopher Cousins, BDN Staff

    Follow on Twitter Follow on Twitter Find on Facebook Find on Facebook

    Posted Feb. 12, 2013, at 6:34 p.m.

    David Trahan of Waldoboro is the executive director of the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine.
    Brian Swartz | BDN

    David Trahan of Waldoboro is the executive director of the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine.

    AUGUSTA, Maine — A proposal to keep the identities of concealed weapons permit holders secret is working its way through the Legislature in an emergency bill that already has more than 60 legislative sponsors, the majority of them Republicans.

    “An Act to Ensure the Confidentiality of Concealed Weapons Permit Holder Information” came before the House of Representatives for the first time Tuesday. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Corey Wilson, R-Augusta, would make personal and identifying information of concealed weapons permit holders confidential. The Maine State Police told the Bangor Daily News in 2010 that there were almost 30,000 concealed weapon permit holders in the state. A record of “good moral character,” an ability to handle a gun safely, completion of a four-page application and a $35 fee are among the requirements for the right to carry a hidden handgun, according to the law.

    Wilson, who is serving his first term in the Legislature, said Tuesday that he submitted the bill in response to a newspaper in New York that controversially published the names and addresses of concealed weapons permit holders in its area days after the school massacre in Newtown, Conn.

    David Trahan, executive director of the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, said his group asked Wilson to sponsor the legislation. Trahan confirmed that the proposal results directly from the New York newspaper’s publication of permit holders’ names. He noted that New York has since enacted legislation to make confidential personal information about concealed weapons permit holders.

    Trahan shared a personal incident to make his case for the legislation. After an automobile accident, a group of young people threatened him.

    “My worst fear at the time was for these people to know where I live,” he said. “I understand why a permit holder would have a permit for self-protection. The ability for anybody to find out where you live concerned me personally and our organization as a whole.”

    Trahan further argued that keeping the identities of permit holders confidential enhances public safety because “the bad guys don’t know who has firearms, so that’s a deterrent.”

    Wilson introduced his proposal as emergency legislation, which means that if the Legislature passes it and Gov. Paul LePage signs it, the law would take effect immediately. That pleases Trahan, who worries that allowing full public access to information about permit holders’ addresses makes people who fear for their safety more vulnerable. Law enforcement agencies would still know the names and addresses of concealed weapons permit holders, he said.

    Trahan said he will urge legislative leaders to act quickly on Wilson’s legislation. Trahan said he’s heartened by the fact that Republicans and Democrats co-sponsored the proposal.

    “I found all those co-sponsors within two days,” said Wilson. “They were all likewise concerned about this and questioned the need for this information to be put into the public domain.”

    Mal Leary, president of the Maine Freedom of Information Coalition, said his group has not yet looked closely at the bill because it is so new, but was concerned that it would reach too far. For instance, Leary said any law that would make it difficult or impossible to determine how many concealed weapons permits are issued in Maine would violate the spirit of Maine’s Freedom of Information law. And he said there are good reasons why somebody might want to know whether a certain person holds a concealed weapons permit, such as determining that fact regarding a problematic neighbor.

    “There’s a fine line between the issue of privacy versus public safety,” said Leary. “Maybe I want to know whether my neighbor has one. On the other hand, there’s a real justification for protecting that person and that address. These issues are not easy to resolve. If this bill is written too broadly, it has unintended consequences.”

    As written, the bill requires municipalities or law enforcement agencies that issue concealed weapons permits to keep permanent records, which is already the law. The difference is that those records would be “kept confidential and may not be made available for public inspection or copying.” It also bars anyone who receives information about concealed weapons permits from redistributing it “to a person who is not authorized to receive the information.”

    Trahan, who said he has no problem with publicizing aggregate information about Maine concealed weapon permit holders in general, said personal information should be private.

    “What’s the valuable information? What would you gain?” he asked. “The only valuable tool is for the bad guy.”

    Wilson agreed.

    “I couldn’t think of one good reason why this information should be subject to freedom of information but I could think of a number of reasons why it shouldn’t be,” said Wilson, who is a member of the Legislature’s Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee. “In New York there were a number of corrections officers and otherwise prominent people in the community who had permits. As a result [of the newspaper publishing their names and addresses], they and their families’ lives were put at risk. I felt it was important to prevent that scenario.”

    On Tuesday, the House of Representatives referred the bill to the Judiciary Committee.

    Robert Long, a political analyst for the BDN, contributed to this report.

  7. Harold Says:

    All the talk of new gun laws brings up the question: WHO owns the O/U shotgun at Camp David?
    Did Barrack Obama buy it (or Straw-Purchase)? Would he be a felon for using it at CD if new anti-gun laws pass?
    Just curious ~;-)

  8. Robert Cooper Says:

    I have only one question ……. Why do you think that the NRA hasn’t
    sponsored an organized protest on Washington to show our numbers. We
    should show (and tell) the politicians our side of the issue.

  9. Kelly Says:

    The Bangor Daily News has demanded that every Police Agency in the State give them the personal information on EVERY Concealed Weapon Permit Holder in the State. One of the TV Stations has asked it’s viewers their opinion on this GROSS INVASION OF PRIVACY, my words not theirs. My response:”Absolutely not, people who have a carry permit are law abiding people, who have not given their consent to be paraded through that cheap yellow rags pages, for the titillation of tofu eating sheep. CCW Permit holders have done nothing news worthy in exercising their inalienable rights, IF the Bangor Daily News thinks that CCW Permit Holders are indeed news worthy then obviously they are themselves just as news worthy and should publish their own private information for the edification and education of their readers.”

  10. dr Says:

    As an update to the article I posted about the concealed permit issue in Maine. The Bangor Daily News is now requesting the list of holders, under the freedom of access to public records. The Bangor Daily News is a very Liberal publication.

  11. Sherra Says:

    I attended my first state legislative sub-committee hearing on a proposed concealed carry related bill this week. On a whim, as I was signing in I checked the box stating I wanted to address the panel. I was scared half to death, but I’m glad I did it.

  12. dr Says:

    Editor’s Note: BDN rescinds request for records of concealed weapon permit holders

    By Anthony Ronzio, BDN Staff

    Follow on Twitter Find on Facebook

    Posted Feb. 15, 2013, at 9:29 a.m.

    The Bangor Daily News has rescinded its request for records about concealed weapon permit holders in the state of Maine. We have informed the agencies who received our request to disregard it. We’ve informed the agencies who have responded that their records will be destroyed.

    We are disappointed with the reaction to our request, which we felt was with the best intentions to help study issues affecting Maine through an analysis of publicly available data. We will continue our reporting, but will use other sources of information to do so.

    The BDN regrets that its request for information may have been taken as a personal attack on concealed carry permit holders, some of whom work at the BDN.

    What has been heartening, however, are the dozens of calls and emails from readers about this issue. We’ve had many good conversations about our request, our intentions, and our commitment to privacy and security of the data.

    Unfortunately, these conversations have been trumped by rampant misinformation about our request, as well as swift political opportunism. It’s clear that as a state, and as a nation, we still have much to do to generate light in this debate, instead of heat.

    What also has become clear are concerns about the concealed weapons permits process. Some callers to the BDN spoke of long delays in the review of applications; the fact these records also are spread across multiple agencies around the state also should be a concern.

    We urge lawmakers in Maine, as they debate the privacy of permit data, to also closely scrutinize the process by which these permits are reviewed and whether the permit-holder information is secure.

    The BDN never would have published personally identifying information of any permit holder in Maine, as a newspaper in New York had done. To have done so would have been irresponsible to our readers and our communities.

    Nevertheless, our reporting will continue on issues facing Mainers. Although we regret causing this controversy, it has not dulled our will to ask difficult questions to keep our governments accountable and help make Maine a better place.

  13. Jack Says:

    Waiting for my vehicle to be washed I got into a conversation with a Russian immigrant who moved into the United States only 16 years ago for its freedoms. He said it is now becoming worst off then the Soviet Union under this leadership. How sad is that.

    The liberals, the lazy, the drug dealers, the dangerous armed criminals who enjoy the entitlements while they sit home sleep and sell drugs and complain if someone shoots them while they try to kill an innocent person, I see these morons shopping in Walmart all tattooed up, baggy pants, flip flops, just waking up at 2Pp, the college kids who wanted their school loans wiped out instead of paying them off like we all did you are all to blame for this mess.

  14. Paul Edwards Says:

    @ Doc Martin

    I watched the PBS Channel coverage of the Proponents and Opponents to H.B. 302, the other day, and got a big surprise.

    There were many people supporting the bill, almost all private citizens or pro second amendment group speakers.

    But when it came time for opponents to speak, I was stunned to find that they were the Montana Sheriff’s Association, Montana Attorney’s Office, and of course a couple of Gay and Lesbian organizations.

    This, after I had received a letter from the Utah Sheriff’s Association which unanimously supported the citizens of Utah against the enforcement of illegal and unconstitutional Gun ban and/or confiscation laws passed by the Obama Administration.

    I called the Secretary of the Montana House Judiciary Committee (406 444-1862), and learned that they will take final action on H.B. 302 today, Feb. 15, 2013, so if you wish to add your own support, to counter the lack of support given by the Montana Officials who should have supported this Bill, but did not do so, this will be your last chance.

    PS: Not sure I would believe, or quote, anything printed to in the Pinko, Commie, Bleeding Heart, Left Wing, Liberal, Missoulian either?

  15. BHirsh Says:

    Mas, if this monstrosity (and others like it) pass at any level, state or federal, and the SCOTUS doesn’t strike it down, I guarantee you that the 3% solution will become inevitable.

  16. Captain Bob Says:

    “Remember, the second amendment isn’t about hunting — keep your camouflage and blaze orange to a minimum (if at all). The media loves to seek out the crazies in the crowd,…”
    Wouldn’t it be a great effect if everyone who attended a pro-gun rally, anwhere, came dressed in a suit and tie? Or sport jacket and tie or even just slacks and a dress shirt? Can you imagine how that would look to (and confound) the media searching for “bubba in his camo gear”? Just a thought…

  17. Tom from WNY Says:

    Folks, I would like to report happy news and that firearms owners in New York State are respected citizens. I cannot state that yet. Let me caution ALL OF YOU, I posted it to this blog before:


    Read the last line carefully, slowly and more than once. I am seeing the same legislation proposed in just about every State in the United States; expect it in States where you have not seen it yet.

    Features are: “Assault Rifle” (whatever the heck that means) bans, registration, even confiscation; magazine capacity limits of riduculous stringency (NY – 7, other states, 15 to 5); handgun registration (NY – it is the rule, now we have 5 year renewable permits, if they are renewed); background checks for simple transfers (family members, etc.); background checks for ammunition purchases (need a box of shotgun shells to go bird hunting? got to pass the check first); reporting of “lost ammunition” (don’t drop a 22 li in the woods while squirrel hunting, could be a misdemeanor for failure to report); need I go on? If you want to see the future, look at the NY SAFE Act, this is the Progressive Liberal wish list; except for CONFISCATION OF ANY FIREARM “THEY” DEEM UNFIT FOR POSESSION.

    Law Enforcement officers reading this: BE AWARE THAT IT IS TRUE, THE NY LEGISLATURE DID NOT SPECIFICALLY EXEMPT THE FIREARMS YOU WANT/NEED TO DO YOUR JOB. Semi-automatic firearm (handgun and rifle) magazines with more than 10 round capacity are now illegal to use and after January 2014, posess. If you have a 10 round magazine, you may only load 7, unless you are at an incorporated gun club or in competition. So yes, your 10+ round duty magazines are now each worth a misdemeanor at best. Got one in the gun and 2 in pouches; do the math; good for a year in County at least. DO NOT CARRY IN NY IF YOU ARE A RETIRED LEO. LEOSA is not a shield against arrest and prosecution. Remember, NY never did allow for non-resident licensing and don’t expect “professional courtesy” from the New York State Police. Sheriff’s Deputies may give you a pass.

    Here’s the good news. The opposition to this law grows by the hour in our State. Counties are voting resolutions to repeal the SAFE Act. The New York Sheriff’s Association has expressed grave concerns regarding this legislation as has the New York State County Clerk’s Association and the New York State Association of Counties. Western New York politicians who voted against it have held hearings by panels of experts regarding the deep flaws in this law. Lawsuits are being filed against it. It is an unfunded mandate we taxpayers cannot afford. Public squares and Albany are being inundated with angry residents who are calling for repeal, even recall elections. Major media market talk radio has had daily programs regarding this issue, all pro-2A. Even some of our liberal print media reporters are now calling for repeal. Heck, even my liberal cousin is going to Albany to protest the SAFE Act, that just about gave me a heart attack.

    I have never seen this level of anger and activisim in NY in my life; I’m over 50. Never. The sleeping giant has been awakened and it is a beautiful thing to see.

    But if you want to fight this uphill battle, well, just sit around and wait for some other person to get involved. Start early, start out hard and do not give up.

  18. Robert Says:

    Thank God I live in Texas …. I love this place …

  19. WT Says:

    Tom in WNY: more power to you and your tribe in WNY for standing up to the draconian SAFE Act. Good to see that reasonable people are beginning to realize the potential and real harm the SAFE Act will cause for NY citizens.

  20. Patrick Says:

    After an epic debate, Colorado Democrats advanced stricter gun-control measures Friday, ensuring that the state will be held up as an example in a national fight over tougher firearm laws.

    Republicans argued that the bills would drive jobs out of the state and violate the Second Amendment, but they couldn’t get enough Democrats in the state House to flip to their side.

    A year ago, Republicans held a 33-32 majority in the House, but after the November election Democrats are back in charge, 37-28, with a margin that allows them to lose a member or two or three and still prevail.

    Democrats gave initial approval to all four bills Friday, but the official vote won’t happen until Monday.

    The next step would be the Senate, where Democrats hold a 20-15 majority, and then it’s on to Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper, who said Thursday he backs three of the bills and is still reviewing the fourth, which would prevent concealed-carry permit holders from packing heat in campus buildings.

    “We proposed reasonable gun-safety and public-safety legislation, and we’ve had a vigorous debate over it,” said House Speaker Mark Ferrandino, D-Denver. “I’m confident it will reduce the level of gun violence in communities across the state.”

    Republicans argued that the bills did nothing for gun safety.

    Nearly eight hours into the debate, Vice President Joe Biden called four House Democrats to get their take on the debate and to note Colorado’s importance in a national discussion on gun control.

    Republicans, who have insisted for a week that Democrats are jamming the gun bills through the House, jumped on the news of Biden’s call, saying Washington Democrats are behind Hickenlooper’s support and an apparent change of heart among some Democratic lawmakers Friday.

    “It obviously explains everything,” said Minority Leader Mark Waller, R-Colorado Springs.

    Ferrandino laughed at the suggestion. He pointed out that the gun bills had been scheduled to be introduced last week and debated in committee and on the floor this week before he got his call Friday afternoon from Biden.

    “I was shocked that he called,” Ferrandino said of Biden. “He said he thought the bills could help them on a national level.”

    Biden, who is in Colorado on a ski trip, echoed the same themes with at least three other Democratic lawmakers: Mike McLachlan of Durango, Tony Exum of Colorado Springs and Dominick Moreno of Commerce City.

    “He said it would send a strong message to the rest of the country that a Western state had passed gun-control bills,” Exum said.

    Gun restrictions pass first test in Colorado House – The house

    House Bill 1224

    Sponsor: Rep. Rhonda Fields, D-Aurora

    What it would do: Limit ammunition magazines to 15 rounds

    Status: Received initial approval

    House Bill 1226

    Sponsor: Rep. Claire Levy, D-Boulder

    What it would do: Outlaw concealed-weapon permit holders to pack heat in college campus buildings

    Status: Received initial approval

    House Bill 1228

    Sponsor: Rep. Lois Court, D-Denver

    What it would do: Require gun customers to pay the costs of their criminal background checks by the Bureau of Investigation

    Status: Received initial approval

    House Bill 1229

    Sponsor: Fields and Rep. Beth McCann, D-Denver

    What it would do: Require universal background checks for gun sales or transfers

    Status: Received initial approval

  21. Roger Plouffe Says:

    Who trained this gentleman? Guns are only an offensive weapon?

  22. Ron Garrett Says:

    Jim Yeager got his permit yanked for saying the wrong thing in Tennessee, one of the most conservative of states.

  23. Marc-Wi Says:

    READ today’s update in Michael Bane’s blog. The second paragraph will explain why this is happening so fast. I have read Missouri and Minnesota are following suit…..

  24. Old Man Says:

    Whats wrong this this picture.
    The bitch who is the head of the Senate intelligence commettee is the same bitch who only wants to take a few guns from the American Citizens. We will leave 2900 alone for the time being. Except for Obama BlACK is not a popular color at all with her and her friends. I wonder how many of her CIA buddies helped her write this law? Anything to cloud the truth of the issue can and will be used. Whats to keep me from taking my legal M-14 rugar and purchasing a black pistol grip after market stock? God must love stupid people he made so many! They will fall for her shit and we will be fighting this for several more decades. The tip of her spear is the socalest main line Media which just can’t wait to print and put on TV their lies. I fear this thing is going to get real ugly before its over and done.

  25. guntotin-mama Says:

    How is my right to defend myself and preserve my body and family (with whatever gun I choose)…

    any different than my right to choose whether or not I will have children or not? Apparently this latter right – for women – matters a lot more to certain parties than whether I can fend off a rape in the first place… with “enough gun” to manage even the worst scenario. I sorta have to be alive first, to exercise the other right, correct?

    I think this is one legal battle where we women should — and can — make the argument a lot simpler and clearer and more unassailably than you guys can. (Leaving 2nd amendment to the side… the anti-gunners are concerned for “public safety” – that’s their argument, right?) Well, the “public” will be a hell of lot safer if this maw-maw can carry and be armed with whatever style of gun is necessary for the situation… just like LE is.

  26. Marc-Wi Says:

    I have read on conservative news outlets that DF was meeting with the BATFE on her bill for most of a year. I couldn’t say for sure as i’ve long ago deleted it. It didn’t seem well documented at the time. BUT I wouldn’t doubt it.

  27. Marc-Wi Says:

    This will be a long battle, perhaps never ending. At no time can we ever get complacent. I think many of us were lulled by two narrow victories in the US Supreme Court and now the left wingnuts are back with a vengeance.

  28. Patrick Says:

    Maryland Gun Ban Bill Revealed. Again.

    The first time we posted on Maryland’s civilian disarmament proposals, Governor Martin O’Malley had provided a general outline. Since then, the text of the bill has dropped. Click here for Senate Bill 281. There’s a lot to not like. In common with all the unconstitutional civilian disarmament bills rushing through State legislatures in the wake of the Newtown spree killing, SB 218 is both fundamentally flawed and specifically stupid. In this case, the bill bans anyone under the age of 21 (the minimum age for owning or carrying a firearm) from possessing ammunition. In other words, no one under 21 can hunt! Governor O’Malley says his folks will fix that in an amendment. Later. What they can’t and won’t fix: the ban against “possessing, selling, offering to sell, transferring, purchasing, or receiving an assault weapon.” Looks like the lights are going out in the Free State.

  29. Patrick Says:

    Colorado House Passes All Gun Control Bill

    The Democrat-controlled (37-28) Colorado House of Representatives had four gun control bills on its docket for final passage today. HB 1229 requires universal background checks. HB1226 revokes campus carry. HB 1228 passes the cost of running CBI background checks on to prospective gun buyers and HB1224 would limit magazine capacity to 15 rounds. Given the heavy Dem majority, no one expected any of the four civilian disarmament bills to be defeated and no one’s expectations were dashed. All four were approved with varying numbers of Dem defectors voting no . . .

  30. Drake Says:

    Pennsylvania: Legislators Ignore Logic and Lead with Emotion to Introduce Restrictive Measures

    Posted on February 14, 2013
    Taking a page from the Obama Administration’s playbook, anti-gun legislators in the Pennsylvania General Assembly have introduced a plethora of legislation that, if passed and enacted, will strip you of your Second Amendment rights.

    As time and experience have shown, these restrictive gun control proposals will have no impact on crime, criminal access or the misuse of firearms, and only serve to discriminate against and penalize law-abiding gun owners. Even anti-gun state Representative James Clay (D-179) recently admitted, “it’s not the people with legitimate guns, it’s the people with the street guns who are destroying the neighborhood.”

    Despite this admission, Representative Clay has co-authored a sweeping gun control bill that aims to ban commonly owned semi-automatic rifles. This measure, along with other proposals, only serves to infringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens. Criminals—by definition—violate laws, especially gun control laws. Criminals will never comply with or obey a gun ban, or any of the following restrictive legislation that has been introduced this session:
    •Senate Bill 191: Would implement a gun-rationing scheme and limit law-abiding gun owners to the purchase of one handgun a month.
    •House Bill 239: Would require all firearms to be registered with the Pennsylvania State Police. As we know from experiences in California, Canada and Australia, gun registration enables gun confiscation—only from honest citizens—since criminals do not register their guns.
    •House Bill 518: Would infringe on your inherent right to self-defense by repealing important self-defense provisions enacted in 2011.

  31. WT Says:

    Re: Patrick’s report, “Colorado House Passes All Gun Control Bill”

    As the recent vote in Colorado demonstrates, we really do get the government we deserve.

    Now we’ll have to try to convince the Colorado Senate to see these four bills aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. With the Dems a majority 20-15, if we can convince just three Democratic Senators to vote against the bills, those bills should be defeated.

  32. guntotin-mama Says:

    Good luck, WT.

  33. Vince Says:

    With all these silly, not really so silly when you consider the freedom infringing aspects of them, laws being passed I think the tree of liberty is soon to be watered.

  34. Tom from WNY Says:

    I tried.

    You all have been warned. Colorado, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Minnesota, New Mexico, Washington.

    Maryland, California, Conneticut, Massachucetts have always been anti-gun states.

    Next up: Arkansas, Texas, Arizona, Wyoming, Montana, Florida. Think you are safe? Guess again!!

    Wake up and get active NOW! The fight will be much harder and costly when the laws are passed!

  35. Dennis Says:

    Mas, I have enjoyed your columns in ” Backwoods Home ” for some time now. You may have mentioned this in the past, but if not I think you should. Being a retired big city police officer I am bewildered when liberal politicians trot out big city police chiefs who say they are in favor of gun bans and stricter gun laws, that no one points out that they are seeking to keep their jobs by repeating what their liberal mayors want. During my 34 year career, I never met a street cop who favored gun bans or more gun control laws. Police chiefs occupy that position at the whim of the politicians and speaking their own mind is usually very detrimental to remaining chief for long.

  36. Drake Says:

    New Jersey House Passes 22 Gun Control B
    February 22, 2013

    The New Jersey Assembly’s majority Democrats, citing the elementary-school massacre in Newtown, Conn., passed 22 gun-control bills Thursday that backers said would help curb gun violence,” reported at 3am this morning. The new bills limit ammunition magazines to 10 rounds (A1329), outlaw .50 caliber rifles (A3659), create weapon-free school zones (A1387), require background checks for private gun sales (A3748) and require safety training for people seeking firearm purchase permits (A3510). [Breakdown of provisions after the jump.] “We are not seeking to prevent law-abiding citizens from purchasing, owning, utilizing their guns. We are not trying to impede hunters and sportsmen in the state,” Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver (D., Essex) said before the votes. Senate passage is a done deal. All eyes turn to Governor Christie, whose non-committal comments offer little cause for hope of a veto . . .

    “I’m a little surprised at how quickly they’ve done it,” Christie said Thursday after a political event in Sea Bright, where he picked up the Democratic mayor’s endorsement. “This is a very difficult issue and a complex one. And one that our national government has taken a long time to look at and study. It’s amazing to me how quickly the Assembly can move when they want to.”

    Not to put too fine a point on it, another one bites the dust. Here are the new laws’ provisions as described by the Associated Press:

    Among the measures adopted by the New Jersey Assembly to change New Jersey’s gun laws, bills would:

    Reduce the maximum capacity of magazines to 10 rounds, as also proposed in federal legislation. New Jersey already has a 15-round cap. Retired police officers would be exempt from the reduction.

    Ban online sales of weapons and ammunition, requiring all ammunition and weapon sales to be face-to-face. It was sponsored in response to the Aurora, Colo., movie theater shooting, where authorities said the shooter amassed an arsenal of ammunition and explosives from purchases he made over the Internet.

    Require background checks on private sales of handguns, rifles, or shotguns through a licensed retail dealer. Transactions between immediate family members, law enforcement officers and licensed collectors would be exempt.

    Require submission of certain mental health records to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, a submission not considered mandatory under current law.

    Establish a 180-day prohibition, up from 30 days, on handgun purchases for those convicted of failing to report loss or theft of firearm.

    Require a firearms safety training class as a condition to obtain a permit to purchase a firearm and a firearm purchaser ID card. Applicants who have law enforcement or military weapons training could substitute their experience for the class.

    Require that firearms purchaser ID cards display a picture and be renewed every five years. Cards under existing law do not display a picture and do not expire. Gun purchasers must obtain both a firearms purchaser ID card and a permit to purchase a firearm.

    Exempt firearms records from the state’s open records law. The bill clarifies ambiguity in existing law that does not firmly state rules about access to these records. The bill was sponsored in response to a New York newspaper’s publication of a map locating firearm permit-holders, which sponsors said they would not want to see happen in New Jersey.

    Ban individuals convicted of any of more than 30 different types of crimes from purchasing, owning, or possessing firearms.

    Prohibit the state Treasury from investing any assets of pensions or annuity funds in companies that manufacture, import, or sell assault firearms for civilian use. The bill exempts investments in companies that manufacture, import, or sell assault firearms for use by the military or law enforcement agencies.

    Prohibit handgun ammunition capable of penetrating body armor.

    Revise definition of a destructive device to include a ban on certain weapons that are .50-caliber or higher. It does not affect certain shotguns and shotgun ammunitions used for sporting purposes of that caliber, as well as antique firearms, antique handguns, muzzleloader rifles, and certain black powder muzzleloaders would also be exempt.

    Prohibit a person named on the consolidated federal terrorist watch list from obtaining a firearm by disqualifying him or her from being issued a firearms ID card or a permit to purchase a handgun.

    Allow the attorney general to seize firearms in the possession of people deemed by a mental health professional to be a threat to themselves or others.

    Establish a 90-day period for a person to dispose of a weapon owned illegally. The legislation would assure that owners of any weapon or magazines that become illegal under a change in New Jersey law have time to dispose of the weapon or ammunition.

    Require law enforcement agencies to report information relating to seized firearms to a database available to all law enforcement agencies. The information is meant to determine if any of the firearms were reported lost or stolen or are connected to any crimes. It also would determine the weapon’s original purchaser. The bill is similar to one in the federal gun control package.

    Establish a 15-member task force to study issues of school safety.

    Authorize municipalities to establish weapon-free zones around schools, day-care centers, public housing facilities, and public buildings such as libraries and museums. It would encompass areas that are 1,000 feet around a school, college, or university. The bill only targets those found unlawfully carrying a weapon, not people who obtained their firearms legally.

  37. Drake Says:

    Madigan to Push Anti-Gun Concealed Carry Bill This Week

    Posted on February 24, 2013

    On Tuesday, Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan is going to try employ a seldom-used legislative procedure called the “Weekly Order of Business” to suspend normal Illinois House business and, in this case, bring a carry bill to the floor for consideration, skipping the normal processes. It would seem that the closed-door legislative meeting of House Democrats put the fear of God into Prairie State gun control advocates and they believe they need to act sooner rather than later to keep Illinoisans from carrying their fully-loaded Glocks into the Statehouse come June 9th, 2013 . . .

    That’s the date when the stay expires suspending the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals’ Moore v Madigan decision striking down Illinois’ prohibition on carry outside of the home expires. Speaker Madigan plans to consider House Bill 1155 and amendments as the House’s sole order of business beginning Tuesday.

    We’ll save you time looking up HB1155. It’s a shell at this point to which they can attach pretty much whatever they like. One of those bills that can be introduced at the last minute – hopefully not at 3:00a.m. as was the case with the gun control bills passed in New Jersey in the last couple of days.

    The NRA-ILA fired a warning flare with this announcement:

    House Speaker Madigan Orders House to Consider Firearm Legislation Next Tuesday

    Contact your state Representative IMMEDIATELY and tell him or her to only support NRA-Backed House Bill 997!

    NRA-ILA has just learned that beginning at noon next Tuesday, February 26 , the Illinois House will be considering various gun control proposals and other firearm-related legislation. It is not yet clear what measures will be considered. At this moment, there is a strong possibility that among the various extreme anti-gun measures, a deeply flawed concealed carry bill will be heard.

    You must contact your state Representative IMMEDIATELY. Tell them to oppose any and all gun control schemes that do nothing other than penalize law-abiding citizens and take away their means to self-defense. It is imperative that legislators do NOT vote in favor of any flawed concealed carry legislation, but instead support NRA-Backed House Bill 997.

    Your NRA-ILA will continue to keep you updated as details become available. Contact information for your state legislators can be [found] here.

    John Boch is president of Guns Save Life. A version of this post originally appeared at

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