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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Archive for February 14th, 2013

Massad Ayoob


Thursday, February 14th, 2013

On St. Valentine’s Day, I wish happiness and romance to lovers and spouses. It’s a time to reflect on our raisons d’etre.  In an adult lifetime spent debriefing firefight survivors, I learned that the almost universal epiphany in the aftermath of such events was the realization that when you fight to survive, you’re really fighting to return to the people you love…the people who define your existence.

We are embroiled in a battle that will, in the end, determine whether or not we keep the wherewithal to protect the people we love, and for them to protect themselves, now and in future generations.  The juggernaut of ridiculous laws that began at the state level in New York now seems about to crush rights in Colorado. By some interpretations, the Colorado legislation would make it illegal for you to hand your pistol to your spouse on the pistol range without a background check, because its passing hand to hand – even in your presence – might be considered a “transfer.”

See what my old friend and stalwart fighter for gun owners’ civil rights Michael Bane, a Coloradan, has to say about it here:

I’m hearing pundits and overconfident gunnies saying, “Aw, that won’t pass on a national level.”  Few thought it would be taken seriously in relatively gun-friendly Colorado, either, but it’s happening before our eyes.  We’re up against people with unlimited budgets, with the media behind them in an aggressive attack that has turned from reportage to flat-out propaganda. We’re up against people with the power to say to a few key legislators, “Don’t worry about getting re-elected. If you take the point for me on this, I’ll reward you with a cushy government appointment and you’ll never have to answer to voters again.”

Redouble your efforts to get the truth out. Write letters to the editors, worded politely, succinctly, and logically.  Join your state level gun owners’ civil rights group and become active, if you haven’t already.

Do it for the people you love.

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