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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Massad Ayoob


Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Cannily, the President surrounded himself with kids from early elementary school when he gave his “gun control” speech today.  Since he speaks for the symbolism-side of this polarized debate, that was hardly unexpected.

It was a shame the young ones didn’t get the chance to discuss it themselves.  Suppose you asked a second-grader, “Kids, if a bad boy in your class took crayons and wrote all over the walls of your classroom, would it be right to take the crayons away from the boys and girls who behaved?”

I suspect the children would unanimously answer, “No! That’s not fair!  Take them away from the boy who did the bad thing, not the rest of us!”

And of course, they might also ask, “Where was the teacher?  Why didn’t the teacher stop the boy who did the bad thing with the crayons?”

THERE is the logical question: why wasn’t someone there in Sandy Hook Elementary School who could stop Adam Lanza?  Because we’re not talking crayons here, we’re talking innocent lives. The school custodian can scrub crayon graffiti from the school walls.  We can never wash away the innocent blood that was spilled at Newtown, never paint over the grief of the bereaved.

A few weeks ago, when NRA’s Wayne LaPierre explained that his organization wanted armed security in schools, the mainstream media and the anti-gunners alike excoriated him.  One New York tabloid devoted its front page to a headline that said something like, “Gun Nut: NRA Loon In Bizarre Rant.”  Yet this morning, our President said one of his own priorities was to put cops in schools in hopes of preventing a repeat of the Newtown Atrocity.  Will the same New York tabloid run a headline tomorrow that reads, “White House Loon In Bizarre Rant”?

Somehow, I doubt it.

Because some people don’t have the common sense of a seven-year-old.

67 Responses to “ABOUT THE CHILDREN”

  1. WT Says:

    The proposed Massachusetts laws should make any freedom-loving American’s blood boil!

    My relatives fought in WWII to end the rule of dictators! They’d be disappointed to see that the freedoms they fought so hard to preserve are now being disdained by people who ostensibly are in office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States!

    One-gun-a-month sale? One-gun-a-month rental? Suspension of the writ of habeas corpus? Inducing people to “rat out” previously law-abiding people on penalty of punishment by fine? WTFO?

  2. Drake Says:

    Congressman Trent Franks (

    Dear Mr. xxxx,

    Thank you for contacting me regarding our 2nd Amendment rights, in light of President Obama’s 23 Executive Orders recently enacted. I take issue with the way in which our President is seeking to implement these measures without consulting Congress or the American voters. This is a calculated attempt to begin eroding our freedom to keep and bear arms, and I will vehemently oppose any attempts to take away those freedoms from law-abiding citizens.

    The Second Amendment to the Constitution clearly states, “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” To counter those who wish to impose restrictions and gun controls, the Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting. It was included – right after the First Amendment that protects free speech – to ensure the right of citizens to oppose a tyrannical government. The amendment does not restrict the use of certain arms, magazines, or clips; rather it is broad in its scope – if you do not misuse your right to the weapon, you do not have to be monitored or restricted by the government. I have always supported this Constitutional right, and I will continue to do so as long as I am privileged to serve in the House of Representatives.

    Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT suffered a horrible tragedy in December 2012 when a madman went on a rampage against innocent children. As a fellow parent, I literally cannot imagine the pain and devastation those families experienced. Many people in the media and throughout the country immediately ran to call for stricter gun laws – especially to ban assault weapons and high- capacity ammunition clips. All of these people missed the point entirely: the people behind gun tragedies should be held responsible for their reprehensible actions. The rest of the law-abiding citizens should not have to have more of their liberties taken away from them due to a madman’s assault on human lives. We should attempt to detect these mentally unstable individuals at an earlier time with hopes of keeping weapons out of their hands, but that should be the extent of further government interference.

    It is not government’s place to meddle and handicap law-abiding citizens – especially in an area where the Constitution has already explicitly made its case. More citizens should even be encouraged to own weapons and to become more proficient in the weapons they own. Criminals have always preferred and will continue to prefer unarmed victims. Prison surveys indicate when a criminal considers breaking into a home, the greatest deterrent, in his mind, is the fear that his intended victims might be armed. Members of the government should not fear an armed citizenry for this reason.

    Our country is blessed with freedoms unlike any other nation in the history of humankind and we must defend these freedoms at every turn. I am deeply committed to the rights of America’s law-abiding citizens to own and bear arms. Our Second Amendment is a fundamental tenet of the document enshrining basic human liberty; and it is a freedom I have and will continue fighting to preserve. I will therefore vote against any attempt or formal legislation to reestablish the assault weapons ban.

    It is interesting to note that before most great tyrannies and genocides occurred in the world, the citizens of those lands were first disarmed. We must keep a watchful and wary eye toward anything that would take the United States down that same path. I join those who are unable to understand how removing the right to bear arms somehow ensures the safety of honest citizens; and I remain committed to protecting this essential cornerstone in the foundation of human liberty.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to contact me. I hope you will continue to inform me of the issues that concern you. In the meantime, please feel free to visit my website at

    Most Sincerely,

    Trent Franks
    United States Congress

    © 2013 Microsoft
    English (United States)

    © 2013 Microsoft
    English (United States)

  3. Mike M Says:

    As a follow on to Noah :
    I think it hypocritical and ‘repugnant and cowardly’ to surround oneself with children as a means to a political end when one supports the killing of children still in their mothers’ wombs.
    Wait! I almost forgot, that’s what Islamic terrorists do, surround themselves with children to advance their goals.

  4. Dave Says:


  5. Suburban Says:

    Yup, someone had to explain the doublespeak to me, but the “school resource officers” that he wants to promote are actually police officers assigned to schools. Wait, isn’t that the “crazy” plan that the NRA suggested a week after the Sandy Hook shooting?

  6. Brian Says:

    I thought this was an interesting interview, and should be shared.

  7. Tom from WNY Says:

    Sometimes children have more sense than adults. Right about now, I would prefer a NY Legislature of 12 year olds to what now exists; the behavior and capacity for reasoning would be better.

    As the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement act that just created literally millions of felons overnight of law-abiding citizens of my state is becoming better known, the unintended consequences are manifesting themselves. Commenter Patrick was quite right, I have heard from good sources that police officers going off shift are being requested to leave their service handguns in secure storage at their station. Since police were specifically exempted as of Sunday from NYS’s 10 round magazine capacity restriction, all service pistols had “standard capacity” magazines. Tuesday afternoon, simple posession of a loaded “standard capacity” magazine is a felony; posessors are now given 1 year to transfer them out of State. 10 round magazines may still be carried; with only 7 rounds. 8 rounds in the magazine constiutes a Misdemeanor. NO EXEMPTIONS WERE ALLOWED; not even for off duty Municipal Police Training Council certified police officers.

    As of this post, the situation has not yet been corrected via the legislative process. There are quite a few more glitches in this law; by the way, my State Senator, a retired NYSP officer and the former Sheriff of Erie County voted against this bill. It is worth reading the comments Sen. Patrick Gallivan had regarding it.

    Carefully consider the implications. Give it long and deliberative thought.

  8. Vince Says:


    Great commentary, as usual, but you are preaching to the choir.

    The mainstream media stopped being impartial a long time ago. They are nothing more than a proproganda machine for the socialist party. This is just a precursor of what is to come and I fear much civil unrest is in our future. The left will exploit this for all it’s worth and Suzy Soccer Mom and Joe the Plumber will play right in to their hands.

    Common sense has no place when you have a nation to destroy.


  9. T Coner Says:

    I think we should stay focused right now and voice our concerns where they belong , Congress. The President has made his proposals which the congress has to pass, and he has proposed his executive orders, which congress has to fund. Wasting time with political name calling and accusations aimed only at him is only going to result in a less than competent congress passing laws we don’t want, destroying our freedoms, and getting away with it because we are too busy blaming Obama, for what they are doing. I don’t support Obama,but we had our time to blame and be critical of him. Everything from here out is in the congress’ ball court. This is the time to be calling, writing, and emailing your Senators and Representatives and DEMAND that our Constitution be upheld and defended. Arguing how Obama used children as pawns and wants to destroy our 2nd amendment rights are not helpful in any way right now. Now is the time turn turn the heat on the congress. Don’t let them slither under the radar and enact the proposals that rob us of our freedoms..

  10. Scott Tanguay Says:

    I’ve been following you for years as well. Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you, and PLEASE, keep up the good work. It is level headed, clear thinking, articulate professionals such as yourself that will help us win this war one day.

  11. WT Says:

    If gun laws worked, Chicago would be one of the safest places in our Nation!

  12. Drake Says:

    New Jersey Gun Ban Bills Revealed

    Mark my words: the Garden State’s about to go dark. Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island—they’re all headed down the path of civilian disarmament.

    Assembly Bill 3645, sponsored by Representative Louis Greenwald (D-6), along with its companion Senate Bill 2476 would require ammunition sales and transfers be conducted as face-to-face transactions.

    Assembly Bill 3646 sponsored by Representative Louis Greenwald (D-6), along with its companion Senate Bill 2474, seeks to establish a regulatory system to govern the sale and transfer of ammunition.

    Assembly Bill 3659 sponsored by Representative Peter Barnes (D-18) Revises the definition of destructive device to include certain weapons of 50 caliber or greater.

    Assembly Bill 3664 sponsored by Representatives Joseph Cryan (D-20), Jason O’Donnell (D-31), and Mila Jasey (D-27) reduces lawful maximum capacity of certain ammunition magazines in New Jersey.

    Assembly Bill 3666 sponsored by Representatives Joseph Cryan (D-20), Jason O’Donnell (D-31), and Mila Jasey (D-27), along with its companion Senate Bill 2465 prohibits mail order, Internet, telephone, and any other anonymous method of ammunition sale or transfer in New Jersey.

    Assembly Bill 3667 sponsored by Representatives Joseph Cryan (D-20), Jason O’Donnell (D-31), and Mila Jasey (D-27), requires mental health screening by licensed professional to purchase a firearm.

    Assembly Bill 3676 sponsored by Representative Angelica Jimenez (D-32) requires a psychological evaluation and in-home inspection as prerequisite to purchase firearm.

    Assembly Bill 3688 sponsored by Representatives Charles Mainor (D-31) and Angelica Jimenez (D-32) requires a mental health evaluation and list of household members with mental illness to purchase firearm.

    Assembly Bill 3689 sponsored by Representative Charles Mainor (D-31) requires security guards who carry weapons to wear certain uniform, including identification card.

    AJR-89 sponsored by RepresentativesJoseph Cryan (D-20) and Jason O’Donnell (D-31) urges the President and U.S. Senate to ratify the Arms Trade Treaty proposed by The United Nations.

    AR-133 sponsored by RepresentativesJoseph Cryan (D-20) and Annette Quijano (D-20) expresses support for creation of task force on gun control led by Vice President Biden.

    Senate Bill 2464 sponsored by Senator Shirley Turner (D-15) regulates the sale and transfer of rifle and shotgun ammunition.

    Senate Bill 2475 sponsored by Senator Loretta Weinberg (D-37) along with its companion Assembly Bill 1329 seeks to reduce maximum capacity of ammunition magazines to 10 rounds.

  13. WT Says:

    New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey…lemmings off the cliff. Who’s next?

  14. Tom from WNY Says:

    To WT: Your State of residence.

  15. Drake Says:

    Virginia Gun Ban Bills Revealed

    Press released from the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL)

    Covington VA — ( Here are changes to current bills that I just sent to John Pierce so he can update the VCDL Legislation Tracking Tool.

    New bills were just introduced, both bad and good (from restoring the One Handgun A Month law to providing CHP holders a faster background check when buying a gun). Other items are changing status, such as from STRONGLY SUPPORT to NEUTRAL, etc, after the bill has been changed in committee.

    1. Change HB 1391 from STRONGLY SUPPORT to STRONGLY OPPOSE. New description: ” in current form bans guns from General Assembly Building, except for legislators.”

    2. Change SB 786 from STRONGLY OPPOSE to NEUTRAL. New description: “current version requires police to enter stolen gun information into the NCIC system.”

    3. Change SB 864 from STRONGLY OPPOSE to NEUTRAL. New Description: “provides that a person subject to an emergency protective order cannot physically possess a gun in the home of the alleged victim nor transport a gun once served.”

    4. New: STRONGLY OPPOSE: HB 2251, Delegate Lopez, places severe restrictions on the sale, transfer, & possession of magazines that will hold more than 20 rounds. The restrictions would not apply to the police or military. Possession of such a magazine is only allowed if no lower capacity magazine will work in the firearm and possession requires registration and a background check. A registrant is limited to three high capacity magazines and must otherwise dispose of all magazines in excess of that limit.

    5. New: STRONGLY OPPOSE: HB 2263, Delegate Krupicka, authorizes the state to temporarily confiscate the firearms and ammunition of anyone who certain medical and other professionals feels has made a threat of suicide or other violence. This law would discourage someone from seeking help.

    6. Change SB 1214 from OPPOSE to NEUTRAL. New Description: “adds items to violent felonies”

    7. Change HB 1746 from OPPOSE to NEUTRAL. New Description: “adds items to violent felonies”

    8: New: OPPOSE: HB 2235, Delegate Lingamfelter, increases the penalties for using a gun in a crime. This is a “feel good” measure that will not make anyone any safer and it, yet again, villainizes guns. What this bill says is that the penalty for a crime should be determined by the tool the criminal uses. So, if a criminal uses a knife to murder someone, that’s not a big deal. But if they use a gun to murder the same person, then we’re really going to go after them! Why don’t we go after them equally anytime they commit a murder or other violent crime? Dead is dead and murder is murder, irrespective of the tool the murderer uses.

    8: Change HB 1415 from NEUTRAL to OPPOSE

    9. New: NEUTRAL: HB 2240, Delegate Cosgrove, shares information on protective orders and other gun purchase/possession disqualifications with the federal government.

    10. NEW: STRONGLY SUPPORT: HB 2317, Delegate Anderson, allows military personnel residing in a nearby state and commuting to a duty post in Virginia, to be able to purchase guns in Virginia.

    11. New: STRONGLY OPPOSE: HB 2327, Delegate Brink, reimplements the old “One Handgun a Month” rationing law.

    12: New: STRONGLY SUPPORT: HB 2340, Delegate Marshall, prohibits state agencies, local governments, or employees thereof from assisting the federal government in any searches, seizures related to firearms, ammunition, or magazines. Also any federal attempt to create a private sale background check requirement will be treated likewise.

    13: New: STRONGLY SUPPORT: HB 2340, Delegate Lingamfelter, gives CHP holders an expedited background check when purchasing a firearm.


  16. TiredOfIt Says:

    You just can’t fix stupid…

  17. David Miller Says:

    Great article. I hope everyone understands that our rights are being decimated bit by bit. Lets fight the good fight, lets educate the uneducated about our 2nd amendment before the Bloomberg gang gets to them and fills their heads with garbage. Our freedom as Americans depends on it. I urge every police officer, sheriff, and active duty and veteran to join OathKeepers. More at

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