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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Archive for December 23rd, 2012

Massad Ayoob


Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

Over the last ten days, since the shock of the murder of the innocent by a madman in Connecticut, it has been hard to think about Christmas. But the holiday and the tradition are upon us, and “it is better to give than to receive,” so let’s all share with others the gifts of reality and logic.

Invective has crept into the debate ignited by the Newtown horror. Examples may be found here

Reality generally triumphs over raw and empty emotion…just takes a while for it to seep in. An excellent injection of reality on the issues of “gun control” vis-à-vis mass murder comes from Larry Correia, and can be found on his blog.


You don’t need guns to kill. The homegrown terrorist McVeigh murdered more with his fertilizer bomb than did the pathetic creature who perpetrated the Newtown Massacre.  Murder can still be done with the most primitive weapons; check out this bow and arrow killer’s rampage and suicide note.


Reality shows us the hypocrisy of those who would disarm the citizenry.  As of now, at least, you can own the same 13-shot .357 SIG pistols carried by the Secret Service to protect the First Family, as seen here:



Is this level of protection to be limited to the First Family, the head of which wants to take it away from the rest of America’s families?   And of course, there was the  arrest of uber-anti-gun figure Michael Moore’s bodyguard for illegal possession of a firearm in New York.  I deplore the way New York is currently handling these things, when people licensed to possess guns and passing through that state obey Federal law and declare their unloaded firearms in checked baggage…but the point is, people like Moore who don’t want YOU to have firearms, make damn sure that THEY’re protected by firearms.

Even the anti-gun HuffPost was a little more reasonable today covering Wayne LaPierre’s comments on “Meet the Press” this morning. Note their slideshow of legislators who support the contention that armed security in schools is a solid answer to the threat of armed mass murderers there: (scroll down for the slideshow.)  And before you believe that LaPierre is a “loon” as one mainstream newspaper called him – on the front page, not the editorial page – listen to him for yourself

About all I could add would be that if this indeed took place in Washington, DC, as I’m told it did, LaPierre’s questioner was reportedly committing a crime by possessing the 30-round AR15 magazine he was waving around in the studio.


Current selection§ 7-2506.01. Persons permitted to possess ammunition.

(a) No person shall possess ammunition in the District of Columbia unless:

(1) He is a licensed dealer pursuant to subchapter IV of this unit;

(2) He is an officer, agent, or employee of the District of Columbia or the United States of America, on duty and acting within the scope of his duties when possessing such ammunition;

(3) He is the holder of the valid registration certificate for a firearm of the same gauge or caliber as the ammunition he possesses; except, that no such person shall possess restricted pistol bullets; or

(4) He holds an ammunition collector’s certificate on September 24, 1976.

(b) No person in the District shall possess, sell, or transfer any large capacity ammunition feeding device regardless of whether the device is attached to a firearm. For the purposes of this subsection, the term “large capacity ammunition feeding device” means a magazine, belt, drum, feed strip, or similar device that has a capacity of, or that can be readily restored or converted to accept, more than 10 rounds of ammunition. The term “large capacity ammunition feeding device” shall not include an attached tubular device designed to accept, and capable of operating only with, .22 caliber rimfire ammunition.

If reporters who don’t mind breaking a law can get them, what hope is there of banning them more widely so psychopathic murderers ready to die in their last, sick blaze of narcissistic glory can’t get them?

Share with your friends.  Reality is a good thing, and good things are what we should give at Christmas, yes?

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