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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Massad Ayoob


Saturday, December 15th, 2012

The atrocity at the Connecticut elementary school will not be the last such horror, nor was it the first or even the worst.  Go back to the year 1764, in what is now Franklin County, Pennsylvania.  The first: during Pontiac’s Rebellion in the wake of the French and Indian War, four “warriors” entered a schoolhouse and slaughtered the headmaster and some ten children. . The worst: in 1927, a crazed monster beat his wife to death, then triggered a bombing in an elementary school in Bath, Michigan, killing some 38 kids and several adults. .

I’ll repeat what I said in the Wall Street Journal op-ed section and on the Today show in 1999, after the Columbine High School atrocity: if we simply prepared teachers to handle this type of crisis the way we teach them to handle fires and medical emergencies, the death toll would drop dramatically.  We don’t hear of mass deaths of children in school fires these days: fire drills have long since been commonplace, led by trained school staff, not to mention sprinkler systems and smoke alarms and strategically placed fire extinguishers that can nip a blaze in the bud while firefighters are en route.  In the past, if someone “dropped dead,” people would cry and wring their hands and wail, “When will the ambulance get here?” Today, almost every responsible adult knows CPR; most schools have easily-operated Automatic Electronic Defibrillators readily accessible; and a heart attack victim’s chance of surviving until the paramedics arrive to take over is now far greater.

The same principle works for defending against mass murders…it just doesn’t work HERE, because it is politically incorrect to employ it HERE.  After the Ma’alot massacre in 1974, Israel instituted a policy in which volunteer school personnel, parents, and grandparents received special training from the civil guard, and were seeded throughout the schools armed with discreetly concealed 9mm semiautomatic pistols.  Since that time, there has been no successful mass murder at an Israeli school, and every attempt at such has been quickly shortstopped by the good guys’ gunfire, with minimal casualties among the innocent.  Similar programs are in place in Peru and the Phillippines, with similarly successful results.

Some people see the logic in the Israeli approach. Dave Workman does, as seen here: .  Ann Coulter does, as seen here: .

Unfortunately, in this country, logic has been buried under political correctness.  Those in power whose ego is invested in brie et Chablis values that include scorn for the peasantry they accuse of “clinging to guns and Bibles” will never see that logic.  Children will continue to die in gun-free zones  hunting preserves for psychopathic murderers, and the cowardly murderers will continue to surrender or kill themselves as soon as armed good guys show up…far too late.

152 Responses to “AGAINST MONSTERS”

  1. jon Says:

    Good piece.

  2. Parson45 Says:

    Mas, you absolutely nailed it!

  3. Art B. Says:

    Mas, and let’s not forget Beslan.

  4. Brad Carroll Says:


    I am a teacher and I can tell you that you are exactly right. I would
    Gladly volunteer for training such as this in order to make
    My school safer. It would be a wise use of teacher in service.
    I am not alone many of my colleagues feel the same way. It would
    Be very effective in areas like ours where schos are clustered
    Together. The elementary school that my youngest daughter
    Attends is just across the parking lot from the high school
    Where I work. I could be a first responder there as well. Hope
    Is not a strategy. We need a better plan.

  5. Phil Wong Says:

    Mas, some have finally come to see the light:

  6. Redbaron007 Says:

    Mas, thanks for the stroll down through history. Too many folks forget the past and what past they recall is only from their time here on earth. And based upon that perception they have, individuals react trying to use the quickest and easiest out. Then you have folks like Bloomburg who uses the emotions and the drama to propell his platform.

    As you stated, there are ways to help detour these psychopaths……unfortunately, some don’t want to review the past to help protect te future.

    Thanks for your comments. Spot on.

  7. Joe Mama Says:

    Let’s not forget that it’s not just the nuts we have to worry about:

  8. martha kennedy Says:

    As a mother and grandmother,ifeel every school should have armed guards.I worked in security before my retirement,well versed in handling weapons and people.I sugest all parents get with school boards and set up a security system.

  9. Nichola S Says:

    Amen! I, too, would be willing to train & pack! Keep our babies safe! We do not have the luxury of PCnes… Get real & stay safe!

  10. RabidAlien Says:


  11. Carol Wylie Says:

    So very true. Thank you for the article. I will pass it along.

  12. Connie Says:

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. It’s sad how much people are unprepared for things like this, because of political correctness and ridiculous laws and idiotic government rulings. We need to arm ourselves, educate ourselves, and take back our country!

  13. Kendahl Says:

    Violent criminals beong in prison and violent mentally ill people belong in secure psychiatric hospitals. Letting them run around loose and trying to block their bad behavior by turning the entire country into a combination prison and mental hospital is the wrong approach.

  14. JW Says:

    As a university professor, farther to the left than the right, but passionate about firearms-type person, I have to stress that we are sitting ducks. Except for those lucky folks in Colorado where on campus carry has been legalized. This insane event happened less than 30 miles from where I live and it is beyond crazy that this could happen. People have to wake up. An assault weapons ban? How can that help prevent some angry troll with a pistol they stole from shooting up innocents?

  15. Roger Plouffe Says:

    I wrote this last night to a friend in Christ and I am repeating it now. If you want to have an honest discussion it is truly not the vehicle that needs to be discussed but the root cause. Societal breakdown is the shadow no one wants to deal with.
    ” I share your theory in concept. Creating “weapons free” zones anywhere, gives a false sense of security. In this current societal state, this is the path of least resistance and the unhindered open door for evil to walk through. This is not the forum for debate and today not the day.
    God grant the Shalom deep abiding peace to the families and friends involved in today’s unfathomable event. Give strength to move forward one step at a time to find deliverance through this overwhelming loss of human life.”

  16. Mike Smith Says:

    This defense in depth idea strikes me as logical and comprehensive. Getting this to actually happen is going to be very hard. The people who would advocate such a measure are the same people who have been vilifying teachers and teachers’ unions for decades, and there’s too much bad blood there. And our current culture still treats guns as magic charms – in the case of the gun grabbers, as evil magic charms.

    My suggestion is that we start with a red state implementing this program and see what happens.

  17. Razorback Says:

    Mas is right.
    Laws against Murder did not deter him, gun laws surely wouldn’t have, but trained and armed persons at the school could have.

  18. louis Says:

    Well written, and I applaud you for having the courage to even speak about this right from the start. People have already started to politicize this tragedy and thats a shame. I think seeing Barry talk about taking “meaningful action” and starting the political rhetoric disgraces the office.

  19. D. Lake Says:

    This is so true. More laws aren’t the answer. By the very definition criminals don’t obey the laws that are already in place. If just one of the good guys/girls were armed,there wouldn’t have bee as many victims. These people were not out numbered they were out gunned. Guns don’t kill people, gun free zones kill people.
    Thanks, ~D~

  20. akvusn eh Says:

    We should make a list of all the totally ineffectual gun laws that supposedly should have prevented this.

  21. Randy Says:

    I am not usually driven by emotion. But this tragedy brought tears to my eyes. I have 2 grandnieces or is that great nieces? Any way the oldest is in kindergarten and the youngest is a couple years younger. So you might say I have a connection to these people. Their family’s lives will never again be the same. Every Christmas will be a remembrance of this horrible tragedy. They will relive it over and over. Like the movie “Ground Hog Day”.
    Like most of us that have never dropped a hammer on another person. We have trained for that day should it come to pass but the real test won’t come until that day appears before us, if it ever does. In this instance I have no doubt in my mind that emptying a magazine into this slug would be no problem.
    But as Mas has pointed out schools are gun free zones. CT is a may issue state so at least some people had firearms available but not in schools.
    All we can do is offer our prayers for these children and families. Hopefully that will make their load a little lighter.
    Rahm Emanuel said, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste and I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you could not do before”. GET READY

  22. Cheryl Says:

    This was a very good read and I totally agree with you. This is so tragic and all I know to do is pray.

  23. Jimmy McEwen Says:

    Been trying to tell people the same thing but they think that would be a crime but as God said if some one breaks in to hurt you or your family then that blood shed is not a crime

  24. J. K. Bagley Says:

    Denying that a threat exists is at the core of America’s public safety problem. Vigilance and appropriate physical security measures must be undertaken if we truly wish to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

  25. wg Says:


    My wife is a school teacher and I am a college professor. My wife was student teaching and I was substitute teaching in Jonesboro, AR when the Westside school shootings occurred at a school just outside of town (fortunately we were in different schools in the same town at the time). Both of us would be prepared to take such training as currently both of us are sitting ducks. We have both went over strategies that our gun free zone permits us to have. Strobing flashlights, pepper spray, and immediate violent counterattack with anything available. All of these are actually against policy at both locations but we will not consign ourselves and our students to be fed to Moloch for politically correct reasons.

    BTW, I am former military and we both have carry permits. We have also had troubled students over the years that we felt could have caused serious harm. I had to deal with female students in a student group being stalked by another student while my wife had to report a student who brought weapons to her class. We feel like we are sitting ducks under these circumstances while the official line is to not confront but to hunker down and let professionals handle it.

    As far as the presence of guns on campus, in my Arkansas hometown, in the 1980’s, it was common for students to come in from duck hunting or deer hunting with their shotguns and rifles kept in their cars or pickups. We had one person in shop that restocked their rifle as a project. It was normal and these were kids from 15-18 years old that had these weapons. No one ran amuck.

    My conclusion is we need get rid of gun free zones and we need to revamp our mental health system. Deinstitutionalization of mentally ill had the side effect of dumping them on our criminal justice system. One of the biggest problems for jailers these days is the number of those with serious mental illness. In many cases, these are aggravated by substance abuse problems. We didn’t solve the problem of deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill, we simply relocated them to jails and prisons. If you want to be crass, we don’t need more gun control but instead need more control of crazies.

  26. Linda Pendleton Says:

    Excellent article Mas. I shared it to my Facebook page.

  27. Dan Jenkins Says:

    Mas, Thank you for helping me climb out of the agonizing heart break if this slaughter of the innocent. It’s very difficult to disconnect emotion from reason and I really needed your help today. As a 62 year old gunner from way back, and a grandfather of three 5 to 7 year olds, this one hits especially hard. How can we ever convince them that the only way to fight fire is with fire? This one is going to be very difficult . Again, “thank you”.

  28. james Says:

    Mas I could not agree with you more. Unfortunatly, we are living in changing times and the Government of this nation is inept at solving the true problems that have surfaced in our populations, there are those that walk amongst us that are evil. Taking guns from law abiding citizens is not the answer. Proper education and training of responsible people would do far more good than giving into the goverenments idea of gun control. I am an avid shooter, I enjoy it as a sport, I do believe in being well protected as the loaded guns in my home would indicate.

  29. Sonny Reed Says:

    Mas, you have hit it right on.

  30. Gary Griffiths Says:

    Excellent points, Mas. To elaborate, we have fire extinguishers at strategic locations in all schools. Why can’t we place “monster extinguishers” similarly. An easy-to-use rifle such as an M-1 Carbine or AR-15 in a secure locker at several strategic locations on the campus. Specially trained staff would have keys to unlock the lockers in case of an emergency. The rifles would be much easier to use than a handgun, and there would be no danger of unauthorized access which might occur if a staff member were to leave a handgun in a purse or desk drawer.

    Teachers have proven that they are willing to die for their students. I’m betting some of them would be willing to kill for their students, as well.

  31. Matt Rogers Says:

    Someday our nation will sit down, open our history books and learn the lessons therein. If that day is tomorrow I do not know.

    I do know that it is the job of all lovers of freedom to make sure that this day comes. Do not simply complain on the internet, for it is a great tool for the sharing of information.

    Mr. Ayoob has equipped us with valuable information, do not let it go to waste.

    Today we mourn, but tomorrow we need to come up with a solution to keep our children safe.

    –Matt Rogers

  32. parabararian Says:

    Thank you calling these event atrocities instead of tragedies. I get tired of the media going on about what a tragedy the Connecticut killings are. As if 20 dead kindergarteners was no more important to them than seeing a performance of Hamlet.

  33. Lynn Anderson Says:

    Just saw that Front Sight firearms training is offering firearms training for up to 3 staff members from schools. I just completed one of their 2 day firearms courses and I highly recommend them. Anyone serious about weapons training should research this organization. Be prepared.

  34. Aron Cooper Says:

    I agree 100%. I could not have said it any better myself. Thank you for sharing this insight with us.

  35. Barry Daughenbaugh Says:

    Absolutely right. The whole problem is these crazed individuals who commit these atrocities know that in these “no guns allowed areas” no one will be able to stop them.

  36. Paul Edwards Says:

    You are absolutely right Mass.

    Of course, that is not the real problem here.

    The second the Lame stream media heard of this, they all rushed to the scene, and started wailing, crying, and wringing as much terror and horror, as possible from the suffering of these victims.

    I watched Obama, pretending to cry, on camera of course, when he was actually elated, that this incident will provide him the excuse to now go ahead and use the next four years to push local and international gun control, registration and confiscation upon America.

    Obama will ignore the facts that in the middle east, young girls are shot, merely for wanting to attend school, and obtain a better education.

    And, all the talk about training for responding to such incidents, ignore the fact, that it most cases, the shooting will be all over and done with, long before the police ever arrive at the scene to clean up the mess, and try to assign blame, and figure out the cause and motives behind what lead the shooter to commit such a crime in the first place.

    Anyway, be prepared for more, and more media and Government pushes to dis-arm us all, before we can hopefully be rid of Obama, in four more years, assuming that he won’t be able to find a way around the “No third Term” restrictions, that is?

  37. Tom from WNY Says:

    Well said! At this time, I cannot say how I know it to be true; but the “education culture” does not believe that evil can visit them. Consequently, they ignore basic security procedures because they are “inconvenient”. They will ignore the pleadings of folks such as you, Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and John Giduck in favor of political correctness. This is the sad and tragic result.

  38. Long Island Mike Says:

    Mas, I predict that Obama is going to create a new Fed LEO to handle school security. It is too good of an opportunity to pass up. More Fed workers who will vote Dem. More bodies in jobs to handle unemployment. More control over education. 150K schools in US. Think new TSA on steroids.

  39. Matt Says:

    Did Israel “deinstitutionalize” its diagnosed psychotics two generations ago – the way America did in the early 1970s – and flood Israeli streets with people who previously had safely been locked up in mental hospitals?
    Whether this guy in Connecticut yesterday – or the one who a week ago shoved the man in front of a subway train in NYC, or the “homeless by choice” guy in NYC who won’t wear the boots the cop bought him – this is what “deinstitutionalizing” psychotics brought America. Do you like it?

  40. Tom Walls Says:

    The voice of reason ! Thanks Mas. Keep the Mission, keep the Faith.

  41. Dave B Says:

    As a teacher who already has the training and permit… I’d gladly carry if I were allowed. Too bad there will be no logical analysis of mass shootings by the mainstream media to show that they happen where potential resistance has been removed by signs and feel-good laws.

  42. Pat Says:

    Nailed it
    Like Harrold ISD in Texas where staff and teachers are armed and trained, but you do not know which…and like Israel, as you mentioned.

  43. Bob in Texas Says:

    It’s time to change the laws in this country so that we can have armed people in schools. Right now, several, if not all states prohibit CCW holders to enter school grounds.

    I’m on it!

  44. Colorado Says:

    Hello Backwoods Home and Massad Ayoob,

    Thank you for documenting the facts for those who don’t see the obvious. I’d go a step farther in the logic. First, I’d begin training at the kindergarten level that teaches children and teachers to attack at the first sign of these types of assaults. Students, teachers, staff would begin to throw everything in the class room at the attacker as soon as he/she/they appear.Then swarm the attacker and pummel them. If the first instinct is a coordinated counter attack, instead of cowering in the corner, these types of assault will take on a whole different dimension. Flight 93 crashed in a field because the people on board were about to take over the aircraft from the terrorists on 9/11. Second, follow the common sense security measure that Mas introduces above to allow teachers and staff to concealled carry if they so choose and can qualify. Support that by having them certify to basic course work (at their own expense if need be) to increase their competence.

    I’m personally done with people cowering in a corner waiting for a active shooter to kill them. Turn the tables in our culture to encourage self reliance and self defence as our right and our heritage.

    Colorado Patriat

  45. Charles Says:

    Excellent piece

  46. Daniel Beegan Says:


    I’m a regular reader of Dave Workman as well as of you. You’re both guys I respect and you’re both right.


  47. Mike Larney Says:

    Well said Mas!
    Prayers offered to the famlies and friends of this senseless tragedy.

  48. Albert Says:

    I feel our schools and faculty should be armed because they are protecting something more precious than money in a bank, our innocent children. This PC world we are living in is helping the evil to do these unspeakable acts.

  49. Ken O Says:

    That defibrillator might make a nifty improvised weapon that could be used to incapacitate an active shooter. But that would require courage and action.

  50. gringito Says:

    >>”Similar programs are in place in Peru”

    Could you provide me with a reliable source regarding this Information?
    Thank you.

  51. Robin Penberthy Says:

    This is obviously what it is going to take! This country needs to take a stand for our children!

  52. Stephen Crider Says:

    Mas – a profound sense of sadness at this tragedy. Your blog is timely.

    Our family lost a child to murder. The circumstances were not the same – he was on a camping trip in one of our beautiful wildlife areas 17 years ago. The shooter was caught, tried, sentenced to life without parole, and as long as we live, we will never get over the loss. We have managed to have him kept in prison and hope to do so until we cannot take another breath. The judicial system worked flawlessly for us.

    The parents and family members of the murdered children, as well as the families of those teachers and administrators that were lost, should be uppermost in our thoughs and prayers. They, and their community, deserves every bit of support that can be musterd to help them.

    The national media will continue to make this a media circus. The President has throw down the gauntlet of firearms control, which will then take on a life of its own. For those of us who have firearms and use them with utmost care and responsibility, we will bear the brunt of an unbelieveable attack to regulate and/or ban these items, Second Amendment rights notwithstanding, or so it appears.

    I work at an all boys high school, and as watchful as we are, this sort of thing is not too far from our minds every day. We believe in an open school, not a fortress, where many educational and sporting events are held daily when school is open, as well as when school is not in session.

    Yes, we are vulnerable, and yes we train for intruders as best we can. Persons who have mental or flawed personallity issues can and may find a way to attack. I pray to God, this never happes to us.

    Please continue to be an advocate for a precious right, and use your skills to help where you can.

    Kind regards,

    Stephen Crider

  53. Paul Says:

    Thank you Mas, for a perfectly written piece. I have believed for years that the Gun Free School Zones Act, signed by usually reliable Ronald Reagan, oddly enough, would lead to something like this.This tragedy,to me, looks a lot like the one in MS some years ago where a school official with a pistol legally kept in his vehicle was able to access it and stopped the killing. That psychopath had also killed a parent, taken several firearms, and attacked the school. This one could have been contained rapidly if such a person had been present, shame belongs on those that brought that GFSZA into law. I recognize that it would unrealistic to expect every teacher in the country to start carrying a sidearm. But we could, and should, bring in a program, possibly modelled on our own Armed Flight Deck Officers program for airline crews, into place. The record overseas is clear, we need to do it here.

  54. Richard Says:

    According to a report at Adam Lanza, who murdered twenty children and six adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School yesterday, had tried to buy a rifle at a Dick’s Sporting Good store on Tuesday. “Adam Lanza, 20, went to a Dick’s Sporting Goods store in Danbury, Conn., on Tuesday to buy the weapon, but was turned down because he didn’t want to undergo a background check or abide by the state’s waiting period for gun sales, the officials said.” Wait, what? We’re so confused. We thought, based on the incessant on-air emoting of of the usual anti-2A talking heads that we need more laws to prevent someone like Lanza from buying a gun. More laws that would — in the vast majority of cases — make it harder for law-abiding citizens to buy firearms. See, we’d heard that “the reality is that in the United States of America in 2012, it’s easier in many states to rent an automobile — to buy an automatic weapon than it is to rent an automobile. It’s more demanding.” Apparently we were misinformed.

  55. Richard Says:

    Have you wondered why, in such a target rich environment as a suburban shopping mall two weeks before Christmas, the shooter at the Clackamas Town Center only managed to kill two people before dousing his own lights? Part of the reason was a dodgy gun. But as is being reported by, part was also due to the fact that, gun-free zone or not, Jacob Roberts was confronted by Nick Meli who was armed and has a concealed carry permit. No, he didn’t fire because of he feared hitting an innocent person behind Roberts if he missed. But Roberts knew Meli was there: “I know after he saw me, I think the last shot he fired was the one he used on himself.” David Frum was unavailable for comment.

  56. Kai Says:

    A friend of mine has started a petition to do just that: place trained first responders in schools. His petiton is here:

  57. Rodger Young Says:

    Clackamas Mall shooter confronted by CPL holder.

  58. Bamadrifter Says:

    Mas, I believe this is one of your best articles ever. My first time posting in 5 years lets you know I felt moved. After talking about how my nieces would fare in such an event, my sister said she is all for an Israeli style school security. By the way Combat Shooting just arrived via amazon as an early Christmas present! Keep up the great work. Shalom.

  59. justinb Says:

    So the solution to gun violence in schools is more guns? Really?

  60. Carl Says:

    I’m just spitballing here, but why don’t we have built in to every classroom an underground cellar that has a bulletproof door so when they hear gunshots, they can all go in and lock the shooter out?

  61. Chris - VA Says:

    The people in power will not use common sense.

    They will just pass more laws that do not stop crazy people.

  62. Larry Schuler Says:

    Maybe we should try to define the phrase “anti-gun nuts”…

    Would it be someone who refuses to cite Indian Wars from 300 years ago, or Palastinian terrorists attacking a town in Israel 40 years ago as justification for having twice the guns per person than the next highest gun-ownership country in the world, the highest murder by gun by 800% over the next highest country in world, and the highest gun manufacturing in the past decade than any time in our country’s history?

    Or, maybe, if your Brother had put a bullet in his head while in a drunken stupor, you might feel a bit differently, I don’t know.

    What I do know is this: For grown men with guns, you guys sure scare easily.

  63. Larry Schuler Says:

    Training teachers and school administrators to be “undercover armed security”??? Right!… Are you going to train theater ushers too? And the sales people at Mall kiosks? And, coaches at the park? And, city workers to guard the streets? And, and, and… And, you think these people will do this for free, for nothing? Oh, you’ll have to pay them! And, exactly how will we protect ourselves and our country from this new UNSWORN, trained and will-armed “security” force? With more guns?

    Larry Schuler, Master Sergeant (Retired), U.S. Air Force
    Disabled American Veteran, Vietnam Era
    Former NRA Marksman, Expert Qualified M-16 & 9mm Beretta
    Cedar Park, Texas

  64. Tracy Says:

    Full Disclosure: I posted this earlier on another web forum. I felt it appropriate to re-post here.


    The Connecticut Tragedy has people terrified, grief-stricken and demanding more laws/regulation/security/police etc.

    Here’s some things to chew on:

    The shooter, Lanza, broke about 20 felony-level state laws during the incident. Obviously he wasn’t too concerned about the laws. Evil is like that.

    Initial reports indicate the school had a lock-down plan for active shooters. Believe it not, the plan worked; and 20 children still died. If it hadn’t been for the bravery and forethought of the staff, the casualty rate could have been much worse. The key here is that Good can do everything right; but Evil only has to get lucky once. Evil is like that.

    Davi Barker posted an interesting statistic: More people die waiting for the police to respond to a rampage shooting than civilians responding immediately to a rampage shooting. He found 93 cases that he winnowed down to 30 incidents in which police or civilians stopped the shooter.

    In incidents where the police did the stopping, an average of 14.3 people died. In incidents where civilians stopped the shooting, an average of 2.3 people died. Even more interesting is that most of the civilians were unarmed when they attacked the shooter.

    Here’s his web posting:

    I looked at his methodology and I didn’t see any anomalies or bias.

    What I find very interesting is his findings highlight what many of us in the ‘business’ know instinctively: The SOONER you stop the incident, the LESS casualties you sustain.

    Another item from his study is that only ONE civilian died while trying to stop a rampage shooting. Most civilians were also UNARMED.

    To me, the implication is very clear: We don’t need more laws, security or police. We need more Heroes and Heroines willing to run towards the gunfire. We need sound training to keep innocents out of harm’s way. We need to give our Heroes and Heroines the tools they need to stop these killers; and that includes firearms.

    Evil already has a plan for our Society; but Evil doesn’t have a plan to stop Heroes and Heroines. The numbers prove this.

    What are YOU going to do, Mr. and Ms. Civilian?

  65. k0sher Says:

    this is trimming a weed and not uprooting it.
    Yes, it is an atrocity and this illness of a broken down society must be nipped at the bud. I have lived and gone to 10 different elementary schools growing up in the French system and then in the British system overseas in many different countries. My parents purposely did not want my siblings and i to attend any school in the USA sadly. i think it was more the fear of drugs. But the formation of some children is awful- i remember being slammed against a fence by a 1st grader. While there a lot of children bought up with integrity and moral values, an older kid who has either history of violence usually has it build up over time, and laisser-faire parents incapable of seeking counseling out of denial perhaps or just plain stupid parents who let them do all the kids want. I think family values, and having both parents work does not help. At least one parent should be a stay home parent and raise children setting limits. No tv. only weekends, no soft drinks, only weekends, point out early on e.g. hurting an animal is WRONG so things don’t escalate. Making them participate in group sports, even martial arts to channel energy correctly and discipline. Instill Taoist, Buddhist, or Confucian values of NON-Violence Both in SPEECH (non-violent communication), Teach meditation from 5 years old :meditate in minutes their age, YOGA for PTSD,ADHD is a moving meditation for more restless children which has shown to have medically numerous benefits. And like thanksgiving – one every day. Family sits at the table, shares their day, how they feel, what they learned. It’s from the moment a child is born that strong values are gently inculcated over time. Let’s please focus on cause and not put a band-aid over a gaping wound.
    I was a military medic. Today i no longer believe violence solves problem from what horrors i’ve seen. W exception of spies and small group of marines, or green berets to handle major criminals without declaring war i’m still ok with that. No need to have ppl die uncessarily. Tasers, i’m ok w that for self defense. A taser is not a weapon and more states should approve it.

    Bottom line is VALUES. I lived in Japan and never locked my house, left key in car ignition. etc… if someone lost a wallet- no one took money. Out of loss of face, they’d commit suicide over it. Totally different culture. Their jails? Trust me is no place one would want to be- underfed. only bread and water. I taught gym at one, where yakuza ppl and other criminals were. Here ppl if they have $$$ they buy their way out of murder even. it’s unbelievable. $ should not substitute for a crime. Then we have a bunch of minor crimes -poor ppl in jail. Instead of using assets correctly.
    It’ll never be a perfect world, but maybe if we looked at cultures with very low crime who don’t resort to lashings like singapore, cultures where people are raised which high ethical values, we could glean something from them.

    Still waters run deep

    i reiterate: debride the wound, find the cause, and treat.

    putting band-aids and building walls after walls, making all of us paranoid, living in houses with bars like prisoners bc of a small percentage of fools is not a way of life to me. Next thing will be like Brazil with electrified gates listening to machine guns every night while living in our “gated” communites.

    The mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy. Taming the monkey mind is key to obtaining Universal Peace.


    P.S. I love you all. And I have been away from computer 24 in observance of my condolence for the families and friends of the innocent children and teachers involved. We are interdependent.

  66. Steve Kenney Says:

    I was a school resource officer for 5 years. After Collumbine, police departments around the country had no problem finding money for SROs. But as time goes by and people start feeling more secure, they get into the mind set that “It won’t happen here.” Then as time from an incident becomes longer, it becomes a budgetary discussion. Cuts start being made and then the thought from the administrator is, I can hire an officer or a math teacher. When it gets to that point, The school is in the business of educating, not policing.
    The SRO program is more then an armed guard located in a school. They provide mentoring, education and security. They also provide students with another positive role model which is seen on a daily basis. This along with the active shooter training to be able to deal with a bad guy wishing to do our children harm.
    I watched the news and commentary today and heard the outcries from people to posting officers in every school. Sadly the farther away from this incident in time we go, the less likely those same people will be as vocal to keep officers in every school, when they find out about the finacial cost of that program.
    We should give the math teacher the active shooter training.

  67. Bill Hoppe Says:

    Thanks for telling the unvarnished truth. My wife and I are 62 year old Bible and gun people. We would have gladly laid down our lives trying to protect those kids. We mourn the loss of these innocent lives. We mourn the loss of what made Americans different. Thanks again for being an eloquent voice for what is apparently a dying breed.

  68. Tony Says:

    We say we should do this or we should do that and it ends there. The only way we can do anything is to hit the school system in the pocketbooks. Homeschooling is a way of doing that. If enough of us do something to that effect they would have to do something about it. Do we sit back saying how awful this was and wait until it happens in our town or do we stand up for our kids? What are you gonna do?

  69. Corey Says:

    I am a teacher in a district with over 35000 students. I have brought attention to the issues you write about at my school. I have asked my district for some kind of training to deal with an active killer scenario. I have personally experienced four full lock downs within a two year time frame due to armed violence on the school grounds. All this, yet nothing has been done. It has been years since we have participated in a lockdown drill, but we rehearse fire drills monthly. This morning I decided to stop asking administrators to address the issue of school security, and began addressing them with my fellow teachers. If the schools want to take a reactionary approach, then it is up the teachers to act on behalf of their students. Every teacher should know first aide, CPR, and classroom defense and protection. Every teacher should practice lockdowns within their own classroom, even if the district doesn’t demand regular drills.

  70. Mas Says:

    To Gringito: You asked about the arming of schoolteachers in Peru. It was apparently done primarily in the rural areas, as part of the comites de autodefensa (committees for self-defense) and rondas campesinas programs, in response to terrorist attacks on village schools and teachers by Shining Path guerrillas. The first pilot project I’m aware of dates back to the ’70s, with the program become more widespread in the ’80s and accelerated under President Alberto Fujimori in the ’90s. You’ll find more about it in counter-terrorist literature than you will at educational association seminars.

    To Larry Schuler: You posted in part “…if your brother had put a bullet in his head while in a drunken stupor…” Sir, if that happened to you and your family, you have my condolences. But do you think Prohibition would have kept that from happening? If not, why would a gun ban have been more effective? And if so, do you advocate a return to Prohibition as well as more restrictive firearms laws?

  71. Sian Says:

    I’m shocked people still rely on gun free zones and signs to protect anything, especially something as important as our children. Maybe this tragedy will be a wake-up call, but I doubt it.

    And I’m afraid it’s not over yet. Anyone on the edge may well take the ‘end of the world’ thing as an excuse to go out with a bang. Watch out for yourselves and your families this week, people.

  72. Russell Reed Says:

    I just retired this year, there is a high school and an elementary school within 3 miles, I’ve had a carry permit for 9 years, had to use it once. I would gladly make myself available to volunteer in either of these schools.

    The irony of all this is, that the politicians and I imagine their children all have “their” protection supplied to them, by our tax dollars of course. I would like to hear their double talk, when asked the question, “are their and their children’s lives worth more than our and our children’s lives?” EVERYONE, deserves and is entitled to a fighting chance!

    Just a passing thought. In the shock of events such as this, there should be a MEDIA FREE ZONE, so that some of the people dealing with God knows what of their loved ones can escape the mics & cameras being shoved in their faces!

  73. Steve Says:

    The responsibility for these murders is Lanza’s but the media have to be seen as culpable also. Any borderline psychotic who wants to be the biggest mass murderer on record knows he will have his 15 minutes of fame in death. My local station sent their anchors there, despite this having nothing to do with my local news. Sticking a microphone into the face of a 6 y.o. until you get that moment when they break down is reprehensible but the specialty of so-called journalists. Ethics is in short supply in journalism, business, and law schools, I’m afraid. These frenzied interviews fit in with their continuing murders, rapes, and fires that seems to be called “news” for the last decade. Furthermore, these people are not shooters, the people on this thread are shooters. Lanza is a murderer or a killer and calling him a shooter is inaccurate but also meets the medias need of labeling armed citizens as potential lunatics.

  74. Bruce Bessell Says:

    Since 9-11 in Airliners both Captain and First Officer are carrying concealed, and there are plain clothed Air Marshals in the Cabin carrying concealed. How many hi-jackings have there been since 9-11?

  75. Tim Says:

    Mas you are so correct, had someone been armed and trained this monster would have been stopped . dont blame the gun blame the sociaty that creats the shooter.

  76. Old Fezzywig Says:

    Why were mental patients let out of mental hospitals in the 1970s? Because communists want to spread chaos across America. Chaos requires a “big government” solution. Communists are also behind the racial and gender and class tensions in this country. Divide and conquer.

    Why do we need any schools before the college level? Why can’t parents and grandparents teach their own children? Don’t you think most parents could teach their children better than the government schools? They can hire tutors for the subjects which they feel unqualified to teach.

    Fight crime —– shoot back.

  77. Richard Says:

    The following quote has been attributed to Morgan Freeman, but even Snopes can’t verify it. Either way, it pretty much sums up my thoughts on this weekend.

    You want to know why. This may sound cynical, but here’s why.

    It’s because of the way the media reports it. Flip on the news and watch how we treat the Batman theater shooter and the Oregon mall shooter like celebrities. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris are household names, but do you know the name of a single victim of Columbine? Disturbed people who would otherwise just off themselves in their basements see the news and want to top it by doing something worse, and going out in a memorable way. Why a grade school? Why children? Because he’ll be remembered as a horrible monster, instead of a sad nobody.

    CNN’s article says that if the body count “holds up”, this will rank as the second deadliest shooting behind Virginia Tech, as if statistics somehow make one shooting worse than another. Then they post a video interview of third-graders for all the details of what they saw and heard while the shootings were happening. Fox News has plastered the killer’s face on all their reports for hours. Any articles or news stories yet that focus on the victims and ignore the killer’s identity? None that I’ve seen yet. Because they don’t sell. So congratulations, sensationalist media, you’ve just lit the fire for someone to top this and knock off a day care center or a maternity ward next.

    You can help by forgetting you ever read this man’s name, and remembering the name of at least one victim. You can help by donating to mental health research instead of pointing to gun control as the problem. You can help by turning off the news.

  78. Sam Says:

    Very nice article Mas.
    The “Enhanced Victimhood Zones” need to go away.

    You are correct on the Peruvian issue which began with simple 12 ga. single shots and by the 80’s had graduated to AK’s in some areas.
    The Senderistas were particularly bad, and financing their operations with narcotics, much like the FARC in Columbia.

  79. Russell Middleton Says:

    And what is the root source of this malaise of political correctness? At the moment it is Kenny MacAskill, Justice Secretary for Scotland. He has announced that a consultation on how a new licensing regime for air weapons will work. “We are not consulting on the principle of licensing – this will happen.” Says the man who released the convicted mass murderer Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi.

    To honour a political promise made in 2005 MacAskill is more than willing to criminalize the owners of half a million unlicensed “firearms.” By lumping air guns in with firearms Britain has long manipulated gun crime statistics to suit their agenda.

    The BBC says, “The number of offences in Scotland involving firearms has more than halved since 2006-07, according to official figures.

    “Scotland’s police forces recorded 514 incidents in 2011-12, a 21% fall on the previous year and a fall of more than 50% on 2006-07.

    “This year’s figures are the lowest total recorded in Scotland in 34 years.

    “Air weapons accounted for 38% of all offences – 195 out of 514 – compared with 36%, 234 offences, in 2010-11.

    Like Margaret Thatcher’s ‘poll tax’, trialled in Scotland before attempting to implement it in the whole of the UK Scotland is again the whipping boy for totalitarian policy.

    MacAskill has the further audacity to claim, “We are not banning air weapons outright but there has to be a legitimate use for them.” And who gets to decide what is legitimate use? The Justice Secretary through the new single Scottish Police Force. This is the same kind of doublespeak which set the stage for The Firearms (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 1997 which outlawed handguns.

    22 Hamline L. Rev. 399-465 (1999) explains how we came to this sorry state. I use ’22 Hamline L. Rev. 399-465 (1999)’ because Google has been putting their thumb on the scale when searching for OKSLIP.

  80. W. T. Door Says:

    Thank you, Mas, for a thought provoking article.

    I’m willing to bet that the brave Principal who tried to stop the degenerate would have willingly used a firearm to prevent the murder of innocent children and staff at her school!

  81. Sandi Jones Says:

    Thank You for taking the time to put this data up. It has been terribly heartbreaking to watch the news again re: another school masacre on innocent victoms. Who were (unarmed to protect themselves from a crazed evil villan/terrorist). I feel a very strong push is needed to train our schools how to (Protect, defend & counterattack) against the shooter because less lives would be taken. I know there are many scenerios on how to (kill) anyone. We ALL know that a gun is (only) a tool. Just like kitchen knives, fires, bombs, fertilizers, poisons, ropes & even your bare hands….However, I strongly believe that if our schools were equipped with a metal detecter, hired personal security AND our teachers were armed & trained to stand in defense against this type of evil..more innocent lives would be spared. It is not about politics to is about (freedom to be trained properly & equipped properly to protect & defend against the armed enemy as best as possible.) True survival!! Evil will never end. Therefore, we as a people, need DO what is neccessary for survival. Fight back in a legal manner called (self defense with whatever means is neccessary!) It is against the law to murder, but it is NOT against the law to protect & defend ourselves!) Criminals are criminals..They have NO regard for laws! As a mother, this is something I never imagined would get this bad for our schools. But I would gladly feel comfortable knowing that my children had better odds in their favor if their school was both trained & equipped to defend itself from these types of deadly masacres. Both my husband & I are also Bible gun owners too & we too would have laid down our lives to DO what we could to help save innocent unarmmed lives as well ( even if it meant we had to kill the terrorist). Our family is just hurting/frusterated that this could have been possibly a better outcome if our schools were truly equipped better. So sad! Our hearts & prayers go out to all the families & responders that has permanently been scarred by this tragedy.

  82. Enjoy Every Sandwich Says:

    Unfortunately we live in a society where feelings are believed to trump logic and reason.

    We have here an individual who killed his own mother and killed children, and yet our “leaders” babble about inanimate objects.

    Semi-automatic firearms have existed for more than 100 years, so that hasn’t changed. Firearms are not easier to get; prior to the Gun Control Act of 1968 you could order guns through the mail, no questions asked. The Sears catalog had guns. So we urgently need to think about what has changed in our society rather than passing gun control laws to vent emotions.

  83. Enjoy Every Sandwich Says:

    @Larry Schuler:
    “Are you going to train theater ushers too? And the sales people at Mall kiosks? And, coaches at the park? And, city workers to guard the streets?…”

    No, that won’t be necessary. Schools are a special case; access to them is limited to a particular set of adults, and they contain a concentration of a particularly vulnerable and valuable part of society.

    For the other places, simply not interfering with the right of citizens to defend themselves will suffice.

  84. Jack Says:

    Mas, I agree with you on this article and have been saying this for years. After every school shooting this point has been mentioned and quickly dismissed. Now we have an anti gun President who would rather punish the good guys for the criminal behavior of violent people who take advantage of the “GUN FREE ZONES”. This is the same reason that monster picked that theater in Aurora, Co because concealed carry was banned in that establishment.

    Security as a whole in this country needs to be overhauled beginning with our nations malls. It is time for the business associations to seriously consider arming the guards in malls, movie theaters… Next with the few exceptions such as court houses, police stations, the gun free zones should be eliminated.
    Unfortunately unarmed guards are a thing of the past and cannot offer the level of security as trained armed guards.

  85. Short Stop Says:

    You are 100% right Mas, I am a security officer at a facility that house’s 110-115 Children age,s 8 to 18 and they are troubled children assigned or placed there, I work the night shift as they do not have security during the day, there are two school’s a high school and a junior high the younger children go off campus, all the children are back on campus and in bed by 2100, they are there for mental reason’s and most of it caused by abusive parents or they have just been negected. I have been notified in the past, more than once that a parent just out of jail is going to come and get the child no matter what it takes and thank God they did not follow through but one of these days I have a feeling it will happen and they will be armed.

    Of course I am not allowed to carry a weapon (rules you know) and my orders are to report to the police if I see this person on campus, they do give photo’s so I can identify the individual however not easy to do in the dark unless I can get close enough and by that time it will be too late for me but it is not me that concerns me it is the children and the staff in the buildings that are left without true security, by the time the police arrive it would be to late, God when are we going to get some common since in this country, I have had 13 years of service in the military (infantry) and two years of combat I know how to use a weapon and have had numerous weeks of training, all you can do is pray that nothing happens.

    I know if they take our weapons the cartels will be up here with more than we can handle and the radicals from across the bond will be here in high numbers, God bless us all if that happens we will need it.

  86. tom_bIV Says:

    re: “After the Ma’alot massacre in 1974, Israel instituted a policy in which volunteer school personnel, parents, and grandparents received special training from the civil guard, and were seeded throughout the schools armed with discreetly concealed 9mm semiautomatic pistols.”

    Please provide a citation as I could not find it mentioned online.


  87. Akvusn eh Says:

    We also need to rethink lockdown as the only solution. Here is a link to an article suggesting teaching your kids to escape may be far better. Not only are schools easy victim zones, but once the bad guy is in, a classroom of cowering victims is just an atrocity waiting for the shooter to arrive. The article has several other sensible suggestions as well.

  88. ZW17 Says:

    Why do you own a fire extinguisher when you have the fire department to protect you?

  89. Robert Humphries Says:

    Mas, that was the most perfectly stated analysis of why we continue to have these tragedies that I have ever read. Congratulations for having the courage to tell the truth, and thank you for the history of similar events in pre-1999 times. A special thanks for showing that elsewhere (Israel for example) armed teachers keeps the slaughters to a minimum, and discourages repeat (copy cat) performances. Great job! Why can’t 50% of our country see the logic you have shown?

  90. Randy Says:

    I have been watching the news frenzy this morning and the usual tripe about blaming firearms. Our own Sen. Durban and Sen. Lieberman were on with their solutions to the problem. One solution was to recognize mentally impaired people earlier and getting them the help they need. Here in our area of IL the politicians have closed our state supported mental health clinic due to funding. Seriously cut state pensions, ha, not in your life. Just close down the mental health institutions and send the patients packing.
    I think there is a series of contributing reasons why something like this happens. I know, I know you’ll think I’m just using this dreadful shooting to further my agenda. Believe want you want. Abortion is a travesty upon mankind and cheapens life; if life becomes cheaper then violence upon children becomes easier. Violent video games, especially for children desensitizes children to violence. Children have minds that are still developing and blowing people apart in these games tends to blend reality with fantasy. Sure not all children are affected, but those that are had other factors such as single parenting, being bullied etc. and children grow up to be adults. Violent movies are another issue allied with the video games. Putting different rating systems in place for movies, as has been suggested, is just a Band-Aid. The children will still find a way to watch them. When I was a kid we had violent movies and television series on TV. But nothing like the blood, guts and gore of today’s movies and now they want to bring us 3D.
    We have armed guards and police in some of our local schools, usually high schools. They are there to keep the gang violence to a dull roar. Putting armed guardians in all our schools, as Mas has suggested, (personally, I like the AR platform with a short barrel and red dot sight with frangible ammo for obvious reasons), is a good start, but we have to get to the root of the problem.

  91. Patrick Cimo Says:

    “Beneath the expressions of grief, sorrow and disbelief over the Connecticut school massacre lies an uneasy truth in Washington: over the last few years the Obama administration and Congress quietly let federal funding for several key school security programs lapse in the name of budget savings.”
    The SAME Pols who CUT this funding are now Screaming to ‘RESTRICT’, ‘BAN’ and ‘CONFISCATE’ GUNS.

  92. Patrick Says:

    Several Democratic lawmakers called for a new push for U.S. gun restrictions on Sunday, including a ban on military-style assault weapons, in the wake of the Connecticut massacre in which 20 children and six adults were gunned down in a school.

    Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein, the author of an assault-weapons ban that lapsed in 2004, said she would introduce new legislation this week. Senator Dick Durbin, the chamber’s No. 2 Democrat, said lawmakers would hold hearings on gun control, and several others said they would devote new attention to the long-ignored issue.

    “I think we could be at a tipping point … where we might get something done,” Senator Charles Schumer, another top Senate Democrat, said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

    Any effort to restrict access to high-powered weapons is likely to face fierce opposition from many Republicans in Congress who say restrictions violate the U.S. Constitution’s right to bear arms.

    Gun control has been a low priority for most U.S. politicians due to the widespread popularity of guns in America and the clout of the pro-gun National Rifle Association. Most Republicans and many Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, are firm allies of the group.

    Opinion polls have found Americans to be divided on the issue even after other high-profile shooting incidents.

    U.S. lawmakers have not approved a major new gun law since 1994.

    Feinstein said her planned legislation would outlaw the high-capacity magazines and military-style assault rifles that have factored in many recent mass shootings, including Friday’s massacre in Newtown, Connecticut. People who own such weapons now would not be required to give them up, Feinstein said.

    She said she would introduce her bill in the Democratic-controlled Senate soon, and a companion bill would be introduced in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

    Connecticut’s Democratic governor and two senators, one a Democrat and one an independent, voiced support for an assault-weapons ban or restrictions on high-capacity magazines.

  93. Patrick Cimo Says:

    This Photo shows How Israel PROTECTS It’s Children’s Schools:

  94. Mas Says:

    tom_bIV, who wanted more on the Israeli program with armed protectors in schools, can find some info here:

  95. will barrett Says:

    Mas at his best, hitting it out of the park.. as usual!

  96. David Keough Says:

    JUSTINB, No, guns in the right hands, yes. Read what people are saying.

  97. Tim Says:

    Thanks Mas!

  98. Ben Brunk Says:

    I have been thinking the same things that Massad has so eloquently discussed. I would like to see better security is schools without making them any more prison-like than they already are. We need educators and parents willing to volunteer to provide security and we need to end this pretense that there is something inherently bad about responsible adults having the means to protect the children in their care. There is really no other solution to mass shootings other than facing down those who would attempt to victimize the innocent. If I must, I would even face danger unarmed because it is still better to be there and be in a position to react in order to save lives. Whatever it takes–but no more abrogration of our rights is acceptable. We cannot hope to stop the problem of violence by creating more victims, and that is all that gun control ever accomplishes.

  99. Patrick Says:

    It be wise if goverment follow you on this issue Mas. But all they want do pass more gun control living in land denial that creep did this did not buy his guns killed owen mother with her owen guns went on homicidal rampage with them. Back round check would been useless becuase guns where in his mother name wich he killed. Mother had cleaner criminal recod than virgin sent she bought guns they would check out her son back round . The state this happens have lots gun control measures prevent this creep from buy gun doing this . Who say creep would kill or stolen some body else guns try this with there guns.

  100. Mas Says:

    More on the success of arming teachers in Israel (and also in Thailand):

  101. John Talley Says:

    Did anyone hear that a ccw holder had his sights on the Portland mall shooter? I live in Oregon and hadn’t saw anything on the news about it….. here is a link from YouTube

  102. Sam Says:

    My bank has an armed guard on duty, but our school has nothing. Where are our priorities??? Which has more value our money or our children?

  103. George Says:

    If you want to see how truly ignorant people are, as a mass, go to the CNN site and read some of the comments there… Wow… It truly depresses me. Once I thought most people were hunters and fishermen like myself. BOY was that a good life… Now, I know better. Incidents like this really bring the talking idiots out of the woodwork. God, please bless the USA.

  104. Chuck Schultz Says:

    Mas, so true it hurts. The only problem will be getting the grandstanding politicians to listen to logic and nor emotion. I have been saying this exact thing for years.

  105. Patrick Says:

    Speaking at the interfaith memorial service for victims and survivors of the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre, President Obama has called for a new assault weapons ban. If not in so many words. “Are we doing enough as a nation?” the President asked. “We can’t tolerate this anymore. This tragedies must end. To end them we must change . . . Surely we can do better than this. If there’s even one step we can take to save another child, or another parent or another town . . . surely we have an obligation to try . . . What choice do we have? We can’t accept events like this as routine. Are we really prepared to say that we’re powerless in the face of such carnage? That the politics are too hard? Are we prepared to say such violence visited on our children year after year after year is somehow the price of our freedom?” Watch this space. And while you’re waiting, read up on The Truth About “Assault Weapons.”

  106. artyD (retired USN CPO ) Says:


  107. Bruce S. Says:

    As tragic as this event is, it pales in comparison to the millions killed by their own governments in the twentieth century. Murder on the scale perpetrated by governmental agencies can only occur after disarmament of its citizens. If you think our government would never do such a thing, you might want to reexamine Waco, or Wounded Knee. Our government, by passage of insane laws creating criminal rampage zones, is complicit in the Sandy Hook incident. To deny a fundamental human right of self-defense is wrong on every level–and now they want to do it even harder.

  108. Tim W. Says:

    So when I hear the term “common sense gun control”, all I can think is that these guns were for all intents and purposes, stolen from his mother and then used in to commit crimes. So how will gun control prevent someone from stealing a firearm and committing a crime ? Would the mother have been denied these purchases because her adult son was borderline autistic ?

    Come on Brady-bunch … think logically for once. The act of stealing the firearms and committing murder are both already against the law.

    Society is being trained to be accepting of violence with movies and realistic role paying games, and the weak-minded, mentally challenged, have trouble differentiating fantasy from reality.

  109. countrygirl4 Says:

    When do we stop making excuses and solve the root problem? The mentally ill are ILL, we need to stop sweeping our responsibility under the rug, admit we failed them, use measures necessary to stop them, then find better ways to identify and treat them. If it requires confinement, do it. Just don’t keep telling us guns kill people. Guns only kill people when we use them! Guns don’t shoot people (or animals) unless WE pull the trigger. Let us behave in a sane manner and not in the insane way the perpetrators of the atrocities have behaved. If we do, we are no better than that person.

  110. Frank Borelli Says:

    Well said, Mas. Unfortunately, not only do some people fight arming teachers in the schools, they even go so far as to resist having more police officers in schools

  111. telememoNH Says:

    Everyone knows our laws don’t make any sense. Revoking the driving license of a convicted DUI won’t fix his/her drinking problem, it will only assure he loses his job and make his possible recovery from adiction that much harder. We don’t need tougher gun laws, we need to help the mentally ill and offer easier access to such benefits.

    And gun-free zones are a free-pass ticket to crazy cowards who will actively seek those who cannot/are unable to defend themselves; It is very easy to start shooting at a place they know nobody has weapons to hurt them. Getting rid of all gun-free zones does not mean that every kindergarten teacher will have a gun strapped in their belt; it only means that the bad guys will not know for sure who will be armed. That though alone will be enough to stop many crimes/criminals, as they are nothing but cowards!

  112. John Glendenning Says:

    Many years ago I saw a photo of a class room full of high school students all sitting at their desks – everyone of them had an Uzi under neath it. It worked for them!

  113. Jacob Morgan Says:

    In 1950 there were 500,000 people in insane asylums in the US. Today, with double the total population, there are around 100,000. Coneticut used to have a state asylum with 3,000 people, it was boarded up in the mid-1990’s. The guy who shot the Arizona Senator, the Virginia Tech shooter, the Colorado Batman shooter, all were known to the psychiatric establishment, and 50 years ago they’d be in a sanitarium weaving baskets. The shooter in this last case appears to have gone schizophrenic as well, and (besides locking her guns up) what was she supposed to do with him? People don’t get involuntarily committed to asylums no longer open these days. So the answer to all this is to turn the whole country into a rubber room.

    Answer is to take a hard look at what to do with people who have real mental illness.

    Other answer is to have what I’d call Grandfather clubs. Several retired men, ex police, ex military, or hunters with training, take turns protecting schools. Stay out of sight and monitor security cameras. Can you imagine Phil and Si Robertson (from the Duck Dynasty TV show) as school guards? By the time the cops got there the creep would be field dressed. Schools would be flooded with applicants and would not cost anything.

  114. Jacob Morgan Says:

    Instead the Democrats in government and the media will want to take the Robertsons’ guns away. Or make them register them, have waiting periods, since that was so successful in Coneticut.

  115. Steve Says:

    I agree with what you have said, but I wonder where the NRA is? I am an NRA Life Member and thought that there might be a lot of smart people in the NRA leadership.
    After the events in Newtown, CN, on Friday, I would have thought that I would see something from the NRA leadership to the world that would show that we too are mortified by the murders that took place. The news media is already circling and as much pointing the finger at the NRA as being a part of the problem.
    I believe that this is a time that all of the very smart people in the NRA leadership would be putting together a statement that not only expresses sorrow and outrage at these events, but puts forward a plan that President Obama would have to a least consider. It appears to me, however, that we are going to wait for the legislation to hit and then attack that.
    Come on guys, are we sheep or sheepdogs? I want to see some positive results from the NRA leadership.

  116. Lance Says:

    I bet bloomburg has an armed security detail attached to him 24X7, it’s ok for him to have guns and security but common people are not important or responsible enough to have guns. He’s a hypocrite, when I see him walk down NYC streets by himself unarmed or visit the Mexico/Texas border for a tour unarmed and without security I’ll consider listening to him. The problem is a Godless, liberal, immoral, selfish young generation.

  117. Chris W. Says:

    Mas, I just read an article this morning and would like to get your “read” on it from you perspective.

    Until we start protecting our schools a a certain countrydoes from terrorists attacks, these attacks will continue.

  118. Wayne Justinen Says:

    20 more children dead because of a gun ban, and more bans demanded.

    When we look at the police response at Sandy Hook, we see men armed with rifles and pistols, wearing body armor and Kevlar helmets.

    As with virtually every situation of the type they dealt with the corpse of a shooter who had decided he had done enough, and shot himself.

    Those teachers and children had nothing but their bare hands and street clothes. That ought not to be.

  119. Steve Says:

    In the same vein as my earlier post, the Texas State Rifle Association has released a statement. It does not propose solutions, but does state their position.

  120. Adam S Says:

    As a CT resident and concealed carrier I completely agree with you Mas. If only the closed minded agreed.

  121. Enjoy Every Sandwich Says:

    The question I would ask those who declare that arming the teachers is “crazy” is: why? What is crazy about it?

    Everything I have read and heard about the events at Sandy Hook Elementary School indicate that the adults in that school acted not only with breathtaking courage but also with wisdom, using the limited tools at their disposal coolly and sensibly to protect their young charges.

    So, why are the tools they have so terribly limited? Why are we expecting these brave sensible people to take on armed psychos with their bare hands?

    Is the argument that the teachers are too stupid and irresponsible to handle firearms? Really? Explain to me how Dawn Hochsprung was too stupid to be trusted with a gun!

    And then explain to me why people too stupid to be trusted with guns are trusted with the custody and teaching of your children.

  122. Old Fezzywig Says:


    It is so wonderful to read your truthful and informative blogs, and then to read intelligent posts by readers. I am getting an education for free, and am loving it!

  123. Dahveed Says:

    Dear sir, please quit making so much sense. Teachers and staff don’t even bother stopping student fights these days. There is no way we would empower them to stand up to a armed gunman.

    This is the Internet. Here reasonable and rationale thought is not allowed. If you insist in making sense with your writing please do so in a media where the readership expect that sort of thing.

    In all seriousness, having armed teachers or guards at school is likely the only effective method of dealing with these nut jobs. This is simply a case of a law requiring schools to be a gun-free killing zone.

  124. Douglas Says:

    We have to get this message out in LARGE PRINT to everyone.
    BEFORE we are railroaded with another unconstitutional weapons ban
    I have a suggestion to acheive this:
    Everyone, please share this page to your own facebook page, then click on “Promote.”
    It will cost each of us $7.00 but it move the post of this excellent article to the top of the page when ALL of our friends log in to Facebook. This is most widespread, peaceful means to get the message,
    Also, since many people will not read an entire article, do the following.
    Post the first comment about the article yourself, by quoting the paragraph above which says :
    “After the Ma’alot massacre in 1974, Israel instituted a policy in which volunteer school personnel, parents, and grandparents received special training from the civil guard, and were seeded throughout the schools armed with discreetly concealed 9mm semiautomatic pistols. Since that time, there has been no successful mass murder at an Israeli school, and every attempt at such has been quickly shortstopped by the good guys’ gunfire, with minimal casualties among the innocent. Similar programs are in place in Peru and the Phillippines, with similarly successful results.”
    This positive action is very similar to what our nation did with airline pilots post 9/11. mention this precedent. it just makes sense. send the same to your congressman. Push hard now or if we loose our second amendment freedoms, then all manner of tyranny is possible against all of us.
    Finally, pray.

  125. Dave Says:

    Spot on article. Unfortunately I believe the momentum is on the anti-gun side now and we are facing at a minimum reinstatement of the “assault” weapon ban.

  126. Al Says:

    Great article Mas’, but I want to include a bit of information that’s being ignored: These mass shootings were extremely rare prior to the introduction of SSRI’s – the class of antidepressants this recent shooter was on. The fact is the FDA is a rubber stamp for the pharmaceutical companies: in business to protect corporate profits not the public. Almost every mass shooting in modern history has been by a patient on psychiatric drugs. These drugs cause violent psychotic episodes and lower the threshold of violence in othewise docile patients. Psychiatry is never held accountable for anything. Psychiatric drugging is the primary cause of this wave of mass killings.

    As far as what to do about it: I would like to see teachers and principals deputized and professionally trained in tactical firearms to safeguard the schools.

  127. Dave--VA Says:

    I saw a psychiatrist, who is allegedly an expert on mass murderers, on TV a long time ago & he said that the saturation coverage the news media devotes to these events is the PRIMARY CAUSE of copycat murders. Not surprisingly, even mentally unstable would-be murderers learn what to do & what not to do by following the details of these crimes in the news. He also stated that the worst thing the news media could possibly do in these cases is to publicize the murderer by reporting his name, showing pictures of him, & by reporting on his life. That kind of publicity has been a primary motivation for these unstable people in almost every case.

    He recommended that the news media should be prohibited from identifying the murderer & from reporting on his life publicly. He also suggested that the details of these crimes should be restricted to local news outlets in the vicinity of the crime scene. National coverage, in his view, should be censored & reported in general terms only, so as to deny any would-be copycat murderers the knowledge & encouragement they crave.

    If this is true, perhaps it would be a good idea for the pro-gun community to vociferously attack the news media for their irresponsible aiding & abetting of these mass murderers by demanding restrictions on their First Amendment rights, rather than to sit back & to allow them to attack us & to demand restrictions on our Second Amendment rights. If enough pro-gun politicians & citizens publicly demand legislation to this effect, maybe we could eliminate a major source of the problem, while putting our critics on the defensive at the same time. Furthermore, if the members of the news media argue that restricting their First Amendment rights is unconstitutional, pro-gun supporters could make the point that it is just as unconstitutional to restrict our Second Amendment rights.

    What do you think, Mas? You’re pretty well-connected.

  128. Wayne Says:

    It is a shame it has come to arming good citizens to put in our schools to guard our most precious citizens, but I would definitely volunteer to help even though my children are home schooled (partly for this very reason).

    Mas, I have followed you for many years and, again, you nailed it. We refuse to look at other nations and how they protect themselves. Israel has a good solution to replace TSA, fix homeland security and protect our children. WHY DON’T WE LISTEN AND REPLICATE WHAT WORKS?

  129. Jacob Morgan Says:

    When the media’s first question was what kind of gun was used, it leads to two conclusions: first, if it wasn’t obvious from the crime that one type of gun had to have been used, then it wasn’t a factor. In this case in the first day of reporting it wasn’t clear if the pistols or if the rifle had been used, and now it is somehow worse that a rifle was used. Kindergarteners protected by a plate glass door and some unarmed, untrained, females? Joe Bidens skeet gun would have had the same end result. Second, it promotes copy cat MO’s. After Stockton it was AK’s, after Colorado it is AR’s.

    The real story the media has bizarrely ignored the problems starting in the 1960’s with trendy ideas about deinstitutionalizing paranoid schizophrenics. State mental hospital beds, in relation to the population, have dropped in numbers by 95% since the 1950’s. The ACLU generously sued asylums to free the inmates, many of whom later broke into the asylums as it was where they felt safe. About a third of those deinstitutionalized ended up homeless–the media ignored the real reason for that as the homeless could be used to smear Ronald Reagan’s economic policys. The media stopped reporting on the homeless when Clinton showed up–one way to solve a problem. The tragedy in Newton is that Newton has a state mental hospital, but it was boarded up in the mid-90’s. There is an article in the Newton newspaper from a year ago where a doctor said that doctors in town could sign committal papers to have someone picked up and evaluated. If this were in the 1960’s the murderer would be in the hospital, weaving baskets, seeing his mom every visiting day. His mom indicated that “she was losing him” or words to that effect. Only way to be involuntarily committed these days is to be declared incompetent to stand trial, post body count.

    All the recent mass murderers were known to psychologists to have serious mental problems, and in years past they’d be weaving baskets instead of killing people.

    Not thrilled at the prospects of the government packing people off to mental hospitals, but with sufficient due process it is the only answer. Put the mentally ill in the rubber room, or make the entire country into a rubber room. There are plenty of government worshiping people who think the country should be one big asylum, controlled by them.

  130. Ray Says:

    I am not sure if you knew this or not but starting after Columbine a majority of schools practice armed intruder drills. Some schools have even enforced rules that you can’t carry your backpacks around school since that is how some of the shooters brought the guns into the classrooms. Trying to blame the schools (the victims) for not being prepared is not how to go about it. They have done what is within reason now it is time for the rest of the US to do its part and put tougher sanctions on guns. I am not saying to take away anyone’s guns and that people can’t have them, but it should be harder and weapons that don’t serve a purpose other then mass killing (assault rifles) need to be banned along with the mass ammo clips. You can say that it is within you right to have a gun and I agree, but there should be limits on the availability of them especially when it comes to the resale of them. I can go to the flee market down the road on any weekend and get an ak-47 and the ammo without a background check or id. More can be done to protect people from these acts and it is calling out the school for not being more prepared.

  131. Long Island Mike Says:

    About 10 years ago the hip tech talk was about an “internet year”. In other words how compressed things had become. Well now its the “internet day”. Over the last 2 days I have seen the gun community go into absolute free fall. Some of the data points:

    The NRA has issued no statements and is hiding out at HQ.
    NRA closed down its Facebook page and twitter feed.
    NBC Sports on cable dumped all its outdoor and shooting shows.
    Discovery channel dumped its shooting shows.
    Cerberus is selling of Freedom Group because of pressure from investor.
    Dicks and Walmart have stopped selling black guns.

    And this while all the media outlets including a occasional friend like Fox spin 24/7 on negative impressions of the gun community. Calling for more gun control. Where Diane Feinstein has sworn a blood oath to inroduce a new draconian AWB in just weeks. Every time I walk by the computer it seems there is another story of collapse on the gun community side. I am really worried. I have never seen such an assault in 50 years. Never. And we are up against a very fine tuned media savy monster. They are winning hearts and minds every hour yet there are almost no responses.

  132. Jim B Says:

    FINALLY…Someone gets it.

  133. Chris in Montana Says:

    Thanks Mas and Backwoods Home for a timely and excellent article in response to this “watershed” massacre. Gun owners and Second Amendment advocates need to rally, stand up, and support the petition to Obama here:

    The gun control fanatics and main stream media are clamoring once again for the elimination of the Second Amendment and confiscation of our tools for self defense. We need to fight back right now! Not tomorrow or after the holidays, but right now!

    Free firearms and self defense training for teachers and school officials is being offered by at least two organizations: Oath Keepers and Front Sight

    As you pointed out, there is proof that arms in schools in the hands of properly trained staff is an effective deterrent to lunatic behavior.

  134. Wayne Justinen Says:

    This is problem one. SURVIVE THE ATTACK.

    In that gun free zone teachers and students faced a suicidal killer barehanded while waiting for someone to show up with a gun.

    The official response is always to send someone with a gun. Always too late to solve problem one. SURVIVE THE ATTACK.

    It doesn’t take a great intellect to understand that the solution to problem one is someone with a gun, ready to stop the killer as soon as he shows his hand. That is how innocents SURVIVE THE ATTACK.

  135. Al Says:

    While I do not own any semi-automatic military style rifles and will not miss them if they are banned, the public backlash against gun owners in the wake of this massacre is something to be concerned about. Because while they may clamor for banning AK’s, AR’s and Glocks, the list of banned weapons will continually be expanded (in NYC for example, you cannot own a centerfire rifle or shotgun with capacity of over 5 rounds). My concern is that a gun ban will tip the balance of power towards an out of control military government. We have those nasty black rifles for a reason: To keep the military in check. None of us will miss those guns until the bayonettes are in our faces. By then if will be too late.

    We ought to rein in the media: They are inspiring copycats and giving all the details a lunatic needs to perfect the next massacre – while at the same time makinig these twisted mass killers into anti folk heros. Look at all the post-humous glory they get to receive, the publicity, attention and notoriety!! The best way to be remembered? Go on a murder spree! That’s the message the media is delivering. They are inciting this mayhem as surely as anyone who yells FIRE in a movie theatre – and they get away with it! They don’t care
    about human life. They hate the 2nd Amendment – and the 1st is only for them, not you.

    We need to petition at the state level to put volunteer police officers with guns in the schools. How about retired police and peace officers? Give them and their kids free college
    tuition in return for safeguarding our schools. ( though I would just as soon let the teachers and administrators carry concealed, it’s politically incorrect to the people who run the system). No matter what it takes, we need armed security in our schools. That’s the bottom line.

    We’re also going to have to raise public awareness of reckless psychiatric drugging and the legendary corruption of the FDA’s approval process. But the above should be the most iimmediate agenda.

  136. Dave H Says:

    I have always respected your opinion Mr Ayoob and have considered you a wise teacher in the realm of firearms safety and training. And this is no exception, with this posting of yours today I hold you in even higher regard now. I was once a security guard for a private school so I know the situation. I feel the time has come for each school to have armed security guards, preferably with police experience, and with select teachers and staff armed and trained, a layered approach. There is nothing wrong with this, I believe it is the right formula, and it should and must become the norm across the country. In the end, the only way to stop a shooter is with another shooter.


    Good article Mas but I am looking at a massacre in Mercaz HaRav in 2008.
    Didn’t appear to be anyone armed inside the school. However a part time student did eventually shoot the assailant as he came out into the open.
    You need a two prong approach. Check out your gun laws and also arm those teachers, parents and grandparents who are comfortable with the role.
    My condolences to all the families.

  138. telememoNH Says:

    Since Columbine pretty much every school I know has a safety/disaster/evacuation/armed intruder plan in place. In the case of Sandy Hook the plan was for the teachers to get all students together and huddle in their classroom closet until help arrived. Given the ages of the students I think this was the best plan, but it is unfortunate that, becasue schools are gun-free zones, the best they can do is resort to such passive methods of defense. Huddling in a closet and hoping the shooter doesn’t enter their classroom is downgrading lives to a game of chance, and this is unaceptable! I know my kids teacher’s love all their students like they would their own child, and as in SB, they are willing to do anything to protect the children. Let’s grant them the means to do so in a more level plain field. Let’s put our teacher through psychological tests and proper handgun training to those who a able and willing to do so!

  139. Paladin Says:

    Great article about the struggles of living with one of these potential future monsters by his own mother here:

  140. Dave Givens Says:

    This makes more sense than anything we’ve seen from “the media” in years. Has anyone noticed all the bad guys are mental cases or violent criminals who already disregard the law? This means NO new law (let alone any old laws) will have any effect on the perps. Clearly, they only reduce the chance for good guys to stem their attack! (Politicians are always looking to exploit tragedies to gain strength over the masses…this is just another opportunity.)

    Mas speaks the truth here, as he has for decades! But, in this tranguilized nanny state filled with liberal-run soft targets, will sheep-like modern Americans ever wake up long enough to understand we are ultimately responsible for our own self-defense? (“When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”) Our elders did.

    God bless the victims and families touched by this tragedy. God protect us from the emotionally-fueled political nonsense that is about to begin.

  141. Bill in NC Says:

    Frankly, the school had poor access control.

    Physical security needs to rely on more than one layer of defense.

    The outer doors were locked, but were glass, so easily defeated.

    The classroom doors were left unlocked.

    Here, all classroom doors at our small, private school are required to be locked.

    That paid off for us last year when a local, mentally ill man got inside the school, ranting “It’s all LIES!”.

    He did not gain access to any classroom.

    Keep in mind, these are fire-rated doors set into metal frames – no one’s knocking them down.

    I’m sure the same codes were in effect in CT – if only the first two classrooms had been locked…

  142. gringito Says:

    Unfortunately, it is not sufficient that WE, the law abiding gun owners and CCW permit holders, agree to what Mr. Ayoob said in this article.

    The Problem is denial and lack of realistic sense in general public.

    In our “modern” society it is socially and politically accepted (!) to SACRIFICE (!) people by providing “gun free zones”, rendering people defenseless and believing (…) that bad guys will respect signs or even the law. The results are killing zones.

    BTW: Have you ever seen a politician who was held liable for this type of denial and lack of realistic sense?!

  143. Cassandra (of Troy) Says:

    A few points to ponder in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook School massacre.:

    If increasing security “isn’t the solution” &/or “sends the wrong message” when the school is in a ‘nice area, then why isn’t that true for schools in ‘bad’ areas?

    If it’s wrong &/or bigoted to hold all Muslims & all African-Americans responsible for violent acts committed by a few of them, then why doesn’t that same rule apply to gun owners?

    If it’s wrong &/or bigoted for govt & law enforcement to single out all Muslims & all African-Americans because some of them commit violent acts, then why doesn’t that same rule apply to gun owners?

    If more guns = more death & destruction, why hasn’t America’s violent crime rate increased along with rising gun sales?

    Since Americans have an estimated 300+ million guns & more are bought every year, why hasn’t America long ago become like northern Mexico, Somalia, or Syria?

    And finally, why aren’t the premises of the above ‘inconvenient’ questions being used by representatives of the pro-2A groups whenever the opportunity arises? There’s a lot more like the above that can be used against the anti-2A cult & its allies, but that’s “a good first step”.

    Cassandra (of Troy)

  144. ed wada Says:

    i know that this is getting ahead of ourselves, but i would like to see some discussion about legislation to protect legal gun owners against lawsuits if such a person intervenes in a public shooting and bystanders are hurt or killed during the fight. there are now “good samaritan laws” to protect physicians against malpractice lawsuits if they administer medical care during an emergency. i’m sure some sort of certification would be necessary to qualify for such protection, but it would be nice if such protections were in place before they are needed.

  145. Dennis e. Schardt Sr Says:

    I remember a guy named Timothy McVey who killed more than 26 people.
    If I remember right, he didn’t even use a gun. No-one called for a ban on “assult fertilizer”

    Armed people are Citizens, unarmed people are subjects.

  146. Cassandra (of Troy) Says:

    ed wada/et al.,

    Along that same line I’d like to see the pro-2A side really push Warren v. D.C./Police not required to protect individuals & can’t be sued for not doing so, Thompson v. U.S./Arming for self-defense isn’t premeditation, Beard v. U.S./No obligation to retreat, Haynes v. U.S./Criminals exempt from gun licensing & registration, & Perpich v. Dept. of Defense/Natl Guard not 2A Militia, as those cases would destroy a good part of the anti-2A cult’s most effective arguments against gun ownership. I used Warren & Haynes on 2 occasions, once as part of an open debate with an anti-2A college professor & his disciples & later during a call-in radio show, & both times those 2 items were all that was needed to discombobulate the anti-2A representatives & subsequently turn the audience (& in the latter case the radio show host as well) against the anti-2A position. Seems that most people really dislike being manipulated & lied to, & especially when those doing it are authority figures & ‘experts’.

    Regarding ‘assault weapons’, I’ve never been able to understand why pro-2A representatives de facto refuse to aggressively use the statements made by the anti-2A cultists against them. They’ve put out a lot of contradictory, deliberately misleading, & outright phony info over the years that if intelligently presented could go a long way toward disrupting & possibly defeating the anti-2A cult. The following 2 examples are from one of the leading anti-2A groups & reveals the genesis of the campaign against ‘assault weapons’ with the first being history & the second containing the most damning part.:

    The Assault Weapons Debate

    VPC – Studies Assault Weapons & Accesories

    Information is power, & since the pro-2A side has such as the above & more to counter the anti-2A cult with yet seldom uses it after awhile you begin to wonder just what the deal is.

    Cassandra (of Troy)

  147. Wayne Justinen Says:

    It seems divide and conquer is an effective tool for the antis. Joe has a concealed carry license and handguns with which to defend his life. But, he doesn’t think anyone should have a patrol rifle.

    One thing for firearms owners to get through their heads – believe me, the gun ban crowd are fully aware of it – A FIREARM IS A FIREARM IS A FIREARM. They all have one characteristic, press a trigger and a bullet will be sent into whatever the firearm is pointed at.

    We have been known to whine about the inconsistency or lack of intelligence among the antis. Yesterday handguns, today patrol rifles, tomorrow? Who knows?

    They just pick whichever is most likely to strike a chord among the unthinkingly emotional. It is unfortunate that any firearm owner is found among them.

    We, of all people, should recognize that no firearm is inappropriate for responsible individuals to possess and use, while no legislative effort to prevent the evil and irresponsible from using them can be successful.

  148. warman Says:

    This isn’t about those kids. I’s about making the country safe for the Trayvon Martins so they can rob and beat the rest of us.

  149. Kerry Grissett Says:

    Thank you Mas! I have only recently become aware of you and I am in total agreement with everything I have read, seen and heard from about guns, self defense and tactics. Not to mention, common sense based on history and experience.

    Thanks again for all your efforts to remove ignorance and provide tactics via education and training.

  150. Steve Juarez Says:

    Thank you Mas for such a level-headed approach toward our school security problem. Your well researched approach is one I wish our news had more of.

  151. Jody Says:

    Been reading you since I was a kid; now middle-aged and raising a 4-year-old as my first child, I no longer view personal defense as a choice, but as an obligation. I defend my family, therefore I must always defend myself so as to keep myself in proper condition to defend my family. I’ve had my eyes opened since becoming a father, to just how many places I take my daughter where armed citizens are not welcomed. A local ice cream shop was our favorite, but after Newtown, they put a sign up stating all weapons were prohibited. Apparently many other regular customers felt as I did, and took their guns and their money elsewhere, because the sign came down after about 3 weeks. But it served to illustrate for me just how many places the world expects me to go with my family, where that world would seek to deprive them of any protection. Sandy Hook proved what I had suspected might happen ever since I saw it in former Yugoslavia: That eventually, it would not be a teenager acting out against classmates but a psychopath unleashing on LITTLE kids, and that everyone on both sides would seek some way to sooth their wounded emotions. That has been the case now. Maybe faculty and legislators could take lessons from skunks, porcupines, badgers, and armadillos, all of whom go about their days with SOME means of repelling violence, and the absolute will to employ such means against predators who know full well that these animals are no easy targets.

  152. Kliknij tutaj Says:

    Thanks for the info.

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