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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Archive for November 24th, 2012

Massad Ayoob


Saturday, November 24th, 2012

Where I spent most of my life, Thanksgiving was traditionally the opening day of deer season, and if the family had gathered in the country, it was not uncommon for some plinking in the back yard to follow the turkey and stuffing and all the rest.  When I was a kid, the Thanksgiving posters at school and in the rest of the community depicted a Pilgrim holding a blunderbuss.  (Where did folks think the traditional turkey came from, anyway?)

An image of a founder of American society holding a firearm is no longer politically correct in “zero tolerance gun-free school zones,” but we who appreciate the backwoods home lifestyle still have guns as part of our tradition.  It was so, at least, in the rural area where I spent the weekend too many people associate with “turkey day” instead of “a giving of thanks.”

Thursday, the Evil Princess and I spent part of the day feasting with friends at a local church, our firearms discreetly concealed under our sport jackets.  The rest of the afternoon was spent at another gathering, where open carry was welcome.  She had worn an engraved, ivory handled Smith & Wesson, and I was packing a Kimber .45 with pewter grips in a sharkskin holster. (You’re supposed to dress up some for holidays, aren’t you?)

Friday, she and I were part of the crew for a “Wounded Warriors Match” held by the Gateway Rifle & Pistol Club’s First Coast IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) seminar.  It was awesome to see how those young men, now re-acclimating to the society they shed blood to defend, appreciatively to an event that sharpened their skills for protecting their families from threats “self-defense domestic” instead of “national defense foreign.”  The event had been approved by the Wounded Warriors Project, though not with their logo in sight except on the shirts of member soldiers who attended.  There has been an issue on that, with WWP happily taking money from gun clubs doing charity projects for injured military personnel, but not wanting their name associated with the firearms industry.  Two respected Internet gun forums, The High Road  and The Firing Line , have discussed them in depth from both sides.

Take a look at those, if you’re not familiar with the controversy, and take particular care to read the links.  I’ll be very much interested in you folks’ take on the matter.

Saturday the EP and I shot the ProArms Invitational Thanksgiving match under cloudless skies in high 60s weather, with a great bunch of folks.  Her coming in High Female and me coming in Most Accurate were a bonus to a great day with great people.

But, heck, that’s just two folks getting Trigger Time during Turkey Day festivities over particularly long weekend.

Tell the rest of us about your Thanksgiving holiday, as citizens of the World of the Gun.

It was an honor to present the first place Wounded Warrior trophy to Allen Personette, left. The shoot was hosted by the First Coast IDPA club at Gateway Rifle & Pistol Club, with Glock pistols (and ammo) provided by Joel Hodges of Glock, and coordinated by Dr. Ed Sevetz.

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