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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Massad Ayoob


Monday, November 5th, 2012

Some folks seemed surprised to learn on this blog that there are rumbles of potential rioting following tomorrow’s election.  Some, of course, aren’t surprised at all.

Highly respected police trainer Greg Ellifretz is aware of it. Read his take on possible post-election rioting, and the importance of preparation.

Sowell sees it as a real possibility too.

Jeffrey Kuhner explains where some of the concern is coming from, in the Washington Times, here.

Me?  I’m hoping it’s just the Twitter equivalent of scumbags writing graffiti on the walls of society.  But we all have to realize that it may be genuine “handwriting on the wall.”

We’ve had the discussion here before about why we shouldn’t ignore blips on the radar screen.  My life, including forty years in the threat management field, has taught me that bad things are most likely to happen to those not prepared for them.

Vote wisely tomorrow.  Stay safe.  Hope along with me that rumors of post-election civil disturbance prove to be wrong…but be prepared in case they’re not.


  1. Realist Says:

    Well, if there’s rioting, it won’t be the Obama supporters doing it. This one’s in the bag. But I’m not so sure about what you Republicans will do.

  2. Capt Bob Says:

    I just started reading retired Assistant Chief of Police Bob Vernon’s book about the 1992 riots in Los Angeles following the announcement that the police officers involved with the Rodney King apprehension had been aquitted. Very insightful as to how quickly the rioting started after Mayor Bradley’s public statement, and how they grew rapidly due a very tenetive initial response by LAPD. Interestingly enough, Vernon claims that the LAPD’s plan was to respond aggressively in order to quickly “get control” of any rioting should it occur following the verdict. Why the LAPD did not respond the way Chief Gates and Assistant Chief Vernon is yet to be revealed to me, but I suspect politics and politicla correctness was more important than saving lives or personal property. Pictures in the book include many of looters and destroyed businesses which bring back very sad memories. Hopefully, tomorrow will pass uneventfully.

  3. Ronald Pottol Says:

    What I would worry about is Romney winning the popular vote, but loosing the electoral college. Unlike the conspititorial whining on the left after 2000, I’d be a little worried about a few nuts on the right really loosing it.

  4. Gary Slider Says:

    Mas you stated: My life, including forty years in the threat management field, has taught me that bad things are most likely to happen to those not prepared for them.

    Never a truer statement!! I can’t believe the number of people who didn’t prepare for Sandy. People with generators standing in line for gas for their Generator 2 days after the Hurricane struck. They were not prepared. There are people who prepared but all their preparations got washed away in the flooding. Many had never been through a hurricane and couldn’t fathom how much water would come on shore. Prepare!!!!

    I have been telling my wife that I believed there would be trouble after the election if Romney won. I am hoping there is not but even though I live outside in a very rural area near a small WV town I am still preparing. Chances of there being any trouble here are very slim but like you stated Bad things are most likely to happen to those not prepared for them. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best! Those BLIPS on the radar should never be ignored.

  5. Doc Martin Says:

    Hi Mas,

    I don’t get my news from twitter or Facebook. While there are tidbits o f truth on twitter, I know for a fact that it both feeds on itself with false tweets being retweeted, and of course the deliberate false tweet created so it can be forwarded on in the attempt to add credibility to itself. Even major news organizations were caught in twitter traps when Sandy hit.

    Frankly Mas, I’ve never met so many voters who will be holding their nose while voting regardless of which direction their political compass points. If there are riots, it will not be election caused, just election blamed.

    My real fear is that there are way too many people with nothing left to lose. And if there are riots, it will be those who are disenfranchised, brainwashed, or sociopaths. For all three, the best we can do is not let things get of hand allowing a mob to form that includes the curious, the bored, the drunk, and the violent. For then the truly evil elements will do bad in anonymity while the twitter pundents will be patting themselves on the back for predicting civil unrest.

    However, where there is a real threat is if the election smells of corruption. At the first hint of that, I’m outta here! Call me when it’s over.

  6. Long Island Mike Says:

    Just be aware that one of the graffiti writers would be the POTUS
    just yesterday. Take a look at what he said at a rally. Exhorting his followers to vote. That voting is “the best REVENGE”. Read his face. His tone of voice. What kind of person in a high office, and world leader supposedly, would use such language? Is this the language of an American statesman? This is street language. Coded talk. You know darn well what it is meant to do to folks… prepared folks, stay safe.

  7. Matt Says:

    Republican Party county office in Greensboro, North Carolina reported egged last night.

  8. CDodgeLa Says:

    I guess no matter where you go on the internet, you’re always going to find trolls (Realist).

  9. Jeff Says:

    Mas, I’m stocked up and going to stock up even more. If Romney wins you will see plutocracy like you’ve never dreamed of and in two years, when unemployment is over 25%, that’s when we’ll see the SHTF. The vast majority of your readers and fans are middle class folks. When their lives are in total destruction due to the sheer greed of the plutocrats the need for self protection, (in every respect), will be paramount. If Romney wins, the cuts in public safety resources will be stunning.
    Sorry to be such a downer.

  10. Tom606 Says:

    The way to prevent black militants, Islamic terrorists, Marxist aggitators, welfare parasites, and just plain criminals from rioting is to vote and keep our Dear Leader in power. Sure, these scumbags will go crazy with joy and kill a few hundred people and cause millions of dollars in property destruction, but this would be better than them slaughtering thousands and wreaking billions in havoc in the streets to exact revenge if Romney were to win. Since I’m a charter member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and just looking for a fight, I’ll be checking the box next to Romney’s name tomorrow morning. Hope for the best- Prepare for the worst.

  11. Tom606 Says:

    Thanks for your kind comments ‘Old Fezzywig’!

    As our wise and well spoken VP has said, “I say what I mean, and mean what I say”. Only I don’t sprout his always present and stupid mistakes.

    I too keep half my freezer filled with bags of ice in case the power to my house is disrupted for any amount of time. This allows perishable foods to keep longer and I also have a large plastic cooler in my garage in case I need to transfer stuff from the regrigerator. I also have a small generator and numerous 5 gallon containers of gasoline treated with fuel stabilizer which I rotate every year to keep fresh. The preparations I have made are too numerous to list here and one can see something similiar in various survival books on the market.

    One of the reasons why early Americans were so successful was that they were very confident in themselves and self reliant. Imagine how well the pilgrims and pioneers would have been if they relied on the government or others to take care of them? America would still be a third world country.

  12. Deltaboy Says:

    All weapons are clean loaded and ready for depolyment as needed tomorrow I already voted and live in rural county south of Fort Worth TX. Prayers for peace and calm over the election results.

  13. Stu Strickler Says:

    I am cautiously watching how this transforms. I hope the riots don’t happen, but if they do, we should not be forced to pay for fixing their stupidity!

  14. Roger in NC Says:

    Romney will win. There will be riots in some of the urban areas, not because of the election but because this will present an excuse to pillage a new pair of Nikes. A few may meet justice, most will get their Nikes. Things will improve despite the thuggery. Meanwhile, I plan to remain prepared and vigilant.

  15. Steve Says:

    I’m just sitting here and reading all of this and thinking about it. If there are elements out there that intend to riot if Obama is not re-elected, why wouldn’t they go ahead and riot even if he won?
    Why waste all of that planning?
    Maybe I’m wrong, but there are those who don’t need much of an excuse, if any, to riot and loot.
    Just my 2 cents.

  16. Crawler Says:

    I think only a narrow marginal win by Romney would/could spark riots in the inner urban areas of a few select American cities.

    Being the lying manipulator he is, Obama would purposely rile the rioters up by blaming anything and anyone for his close loss, too. Believe me, if he’ll leave Americans to die in Libya, and then lie to us all about it, he’ll do anything and whatever else it takes to stay in power.

    However, I think Romney will win decidedly, so if any rioters do emerge, those miscreants probably planned their actions well in advance.

    If I lived or worked in a big city, I’d keep my head on a swivel and hunker down after the networks declare Romney the winner tomorrow night. I wouldn’t put nothing past those opportunistic radicals and criminals: the ones outside the iron gates at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and especially the ones within…

  17. Lee 66 Says:

    I can see the very real possibility of urban rioting if Obama were to lose the election on a close vote. I too can see Obama encouraging rioting in a round about way. I live in a rural area, and do not expect any trouble, but just in case, I am (as always) prepared to handle it with whatever force and means necessary to stop any threats against my family or property. Only an idiot mob would dare to become a threat to us, because rioting would instantly become the last thing on their adgenda once they see the show of force they will face if they do not take their violent stupidity somewhere else.

  18. Captain Bob Says:

    With all the underhanded things we know that the current administration has done to retain the Presidency (and all the things done that we don’t even know about, yet) this election is beginning to resemble an “election” in a South American dictatorship. If Obama wins, post-election rioting will be the least of our worries…

  19. MD Matt Says:

    Much obliged Mas as always.
    (and thanks for siting some sources, adds weight.)

  20. Tom606 Says:

    The fools on the Dark Side have taken their Dear Leader’s advice and exacted their ‘Revenge’ by voting the most anti-American resident of the White House back for another four, or more, years to complete the destruction of our once great nation.

    I hope the five good Supreme Court justices can hold out for another four years before some of them will retire. Losing just one of them and letting the Anointed One put in another of his radically liberal judges will bring our Second Admendment closer to doom by changing the balance of power.

    Having seen how the Messiah has ruled so far, I simply cannot see him compromising with conservatives to save our country. In fact, he will see his re-election as a mandate to continue, or even accelerate, his radical agenda to transform America into a third world Marxist country.

    The number of evil and/or foolish voters in the United States are increasing in number. Older and wiser Americans who can smell out a are deceasing due to attrition and younger, more gullible ones coming into voting age are increasing in number. The liberals have done a great job using educators to indocrinate our kids into being zombies for the Democrat Party and the current voting trend proves their extremely successful brainwashing strategy.

    Unless there’s a drastic change in the way foolish Americans think (with what litte gray matter they still have), future elections will be even more dire for ‘true’ Americans as they will be increasing outnumbered by their idiotic fellow voters and millions of illegal invaders who should not even be allowed to cast a ballot.

    Normally, I would say “God save us all”, but in this case, it seems the Big Dude Up There has forsaken us – at least for now.

    Never give up! We are true Americans, and we will fight for what’s right!

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