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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Massad Ayoob


Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Fighting what feels like a nasty case of bronchitis, I’m unusually pessimistic, reflecting on a really rotten July.
A reported 13 police officers killed around the country in the line of duty last month.
A dozen innocent citizens murdered and many more shot by the mad dog in Aurora, Colorado, bringing down political pundit hellfire on, of all people, the decent armed citizens of our nation, who were forbidden by theater management to carry guns in the place where it happened.
The world of the gun has taken some hard hits. My old friend Jerry Ahern, a gun writer who specialized in concealed carry and managed to resurrect his favorite pistol brand, Detonics, died last month of cancer at 66. Jerry was famous for his “Survivalist” series of novels. David Arnold, one of the founders of the United States Practical Shooting Association, was killed in a car crash. Vaya con Dios, mi hermanos.
America’s daughter Kim Rhode won yet another Gold Medal for her country, one more in a long series. You go, girl! (What could possibly be depressing about that? Only that the mainstream sports media has largely if not completely ignored her triumph, because she achieved it in skeet shooting.)
Time to move on. The tanking of the UN small arms ban was a bright spot last month, and hopefully, there are more such on the horizon.
Personally, I’m gonna cheer myself up by joining the Duffy family and the Backwoods Home Magazine team for an Appleseed shoot.

29 Responses to “DEPRESSING MONTH”

  1. Marc-Wi Says:

    I’ve had the chance to met and talk to Dave and Annie, also Jackie and her husband. Good people.

  2. Jeff in WI Says:

    You go Mas! It always helps to cheer me up when I think of the end of Obama’s reign of terror coming to an end soon.

  3. Andy Says:

    There are more opportunities to have cheer, but the UN BS Treaty is certainly a good one.

    I for one was happy to learn that the Cybersecurity Act was voted down; I was against the bill anyway, but I couldn’t have been MORE against it when Schumer put the “ban any mags over 10 rounds” amendment to it. I anticipate being very happy if/when most of the Democrats and the Marxist usurper are removed from office by a righteously-enrage voting population come November.

  4. Jeff H Says:

    Even though Kim has been largely ignored by most of the MSM, I was pleasantly surprised to see an article in the August 6th issue of Autoweek. They discussed her success in shooting and her building and restoration of automobiles. Her 427 Cobra kit being the first. It was a nice article. Online version here:
    and video interview here:

  5. Phil Wong Says:

    Actually, Mas – I achieved a personal goal in July when I took the Massad Ayoob Group Instructor Course with David Maglio, Elliott Gilchrist and 15 highly-skilled instructor candidates from across the country, and successfully graduated alongside them as a Staff Instructor. So, while there’s been plenty of bad news from July, I’ve still got my own head in the clouds…

  6. RonS Says:

    As former Survive magazine contributor Jerry Pournelle says, “Despair is a sin, it is also bad tactics.” Don’t let the bums grind you down.
    Hope the bronchitis gets better quick, it’s shooting season.

  7. Tom Says:

    Appleseed will help cheer you up! I’ve been bummed out just due to the idiocy of the response to the Colorado issue. Going to my 2nd Appleseed in a week and will hopefully make Rifleman this time. Looking forward to the event not just for the shooting, but for hearing the strikes again.

  8. Long Island Mike Says:

    Mas, I don’t know if with the somber and sad events you listed out whether this will help. Tonite I was catching up on Olympic tweets and the USA Archery association blew me away. NBC announced that none other than Archery has drawn the highest ratings on cable of ANY sport in the Olympics. That includes stuff like basketball with our all star team, soccer, swimming, gymnastics etc. I see that as really wonderful news ! These brothers and sisters in the shooting sports should be proud. They, like the firearms sports, are wonderful role models for this and next generation of our country.

  9. Mike/"Taylor" Says:

    Have a great Appleseed Mas. I’m signed up to instruct at our Hayward, WI Appleseed this weekend or I’d have found a way to join you and the BHM folks.
    Looking forward to AAR pictures on the AS forum.

  10. David Says:

    Chin up Massad, and get that chest cough checked!

  11. Joseph King Says:

    So sorry to hear of the losses of Jerry and Dave. I’d been reading Jerry Aherns stuff as long as I’ve been reading yours, easily 30+ years. And Dave Arnold almost as long. My thoughts and prayers go out to both their families.

  12. Bob G Says:

    I was also saddened at the loss of Jerry Ahern. I met him several years ago and was impressed by what a kind, patient, courteous gentleman he was. He will be missed. RIP Jerry.

  13. Tom606 Says:

    Cheer up Mas! The Messiah will lose the presidential election this time because Obama Girl won’t be singing and gyrating for her Dear Leader.

    Happy Days will be here again – I HOPE (for that upcoming CHANGE).

  14. Stu Strickler Says:

    Appleseed shoots are fun, safe and teaches history. I’ve hosted two. Have a great time, Mas.

  15. Adam in TN Says:

    Kim Rhode was on the Today Show. That’s about as mainstream as it gets.

  16. Tommy in Texas Says:

    I’m trying to get to an Appleseed shoot. I picked up a good quality sling this afternoon and am assembling a range box. My doctor wants me out of the sun so I will have to decide if I can take the summer sun here in Texas.

    Mas, I hear you! About half of our family has had ear infections for several weeks from vacation rental with a questionable (now) swimming pool. We have also lost several friends who were seriously ill. The heat of summer just isn’t good on people who are physically compromised.

    Stay cool, get some quality time in at the range, preferably air-conditioned, and we will look forward to your next blog.

  17. Bulldog Chuck Says:

    Mas, did I read that right, the UN small arms ban did not go through? I didn’t read anything about that, just like Kim Rhode’s gold medal win. While I’m not on every gun blog out there, I do read the news, especially when something pops up about firearms.

  18. Tim Says:

    Get well soon you old coot!! 🙂

  19. Paul Edwards Says:

    In case any of you are interested, here is a link to the 911 tape (18 Minutes) of the Aurora, CO, theater shootings.

  20. Randy Says:

    I remember when Kim Rhode won her first Olympic medal when she was just 16. This is her fifth Olympics! It’s too bad she doesn’t get the gushing of the press like they do with the Flying Squirrel.

    Mas, take a lot of brandy with a little honey for that cough and congestion.

  21. Michigan Swampdog Says:

    Stay away from tobacco smoke!

  22. Marc-Wi Says:

    Mas, have you had a chance to look at Michael Bane’s blog for today (Sat)? The anti gunners- what a bunch of wackos and losers.

  23. Jane of Virginia Says:

    Please get well soon. You too are a legend.

  24. Tim M Says:

    Non-Illigitamus Carborundum

  25. Gary Mansager Says:

    Cheer up Mas. This country needs you and people like you very much. You are one of the most highly regarded and respected in the law enforcement community. We need you to be well! Get better, our prayers are with you.

  26. Crow Says:

    I’ve done two Appleseed shoots- they are great instruction. Word of advice- if you wear short sleeves, tape up your elbows. I got my Rifleman badge and two bloody elbows (lots of prone work!) at the last one.

  27. Fruitbat44 Says:

    I hope that you’re soon over your illness Mas, and I hope that Appleseed is still going well.

    I never knew Jerry Ahern, and I only ever read a couple of his “Survivalist” novels, but they seemed to pretty much define ‘blood & thunder!’ But overall Mr. Ahern seemed a decent chap, and it’s sad to see one less decent chap in this world.

    And August keeps getting worse; six people murdered by a gunman at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. The gunman was subsequently shot dead by police.

  28. Ken O Says:

    Mas, this should cheer you up. Note the lack of MSM coverage.

  29. Frank Says:

    Get well it stinks being sick! I wish someone would explain to me why we cannot have a Federal Bill for killing LEO’s in the line of duty. I been a proponent of a law for years. No cutting a deal, no liberal politicians whining about taking a life and no news media blasting out a nice educated family man BS. Just a trial and a walk tothe gallows.

    Then lets move forward by reviewing the gun laws on the books. I remember Massachusetts tough gun laws years ago they placed signs at the border only to have this law end up as a plea bargain. I say get tough with the gangs and guns and give the guy 5 years if in possesion of a firearm. No parole no good behavior. Then maybe Bloomberg and Menino will finally shut-up and leave me the law abiding gun owner alone. I can’t help feelin threaten every time another politicians wants my firearms. If we don’t need the AR15 style weapons then we don’t need Ferraris or Porsches on the highway either. Lets put govenors on all the car engines and see how the public likes it.

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