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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Massad Ayoob


Saturday, January 28th, 2012

We discussed here in February, 2010 how the Starbucks chain, when gun haters demanded that firearms be banned from their coffee shop premises, stood up and said no, they would follow the laws of the given state, and those legally carrying guns would be welcome.  My friend and colleague Dave Workman brings you up to date here: . Be sure to read his links for background.

It seems than an anti-gun group has called for a boycott of Starbucks on this coming Valentine’s Day, February 14.  As Dave explains, many of us in the gun movement will be buying something at Starbucks on that day, just to make sure that Starbucks has a profitable holiday despite being boycotted by the antis.

No one put it better than Mike Crenshaw at the respected firearms forum found at A moderator who posts there as “hso,” Mike sent the following message to Starbucks headquarters: “I’ve just heard that there’s a planned boycott on Feb. 14 by anti-Second Amendment groups attempting to punish Starbucks for their decision to follow state and local law instead of changing company policy on law abiding customers carrying firearms legally. While I’m an occasional customer I’ll make a point of doing my share to offset any business Starbucks may lose due to this proposed boycott. I’ll see to it that my family and I are in Starbucks at least once on Feb. 14.Thank you for not caving in to the radical beliefs of a small vocal group of marginalized extremists.”  The discussion thread can be found at .

Crenshaw, Workman, and the rest. This Valentine’s Day, I’m gonna drive my sweetie the twenty-some miles to the nearest Starbucks and scarf up a Yuppie coffee, or a hot chocolate, or a boutique muffin, or whatever. It’s about showing solidarity with an entity that stood up against an attack on our freedoms. And sending a positive thank-you email to Starbucks – thanks for that idea, Mr. Crenshaw! – makes huge sense.

68 Responses to “STARBUCKS REDUX”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    I don’t normally shop at Starbucks, but I’ve marked my calendar for that day. I may even open carry; it’s legal here in CT.

  2. Jodi Says:

    I will be taking my guy to our local Starbucks for coffee and the grandkids for some hot chocolate. If we don’t support those who support our constitutional rights, we are no better than those trying to take them away.

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. — Thomas Jefferson

  3. Stu Strickler Says:

    I wonder if these antis have any idea how much money they are making Starbucks on that day?

  4. Larry Says:

    It should be noted that the boycott is planned not just for 2/14, but to being on 2/14 and continue until Starbucks sees the error of their ways, according to NGAC. I suspect that 2/14 is the day you’ll see the biggest effect, if any at all, so I plan to take the family to Starbucks that day myself. (As a happy shareholder, it’s pretty much my sworn duty anyway.) I’m trying to discourage the open carriers from open carrying en masse into Starbucks just to make a point, because in my opinion, it just makes us look obnoxious, which is not helpful to our cause. Better to just spend your money and send an e-mail to corporate to thank them for not caving in to a vocal minority.

  5. Travis Says:

    Thanks for making us aware of this. Going there on V day for sure and grab a cup of something!

  6. James Says:

    I think it would be good if we showed starbucks that we also respect their desire to stay out of the battle. They are a coffee business that is trying to sell coffee and muffins, not protest or protect rights. That’s why they said, “We’ll follow the laws of the state.” I respect that. I think more than just going to starbucks on Feb 14, but becoming a more regular customer would show them not only a “thank you,” but a “We respect your right to simply do business, as you respect our right to self-defense.”

    I think I’ll go get a starbucks coffee today :).

  7. Eric Says:

    I live in an extremely Liberal college town, and I’ve never seen a “no firearms” sign in ANY coffee shop. I wonder where the antis will get their lattes once the protest starts.

  8. Greg Tag Says:


    Thank YOU for helping spread the word. It annoys me to no end when the anti-firearms civil rights bigots try to throw a temper tantrum to restrict my rights.

    I visit Starbucks on occasion, but will make it a point to stop in during carpool on 14 Feb for Venti Cafe Americano with an extra shot, and my daughters can have what they want, too.

    Thank you Starbucks for not intruding on the private lives of your law abiding patrons.

    Maybe someday soon we can get the same courtesy from DuPont, Halliburton and Schlumberger.


  9. Andy Says:

    Ditto to all of the above, except for the anti-open-carry comment.

    Unfortunately my current state of residence doesn’t consider open carry to be legal, but if it did I definitely would. Alternately, I may just make a trip to Arizona where I can. =)

  10. Jack Says:

    Thanks Mas for the infor., I will do the same.

  11. Mike Sweeney Says:


    I have never patronized a Starbucks and I have never open-carried. I’ll be doing both on Feb 14. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.



  12. Tommy Sewall Says:

    One of our Starbucks is next to our largest independent firearms dealers. Sounds like a good place to visit on Valentine’s day.

  13. Jeff in WI Says:

    I will absolutely make a stop at Starbucks on Valentine’s day. I’ll also make sure my wife stops in. It would be my guess that this boycott will have little, if any, affect on their business. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that it might actually increase business for the coffee chain due to the overwhelming reaction of pro second amendment supporters like us.

  14. Roger in NC Says:

    I have a sudden yearning for a double Irish Cream cafe latte with foam…make it a large. My valentine and I will be there on February 14.

  15. Robert Says:

    I stop at Starbucks 3 or 4 times a week for my morning jolt. Sure there’s some yuppies that frequent the place, but that’s their core consumer base. If you just want a regular cup of joe they will be happy to accomodate you. It only costs a few cents more than the gruel that they serve up at the local gas stop and it’s damn good coffee. They deserve our support.

  16. Mtn CPA Says:

    We also have a thread on this on in the 2A forum, so the word is definitely getting around.

  17. Randall Says:

    My wife and I will make it a point to hit a Starbucks frequently from 2/14 forward. Small price to pay for a freedom.

  18. c.scamman Says:

    An old tactic used in the 60’s that people may wish to explore.

    When one comes across an organization or movement that one is vehemently opposed to, fight that organization through economics.

    1. Request all the mailings that the organization has to offer. Use multiple names to get multiple mailings. (the paper can be used to start wood stoves or shredded for garden mulch). This will cost the group in mailing monies and printing.

    2. If there is an ‘800’ number, call it as many times as allowed (usually three) and get your friends to do the same. This will cost them a fixed fee for each accepted call.

    3. If they have protest mailings that can be edited on line, do so, and insert “NOT” in front of key adjectives.

    This method was used successfully against several establishments. just something to think about. Hate paying Starbucks prices, but yeah, I can pony up for at least one day.

  19. Terry Says:

    I may have to make the 50 mile trip to the nearest Starbucks for an expensive cup of yucky coffee on the 14th.

  20. Aix Sponsa Says:

    None within an hour of here.
    Be careful and don’t step in the excrement the protesters scatter on the walk.

  21. Momma Says:

    Please take a look at ALL of Starbucks stands. Just recently they publicly endorsed same sex marriage legislation.

    I oppose legalizing same sex marriage. That is not saying I don’t appreciate that different people have the choice to live as they choose in their own homes, that is saying that the LAW is saying that WE, the rest of the population MUST accept these unions as the law of land, and have OUR money support benefits for these same sex unions, even if we believe they violate the Law of the Bible.

    Yes, Starbucks is doing the right thing concerning gun rights. However they are NOT doing the right thing concerning supporting moral and family rights, including traditional marriage.

    Are we willing to see the moral fiber of this country be torn even further by getting behind Starbucks who is openly supporting of making gay marriage LAW.

  22. Long Island Mike Says:

    Was on the road yesterday driving on I95. Stopped in and bought a Venti Blond – translated 20oz mild black coffee. Cost me $2.46. So count me in….

  23. Amy Says:

    I too will make a toe to hit a Starbucks on Feb 14. Have also shared this link on my FB wall. One of these days I am going to get around to actually GETTING my CHl, darnit!

  24. Amy Says:

    Note, that is

  25. Guy S. Says:

    We don’t have open carry here in SC, but since I always carry where legal, I will have nice cup-o-joe on the 14th.

  26. ArtJ Says:

    I really dont like starbucks coffee anymore. As a college student I was able to drink coffee at the first starbucks (I didnt like coffee then but wow it was good!).

    Maybe Ill buy Tea or something. My family will cross the picket line.

    Thanks for letting us know.

  27. George Burns Says:

    A grande white mocha (or two) are on my agenda for that day!

  28. Tom606 Says:

    Let’s certainly support Starbucks, but do watch out for any violent liberal goons carrying ‘choppers’ into the place and lining up gunowners against the wall, especially in Chicago. After all, it is Saint Valentine’s Day.

  29. K.C. in FL Says:

    Thanks for the info.I will be taking my sweetie to starbucks on Valentines Day. I am starting an email campaign to buy on the 14th and into the future. Contact all we can. Be humble but go for it. C.Scamman has a good idea too.

  30. Norm Koeckritz Says:

    The only thing I’ve ever bought at Starbucks were gift cards.
    From now on I’ll be stopping by for a hot chocolate to show my support!

  31. Mas Says:

    For those who live too far in the boonies to make a visit to Starbucks viable, you can always buy one of their bottled or canned drinks at a local market symbolically, and email Starbucks corporate to let ’em know why you did.


  32. richard Says:

    Well i’m a dd man myself! But on Feb 14th i will be a starbucks man the whole day !!!!!!

  33. Will Cushman Says:

    We, too, will go to our local Starbucks on Feb 14th. I would respectfully suggest that open carry, even where legal, is unduly provocative and will be used by the MSM to demonize the gun culture and our common Second Amendment cause. Most non-gun savvy (not anti gun) people are uneducated as to gun laws and probably feel threatened by open carry. Education first, not confrontation and “in your face” attitudes toward ordinary folks.

  34. Mike in the Smoky's Says:

    Mas…thanks for the intel…just wrote the Starbucks HQ and thanked them for standing up and supporting the 2nd Ammendment and allowing lawful Concealed Carry in their establishments. Because of the anti’s, Starbuck’s is going to have a very prosperous day and hopefully a even brighter future!! I suggested they post a “Lawful Concealed Carry Allowed” sign in all their establishments, other than Ill. and D.C. of course!!!. Semper-fi MIke

  35. Matt, another Says:

    Dang, I hate Starbucks Coffee, but guess I could put up with one of the cheapest coffee’s they offer. Maybe get a Cafe con Leche.

    Feb 14 is also AZ statehood day, this is our centenial year! Hooray! Not only can I legally carry openly into those Starbucks, I can legally carry concealed in those same Starbucks without a permit or permission!!!

    We might not be the freest state in the nation, but we are working on it.l

  36. Sheepdog1968 Says:

    Funny you should mention this. I was telling my wife about why I will buy coffee at Starbucks and I won’t at Pete’s Coffee or California Pizza kitchen. Starbucks told anti-gunners to “buzz off” while the other two caved in.

  37. Cline Says:

    Done and done. Emailed my thanks and making room for a couple lbs of coffee in the cupboard. Thanks for the heads up.

  38. hso Says:

    One of the other relevant facts is that his National Gun Victims Action Council in Chicago was only formed in 2010. They’re more of a crybaby just trying to get attention to make themselves appear to be relevant. By taking a public poke at a large company like Starbucks they hope to draw attention to themselves.

    The best thing we can do is to confound them by quietly seeing to it that Starbucks has a banner day on Feb. 14 and higher sales this Feb. than last Feb. It helps to let the folks at Starbucks know that you’re bringing money to them to make sure that crybaby organizations seeking attention like this one don’t profit from their behavior and that we appreciate their neutrality. No flashy overt attention seeking behavior on our part is needed lest we’re equated to these fools.

    If you don’t want to drive to get a cup of coffee you can always buy a bag of beans online at and brew it yourself. A note telling them that we respect Starbucks’ neutral policy and appreciate their not bowing to pressure from a fringe group trying to force them to set national policy against law-abiding gun owners outside of local laws can’t hurt.

  39. Zane Dargaty Says:

    Just read the blog. Sent an email to Starbucks thanking them for their position. I’ll definitely by having coffee at Starbucks on Valentines Day.

  40. Dave in NJ Says:

    I e-mailed Starbucks and received a gracious reply. I would like to show up on Feb. 14th wearing an empty bandolero or empty holster, but I don’t have the guts to try that in NJ! Be glad you live in “free” states.

    I agree with what “Momma” said above, but I want to point out some things. Marriage is none of the government’s business. George Washington did not have a marriage license because they were not invented yet. King George III invented them in the UK so his relatives could not marry commoners. The USA invented them here in the 1800s so white people could be prevented from marrying black people. Marriage is God’s business, not the government’s. Let the gays call themselves “married.” It is meaningless. Momma is right about the Bible. If you want to know what God thinks of sodomites, read Leviticus 20:13.

  41. Pete Sheppard Says:

    Funny thing is, at the Starbucks I most often frequent (Lakeshore Drive, off I-65 in Birmingham AL), there are frequent conversations between staff and customers about guns and shooting! I can only imagine what stress that must cause afraid-of-guns customers!!

  42. DavidT Says:

    Some of us are trying to get $2 bills for spending there (and other places) to represent the Second Amendment. You can also leave those in the tip jar so as not to screw up the register drawer too badly.

  43. JohninIA Says:

    Thanks for touching on this subject Mas. Getting this word out to as many 2A supporters as possible is important. Many of us who believe in our Liberty as expressed in the 2A, want to turn this into a BUYcott, as a means of expressing our thanks to Starbucks, and to show some solidarity. As DavidT says above, make a stop at your bank sometime before the 14th, and get a few 2 dollar bills to spend at Starbucks on that day. Don’t worry about “screwing up the register drawer” though. That’s exactly where they should show up! When Starbucks corporate sees all those bills show up, they’ll know for certain that they’ve made the correct decision regarding citizens’ rights, and the people they want to do business with.

  44. Zane Says:

    I have a feeling this is going to blow up in their faces. (The anit’s I mean, Starbucks may just make a killing.)

  45. Fruitbat44 Says:

    I’m not a fan of Starbucks, I don’t like their coffee – I consider it overpriced for its quality – and I don’t like the whole corporate buzz about them.

    That said, nobody is pointing a gun to anyone’s head to make them go and drink there. Errrr . . . maybe not the best metaphor given the subject of this thread. 🙂 However, ultimately if people didn’t want to buy Starbuck’s coffee they wouldn’t be in business.

    But if business is doing something you think is right, then that’s a pretty good reason to support them. So speaking as someone who thinks that the responsible ownership of firearms is generally a good thing, and that Christ’s love for us is not dependent on what we do in bed, I’ll be downing a caffinated beverage with the Starbucks logo on it come 14th Feb.

  46. Fruitbat44 Says:

    PS Vaguely disappointed that this thread wasn’t about the relative merits of Dirk Benedict vs. Katee Sackoff.


  47. Retired Rick Says:

    I stop at Starbucks usually and I will need to stop by twice on Valentines Day.

  48. Tim from CO Says:

    Heh, now I can put all the Starbuck gift cards I get to good use. Not really a coffee drinker but for something like this, I’ll stop by sometime in the next week or so. Think there’s two stores within half of mile of me…Starbucks and Walmarts everywhere…

    Going to chime in with a few others and say, let’s be professional about our support. Media would LOVE us to go in wearing camos and rifles. Heck I’d be leery of open carrying…

    At most, I’d wear an NRA or ACLDN hat.

  49. Bob A Says:

    There’s a Starbucks in the building where I work. I’d long considered them to be quite overpriced, but ever since the Washington State decision in favor of supporting the local laws, which include carrying firearms, I’ve made it a habit to buy my daily cuppa there.

    Frankly I was surprised that they’d have supported such a stance, and I’m pleased to support their business in return.

  50. Rich Says:

    I’ve set up a Facebook event here: to show solidarity to Starbucks for their commitment to doing what is right. If you’re on Facebook please consider adding your voice to the event. Most companies (as we saw yesterday with Komen backtracking their decision to pull funding from Planned Parenthood) will wither in the face of this kind of publicity. It is important that we show the anti gun crowd that we will not be idle while they attempt to tamper with our God given right to self defense.

  51. harleycowboy Says:

    Be sure to pay with a $2 bill. $2 bill will represent the 2nd amendment.

  52. Ted Hales Says:

    Thank you Starbuck for respecting our Civil Rights and caving in to the tyranny of the anti-liberty mob.

  53. Ted Hales Says:

    Oops insert “not” after ‘and’.

  54. Jim Says:


    A whole bunch o’ the gunblogs out there (Say Uncle, Shall Not Be Questioned, etc.,) have posted the following idea.

    1. Obtain quantities of $2 bills.

    2. Write “Thanks, Starbucks 2A Appreciation!” on the $2 bill.

    3. Don’t pay the tab with the $2 bill, but rather, put in in the barista’s tip-jar.

    This way, the impact of our visits will be directly felt by Starbucks employees. Conversely, if we pay the till with the $2, that just gets deposited in the bank, and Starbucks Corporate never notices the difference.

    If I can ask you to do so, would you please update your post with this suggestion highlighted at the top? It’d be great if we did this in our many thousands on the 14th! And no, it wasn’t my idea. I just like it a lot.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  55. Shane Says:

    I normally just make my own coffee, but will be in Sbux on the 14th drinking coffee, eating food, and tipping well.

  56. K Says:

    If you happen to have any $2 bills – use those. It’s a way of letting them know who they came from.

  57. Grimmy Says:

    Not so fast. Starbucks also actively supports or funds abortion and gay rights groups.

    And probably some loony Global Warming groups as well.

  58. Sage Says:

    As Mommy points out above, Starbucks is also a major supporter of the movement to legalize homosexual marriage. (Mom, is that you?) For some readers of this blog that will be a bug, for others it will be a feature. The point is, single-issue advocacy has its dangers, so check out Starbucks’ whole range of policies and expenditures before just deciding they’re going to spend your money and energy on causes you believe in.

    I say this because somebody like my myself, who is a huge fan of Ayoob, also has a long-standing boycott of Starbucks. At the end of the day, they’re just aligning themselves with the law and avoiding picking a fight with the NRA.

  59. Randy Says:

    Note that there is a suggestion to use $2.00 bills to pay.

    That should really help them see how much of their business on that day is due to Bill of Rights supporters.

  60. stonedome Says:

    i gave up on starbucks when they came out in support of gay marriage and started putting atheist quotes on their cups. coffee is mostly blended cheap beans with a large dose of marketing hype

  61. Mel Says:

    I didn’t see it mentioned here, but I read on another blog about the idea of paying for your latte with two dollar bills. The idea is to let Starbucks know people in support of the second amendment support Starbucks on this decision.

  62. Bob Lawson Says:

    I visit McDonalds almost daily along with my friend, Mr. 9mm. We’ll make a special stop at Starbucks that day and maybe even have a do nut er somethin…

  63. Daniel in Brookline Says:

    Let me echo Dave and John – $2 bills are unusual enough that, if Starbucks HQ sees a large quantity of them on February 14, they will know it’s not just coincidence – it’s us.

    I can’t open carry in MA, but I’ll definitely be visiting a Starbucks.

  64. jsallison Says:

    I’m not an aficionado of burnt coffee masquerading as strong coffee (retired Army, I know what strong coffee *really* tastes like), but I’ll be taking my 4yo granddaughter on a date for coffee and hot chocolate that day.

  65. KP Says:

    I went to Starbucks today to show my support. And glad to do so. Hope you all did as well.

  66. Jonathan Frazier Says:

    I spent $16.18 at Starbuck’s today and let them know why I was there. I gave my wife and son $10 each to do the same. And I’ll get some $2 bills for next time.

  67. Biggfoot44 Says:

    Yes , I suppose it’s a good thing that the otherwise profitable anyway Starbucks follows the law.

    But for the expendature difference between overpriced yuppie drinks plus tips , and the self serve brew at the local convience store , you could contribute $50-100 per month to your state leval Firearms Rights group/ SAF/ NRA N etc. They need it more , and do more good with it than Starbucks.

  68. Richard Bates Says:

    Wow now what? I think the latest decision by Starbucks was forced by the idiots around the nation sitting outside Starbucks with open carry causing a scene. What a bunch of dope heads.


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