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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Massad Ayoob


Friday, January 20th, 2012

I had waited for some time after the announcement to get my review copy of Julie Golob’s book, “Shoot.” I was not disappointed. She put in the tips I expected for seasoned shooters…but I was pleasantly surprised to see that she devoted much of her book to new shooters, and much to those who had owned guns and been shooting for a long time, but had not yet stepped into the deep and exciting pool of competitive shooting.

I’ve known Julie for years, back when she shot as Julie Goloski. While I’d love to adopt her, she already has a dad, the man who set her on her dynamic shooting path. As a shooter, she has kicked butt winning national championships in multiple handgun disciplines.  Julie goes beyond that as a master of the shooting sports: most famous for her handgun victories, she also competes with the rifle and the shotgun.

Julie is living proof of the fallacy that a woman must set aside her femininity to compete in what has too long been seen as a sport that’s “a man’s world.” She’s beautiful enough that she could have been a model. I’ve seen her teach at the firearms industry’s major trade gathering, the SHOT Show (where I expect she is this week) and she’s awesome at that.  She’s smart enough that she was chosen to be the administrator of what may be the dominant squad of industry sponsored professional tournament shooters, Team Smith & Wesson. She is sufficiently kind and graceful socially to be a perfect ambassador representing the shooting sports world. When she chose to marry one of my highest achieving graduates, Simon Golub, Julie probably shattered the wistful fantasies of thousands of male shooters. More to the point, though, the two of them and their little one comprise a classic young American family, which happens to be devoted to sharing the Gun Culture with an America that needs to understand that these values are part of their roots. I think “role models” may be the term I am groping for.

Julie Golob’s understanding of that shines through in her book, “Shoot.” I think it’s going to turn a lot of people who aren’t shooters and gun owners into shooters and gun owners. I think it’s going to help push a lot of people from being casual gun owners into becoming serious, really skilled shooters. While a great many of those people will be female, take it from a male whose butt she has kicked in national matches, men can learn from her book, too.

And, needless to say, I think you should buy Julie Golob’s book “Shoot,” and maybe pass it around to people you know who could benefit from reading it.

8 Responses to “SHOOT!”

  1. Midwest Patriot Says:

    I am heading out to see if the local B&N has SHOOT in stock. I have been following Julie for most of this last year, and I, too am impressed. I contected her about a project I have (setting up a booth for the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association at a local Women’s Expo) and Julie was more than happy to offer advice and sent us some autographed items for our giveaway. A true ambassador for sure. She among other lady shooters are great role models for our young ladies (my own 12yo daughter included).

  2. Andy Says:

    …the two of them and their little one comprise a classic young American family, which happens to be devoted to sharing the Gun Culture with an America that needs to understand that these values are part of their roots. I think “role models” may be the term I am groping for.

    I agree with calling them- and any others like them- the role models of American family. Thinking about the personal character, attitude, skills, mindset, conduct, (dare I say?) patriotism, and goodwill that I’ve seen in MOST shooters- competitive and otherwise- …well, I am simply hard-pressed to think of any other type of person who would be a good American role model.

    I hesitate to bring up “people of faith,” though I am Christian myself, because a LOT of people call themselves Christian (/insert any other title here) and do not actually live the life and have the heart of one.

    By comparison, shooters- NOT just any old gun owner- walk the walk, and thus by definition their actions speak louder than words. I believe the vast majority of them are worth emulating, at least in part.

  3. Glenbo Says:

    It’s always good to hear of women in our sport. I’ve been outshot a couple of times by good women shooters, just in a fun match, and there’s no embarrassment in it. I encourage them all. My own S/O has been a good handgun shot for a long time, but that may have changed since she has just had a stroke that has taken much strength from her right side. Time will bring her back. Meanwhile, I’ll try to find Julie’s book to keep her busy and her mind on shooting.

  4. Dale Says:

    Got my copy today from Amazon and just finished reading it a little while ago. Superb book and I already know that not only will I be loaning it out to a few people, but may have to replace it as well when it doesn’t come back! As a relative late comer to shooting and the shooting sports, I regularly get my butt kicked by more experienced women of all ages at IDPA matches. I just watch and try to learn more. Never too old to learn and Julie’s book will definitely be a mainstay on my bookshelf.

  5. Chem Says:

    Point of order Mas,

    Link to the book?

    Here is a non-denominational version from her website that has links to both B&N and Amazon.

  6. Mas Says:

    Thanks, Chem!

  7. Stu Strickler Says:

    I guess I’ll have to buy the book and read it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with *adopting* a girl that likes to shoot. She had a real dad at the time, but she likes to shoot and I *adopted* her 7 years ago. I have never regretted it!

  8. David Keough Says:

    It’s outstanding to have someone like here in our shooting sports. I was at the range today, and helped a new female shooter. It makes my day!

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