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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Massad Ayoob


Thursday, December 29th, 2011

I appreciate all the comments about “gun folks’ Christmas”… thanks to all.

As we bask in the aftermath of our holiday gift exchanges, Significant Other calls to my attention this cute YouTube rant from a little girl who, in her thus far short life, has apparently already tired of being told “If you’re female, you need Pink Princess Products.”

Significant Other shares the child’s sentiments. Adamantly opposing the current “pretty in pink” pistol marketing, she carries black guns, presumably the better to intimidate those who would try to sell her something  in Rose or Raspberry.

How unfortunate that the latest batch of firearms that came in for me to test for gun magazines included this one…

It suddenly occurs to me, the Insignificant Other, that I should perhaps round up some OTHER females to take part in the testing…


  1. Pony Says:

    Ha! My dear husband bought me a cute little pink pistol as a gift a couple of years ago. I asked for a bigger, blacker one. A gun (in my humble opinion) should not look like a toy. If I have to draw my firearm, I want there to be no doubt in anyone’s mind that it is the real deal.

  2. Abigail Villodas Says:

    OMG…what is this world coming to!? I think this trend is very dangerous. My sister is a NYC police officer (my father is retired NYPD) and I would be afraid of anyone having one of these “cutesy”guns and an officer hesitating on taking appropriate action if s/he is not sure if it’s a toy being pointed at them. This has got to stop. I myself take it as a personal insult that gun makers feel women want pink guns. I would prefer a grip that fits my hand!

  3. Roger in NC Says:

    The little girl in the video made me smile and gives me some degree of hope that her generation will be in general more skeptical. I wish she could have voted in the last election.

  4. Rob Says:

    My wife and daughter are repelled by the “pink” marketing gimmick. Maybe Charter Arm’s “Pink Bitch” .38 predisposed them to hold all pink guns in contempt… Foolish, shallow thinking by the people pushing this crap.

  5. R. Hill Says:

    My 22 yr.old girl likes blue, (various shades) not pink. Her college graduation gift is a black gripped revolver with Crimson Trace. And training.

  6. pax Says:

    Oh em gee.

    Not really?

  7. Jo Ann Says:

    Yeah – Why DO the girls have to buy pink stuff and the boys get super heroes
    huh, Mas, why? That kid is my kind of little girl – look out boys, here she comes!

  8. Tim/GA Says:

    Sorry all, just don’t see the issue here (although slightly understand the police aspect- but then it is just the opposite as when they wanted to make the Airsoft guns with orange tips.). To each his/her own. I love the freedoms we have- to include both the 2nd Amendment AND the right for that gun to be any color you want and they can make 🙂

    As Mas has said, don’t buy them the gun- let them choose and help make it happen. When my brother and I bought Mom her first gun after Dad was mugged and left unconscious, she wanted a 20 gauge 870 in black like my 12 gauge she had shot and enjoyed. Then when she wanted the pink gun case, you better believe she got that as well! If it had been the other way around- pink shotgun and black bag, we would have made that happen as well!!

  9. Racer Says:

    Guilty as charged, Your Honor. I knew I wanted to get my daughter (14) a decent pocket knife for Christmas and wasn’t sure what to get and where. I got soundly bagged-on for getting my son a Case for Christamas last year and not my daughter. I looked around at the local Bass Pro’s and Gander Mountains, but nothing was hitting my buy button. Then I saw a deal on a Browning breast cancer awareness knife in Sportsman’s Guide in…..PInk! Even had the BC awareness ribbon emblazened on the grip. I was hooked! I also had her initials engraved on it. I have to say, dispite the subject of this piece, it’s a great knife and she loves it. The wife seems a little jealous in fact. Clearly, not all the ladies fall into the same catagory.

  10. Fruitbat44 Says:

    Hmmm . . .

    I guess there will be, or perhaps is already, a debate about the assumptions of marketeers, the danger of confusing guns with toys, calls for non-macho firearms to be banned and arguments that that ‘Pink’ is a second amendment right. Or maybe there won’t be. 🙂

    On a more serious(?) or maybe a lighter note(?) . . .

    Mas – don’t worry turning up at a range with a pistol like that; it just means that you’re secure in your sexuality.

    Honest. 🙂

  11. Long Island Mike Says:

    To those who are hysterical about LEOs confronted by a pink pistol…well you can join Mike Bloomberg and others in the NYC area who have so graciously codified your concerns into law. Be careful what you wish for. Now you go to jail if you have a pink pistol. Thanks.

  12. Rich Says:

    Probably a good idea to have someone else test the product. Wouldn’t want to go into the test already leaning to the negative.

    We’re having a delayed Christmas here, none of our presents are opened yet. They will be opened when my daughter, currently serving in the USAF, gets home on leave on 1/6. After all, someone has to watch the store.

  13. Lynne F Says:

    While I have joked about getting guns to match my shoes, I really like my SS Revolver and my big black Glock! Plus, as an instructor, it would be hard to get a lot of men to pick up a pink gun for a lesson. Seriously, the tiny little thing in the photo looks like a toy, but I can’t imagine shooting anything more powerful than a .22 through it.
    I think the trend sends the wrong message, they somehow seem less serious. While I can imagine an agressor laughing so hard I would have time to get away…I can’t count on that.

  14. Tim from CO Says:

    Sure the pink coloring must help sales (or they wouldn’t do it?) but my Better Half doesn’t go for it.

    Although we joke a pink knife or handgun for her might help in court…

    Attorney: Sir, are you saying my client threatened you with this small pink handgun?

    Maybe a pink AR-15 might not be as scary for politicians? 😛

  15. Sara Says:

    Riley is a girl after my own heart! I’ve felt the same way my entire life. Preferred playing baseball instead of “Barbie” and pink was a dirty word. It’s still an issue. With clothing, women get to chose from colors like “dusty rose” and “mint green” whereas men get “woodland green” or “gunmetal grey”. Running shoes are always cooler in men’s colors than women’s. But, you know, if women didn’t accept it, it might change, so gals, stop buying serious things in pink!

  16. LarryA Says:

    Think about it from the aggressor’s POV. The grips will be in your hand. What he will see is the hole in the end of the barrel.

    In a year or so the pink guns will be as controversial among gun owners as the black ones are now.

  17. EN Says:

    I believe I’ve commented before on this issue. My son’s girlfriend has a Charter Arms Pink Lady to go with her XD compact (in black). She rolls her eyes and offers to see who shoots better to her semi-tough (and often marksmanship challenged) anti-pink sisters. She has mentioned that, “having a black gun doesn’t mean women (and some men) automatically get a penis”. Having fired pink guns I assure you that no one will feel better for having been shot by the pink version compared with the black. My view is that pink guns are a style issue… just like black guns. There’s certainly no tactical reason, and in a time when NVDs are prevalent it might even be detrimental. Either way I’m not sure I care. Woman are buying guns and for that I’m thankful.

  18. Chris Says:

    Free market. Free market dictates that these manufactures are making money on them. If sales are going up, then the specific market that are buying these guns (women) are now gun owners. Good. That’s the idea right? A pink gun in the hand is better then the black one at the store.

  19. Rebel Says:

    I think Mas is more upset about the fact that women are being marketed little derringers for home/rape defense that only hold and fire two rounds. Sure, pink color on a gun insinuates it’s a toy, he’s probably mad about that, but if there are 3 attackers and your daughter’s derringer only has two bullets, what’s she going to do, wish the third one away?

  20. Cali_mom Says:

    Haha I think it’s rad! It’s just like any other gun… Guys can get a digi camo AR we should be able to get any color gun we want…. Who cares and if you don’t like it… Guess what don’t buy it. My family owns a gun shop and everyone (female/male) loves colors on guns… And even the guys come in and show us pics of their guns painted… White AR’s to pink sig’s who cares.. If u want a black gun ladies; Then that’s what u buy….and if you don’t like the pink…. Don’t even look at it… Problem
    Solved! Yay’

  21. Biggfoot44 Says:

    My teenaged daughter likes her pink Sig Mosteeto. She enjoys shooting , handloading , and hunting. She has been driving offroad for several years , even though she is now almost old enought to drive on public roads. She is self confident and assertive , and doesn’t take any guff. She just enjoys the occasional pink whatever.

    What is troubling is the marketing to women of ineffective/ inaproprate firearms. The worst was the Mossberg ad camphign for their Tactical Defensive .410 ( the one with the Tommy Gun front grip).

  22. Slicktoria Says:

    I really want this gun. How can I get it? Please help me get this super pink gun!

  23. Mas Says:

    Slicktoria, it’s available from Bond Derringer. Your local gun shop can order for you if they don’t have them in stock. 🙂

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