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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Archive for January 20th, 2011

Massad Ayoob


Thursday, January 20th, 2011

My bro Russ Lary reports from the SHOT Show that there’s some pretty high-tech stuff on display, including a security system that links through your AR15/M4 rifle. Seems that if you turn the rifle’s safety/selector switch to “Fire,” it triggers a signal to lock your gates, etc. “A kid saw a guy get killed by a drive-through bomber, and came up with this concept,” Russ relays. “The inventor’s feeling was that if a system like this had been in place, it might have kept the vehicle from getting through the gates as soon as the first guard who saw him flipped the safety switch on his rifle.

We are, indeed, in the 21st Century…

One of our blog readers asked about carrying guns at the SHOT Show. Russ relates the story of a brother cop attending the Show who pulled up at the adjacent host hotel, the Palazzo. It seems that as soon as his car came to a stop, an attendant asked, “Sir, do you have any guns in the car?” The cop identified himself and stated that he was carrying an off-duty pistol. He was promptly escorted into the adjacent SHOT Show security center, where his pistol was put in a locker to which he was given the key. Apparently, the host hotel does not even allow off-duty cops to have guns on the premises.

(Guess where one old blog writer will NOT be spending his money the next time he’s in Las Vegas…)

At Backwoods Home’s request, Russ has kept his ear to the ground to hear the industry buzz on the current media push for a ban on high capacity magazines. His sense of it, after talking with lots of industry folks (including some who make up to 100-round magazines), is that they don’t really think the proposed new legislation is going to fly. After all, it didn’t work the LAST time it was in effect for ten years…

Dan Baum, whose name you’ve seen in this blog before, is a credentialed liberal, but had this to say on the Huffington Post on this topic:

It ain’t about “conservative or liberal.” It’s about common sense, dammit.

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