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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Massad Ayoob


Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

As noted in the last entry here, more insidious people are coming through our porous southern border than folks who just want to get jobs in the US and support their families.

Those who patrol the borders – and those who own adjoining property – find things left behind by the border-crossers, such as Moslem prayer rugs and copies of the Koran. Since there aren’t a whole lot of Mexicans who practice the Moslem faith, this leads people of logic to the conclusion that Islamic fanatics who have declared a fatwa against the United States are crossing into our country there. At least one left behind a patch celebrating “martyrdom” in Arabic. See LINK HERE .  It doesn’t exactly take Sherlock Holmes or Dick Tracy to put it all together.

I’ve seen intelligence briefings that indicate Al Qaeda members are among those who have penetrated our border via this route, assisted in some cases by Mexican drug cartels. There is strong evidence to suggest that they’ve brought in hardware that includes crew-served weapons and explosive materials.

Picture Mumbai: a handful of commandoes roaming the streets, machine-gunning every innocent person in sight with AK47s, setting fire to heavily occupied buildings as they go. Now picture it in this country, combined with massive explosions at power plants and communications centers within the target communities, to kick off the attack. Then, picture it happening in multiple cities at once across the United States when Osama bin Laden “pulls the trigger” on the attack.

You have trouble picturing that? Some highly placed American intelligence people don’t.

During my recent visit with various elements of law enforcement along the Arizona border, I learned that the night before my arrival, three Sudanese had been caught in Tucson taking classes to become pilots, and were turned over to the FBI. Huachuca City Police told me that illegally-immigrating Jordanians had recently bought 500 cell phones in their city, and FBI was called in on that one too.  Al Qaeda terrorists use cell phones to detonate IEDs. Devices that trigger Improvised Explosive Devices to maim and kill American troops in the streets of Iraq can, of course, perform the same function in American streets.

Our top intelligence people warned us long before 9/11/01 that terrorism was coming to America, and it was only a matter of time. The elements for another Mumbai, but in the USA and on a massive scale, are already here.  And much of that seems to have seeped in through the southern border.

Left to right, Chief Dennis Grey, Officer R. Thomas Allen, and Lt. Jennifer Fuller of Huachuca City, Arizona PD. They’ve caught illegal immigrants from Jordan purchasing disposable cell phones of the type used to detonate IEDs, in large quantities.

The US Border Patrol works valiantly to stop the influx of illegals, focusing on the most dangerous ones, but are severely short of manpower and budget for their gargantuan task.

31 Responses to “DANGER ON THE BORDER”

  1. Brian Heyer Says:

    Let’s be exceedingly clear about fedgov’s intentions. The US Border Patrol is not short on manpower by accident. The fedgov has 2 million employees, excluding post office and military. Fedgov KNOWS how to hire people and spend money. The Chamber of Commerce and the collectivist parties’ bosses need USBP to be blinded so that the migration can continue unabated.

  2. Long Island Mike Says:

    Mas, thanks for the upbeat report 🙂 I got that sick feeling again in my gut like I had walking the streets of lower Manhattan the days after 9/11. Hard to describe how troops with M4’s, burning buildings and the choking smells of what can only be described as war, make your guts twist up. How especially that eerie silence pervades the landscape. Its coming I also suspect. And though all of America could be hit, the enemy is fixated with New York. And like the last bunch of times its going to be a bunch of regular working slobs trying to get through the day that will find themselves in the midst of an inferno. Just wish our leaders would wake the hell up.

  3. Jason Says:

    Holy Crap that news report is damning. Why aren’t we seeing this in the lamestream media???? All we get is how racist Arizona is. As soon as one of these terrorists kills a bunch of people and it is proven that he came across our southern border, we need to take every politician out and hang them from the light poles in the streets.

  4. Dave Says:

    This article published 5/29/10 on further strengthens the arguement for a secure border.

    Chatter has increased. Be vigilant.

  5. Matt Says:

    Bottom line: Washington’s cheap-labor backers – in both parties – can’t have the low-paid Mexicans coming in illegally without also leaving the border wide open to all sorts of UNDESIRABLES, Mexican and otherwise.
    And do we “need” even the “ordinary” Mexican illegals in the midst of the current unemployment levels, anyway? Certainly, nobody credibly can say there’s a “labor shortage” in America any longer now.

  6. Michigan Swampdog Says:

    Leaders? What are they “leading”? Seems to me the predictions of the Founding Fathers are coming to fruition. A Republic, “if you can keep it.”

  7. Stu Strickler Says:

    The Federal Government knows that the illegals are crossing the border by droves. They don’t care! That is part of their plan. Be very careful who you vote for in November!

  8. James Robertson Says:

    If they try and assault Palo Verde, then they’ll be in for a big surprise. Joe Arpaio isn’t known as America’s toughest sheriff just for his stance on illegal immigration and tent city.

  9. Tom 606 Says:

    I think it’s a matter of ‘when’ the excrement hits the fan, not ‘if’ it’s going to happen. It may not be a spectacular event like what occured on 9/11 but possibly a series of coordinated attacks in local areas such as terrorists targeting shopping malls (especially around the Christmas holidays), movie theaters, sports arenas, and any other places with lots of people. Guns, grenades, and maybe some RPGs will be used and casualties will be high, especially if the areas attacked are in large cities like NYC, LA, etc. where there is strict gun control and the population is kept disarmed and defenseless. There are also gangs in big cities and many of them will probably side with the terrorists to kill cops, rape, and pillage in the resulting mass confusion. These are times when all good people should be well armed to defend themselves because law enforcement will be too busy to help them. Just look at what happened in New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I can see the current White House resident and his minions attempt to use any gun related criminal incident to ban and confiscate privately owned firearms, despite the various laws passed after Katrina to prevent a repeat of rogue police chiefs disarming citizens. We can hope for the best, but be well prepared for the worst. An inexpensive SKS rifle with a case of ammo and a reliable handgun will go a long way in keeping one and one’s family safe.

  10. Captain Bob Says:

    “It may not be a spectacular event like what occured on 9/11 but possibly a series of coordinated attacks…”
    My fear is that it WILL be a “spectacular event” and the one I’m most afraid of is a nuclear bomb. There are “suitcase” nuclear bombs that can easily be carried across the border by one person. While anything radioactive would be detected and stopped at ports of entry, this open border in the Southwest is the perfect place to smuggle in these bombs. Once past the border, they could be brought anywhere for detonation on “the day.” We need to close our border NOW!

  11. Terry Says:

    Well what do you expect, when you have a president that is Islamic, no one wants to say that, but lets get real, he bows to the king of an Arab nation and is always telling everyone how sorry we are for being us. No I think that to stop what is going on we have to start at the top. Remove Obama and his crew and get someone in there that loves this country

  12. Matt, another Says:

    I have personally come across some of the moslem bits and pieces left behind in the deserts in Cochise County. It was chilling. I have also had to go into full Escape and Evade mode when hunting with my daughter and we inadvertantly crossed a “muletrain” of smugglers. My 10 year old daughter was quite the trooper, when it was time to move out smartly she kept up. I have stumbled across hide sites etc.
    Over a century ago there were problems with invaders along the U.S./Mexico border as well. We sent the U.S. Army. Ulitmately, with some assistance from the Mexican government, we secured the border. We can do it again. Looks like we’ll have to do it ourselves this time though.

  13. Matt, another Says:


    A small point that might be useful to other readers, I don’t know if you mentioned it in other posts.

    The Huachuca City that has been referenced several times is roughly 40 miles north of the U.S. border. The Border Patrol checkpoint that Mas has the picture of is another 10 miles north. The shoot out that occured between a Pinal County deputy and drug smugglers was somewhere over 100 miles north of the border and pretty close to a couple of metropolitan areas. The “border” problems aren’t just occurring in the areas that are literally on the border, they are affecting the state of Arizona as a whole.

  14. .45StayAlive Says:

    Hi Mas,

    In your prior entry, I read with interest how most Border Patrol Officers are now carrying 4 spare mags instead of the minimum requirement of 2. They’re not the only ones. When I leave the house these days, I’m always carrying at least two handguns, and lots of spare mags.

    It’s almost comical at the end of the typical day, when I unload: 2 .45’s (4″ and 3″), and a 9mm ankle gun, double mag carrier from my belt, single mag in pocket carrier, the shoulder holster with its two mags, knife, tac light, cell phone, pepperspray. But it’s not for comical reasons that I carry what I carry. If I’m walking down a crowded city street and a Mumbai incident starts, I’ll be shooting back until I die (and hopefully, said death will be avoided). I only hope I’m not alone on that street defending us.

    In addition to the above equipment, I practice, and practice, and practice. You can have the best saxophone in the world, but that doesn’t make you a musician. Same with weapons.

    I fully realize that even if an incident happens, it’s unlikely I’ll be there at the epicenter of it. But you know what? I wear my seatbelt every day, I carry insurance, and though it’s not likely to happen, I find it just as prudent to be prepared for whatever incident may happen.

    Thanks for spreading the word, Mas.

  15. Marc Says:

    This is very scary when you see the path on which the public is being led. Allowing a continued influx of illegal immigrants while ignoring the Islamic terrorists that are sneeking in with them, shows the political agenda of the left is oblivious to the plans the terrorists have for the US homeland. The un-armed sheeple of America are going to have a rude awakening when the next planned terrorist attack occurs. And to think that the first thing the government will do is start confiscating weapons from law-abiding citizens really sheds doubt on what the govt considers to be important to the security of our borders and country.

  16. Matt Says:

    I see a major bombing like on London’s subways as MUCH more likely than “Mumbai/Bombay here.” MANY more casualties would be inflicted by MANY fewer terrorists MUCH faster – and, by the time anyone knew an attack was underway, it would be all over and no response possible.
    Look at that Paki who recently tried truck-bombing Times Square; only thing that kept him from instantly killing lots of people was technical ineptitude.

  17. Mas Says:

    .45StayAlive, just to clarify, I didn’t say MOST of them were carrying four spare pistol magazines, only that some were. I honestly don’t know how many are carrying the minimum mandatory two spares, vis-a-vis the optional four. Seems like a damn good idea to me to carry more instead of less, though, given the situation they’re facing…:-)


  18. Knight 99 Says:

    The US has had no problem defending the North and South Korean border for the last several decades. They have been able to finance bases and military operations in over 140 countries around the world, and allowed Germany and Japan to rise to global financial super powers by supplying them with American military defense (for the last 60 years).

    None of these countries require a defense budget, which helps pay for their lavish social programs, education, and industry.

    How is it possible that the US cannot afford to defend its own 2000 mile strip of barren desert?

  19. .45StayAlive Says:

    Ah yes, that is what you wrote. I guess my subconscious hope that most of them carry more than 2 mags managed to find its way into my prose…

  20. James Robertson Says:

    Consider now that Gov. Brewer’s message to Obama has fallen on deaf ears, it’s doubly scary.

    I just hope the terrorists realize that AZ is not a good target, since:

    1) Our gun laws essentially promise an armed resistance and a vicious response while they’re on our soil. Remember why Admiral Yamamotto decided against a mainland invasion of the United States.

    2) We know they’re coming. The people of other states may be foolishly sleeping, but we’re not. They may be able to sneak over our border, but any major organized movement we’d sniff out rather fast, and if that happens, I doubt the governor will care all that much about obtaining permission from the feds about stiff response. She’s already proven that she thinks of her state first.

    No, what I think is that they’ll come through AZ and attack elsewhere that is soft, unsuspecting, and totally blind to what is going on.

    LA perhaps? Or Austin? Chicago? Columbus? Anywhere where you have a mayor and a state governor that gives no care to the legal citizens but panders to and shelters illegal aliens, that’s where they’ll strike.

  21. Matt, another Says:


    A short apology. I assumed you didn’t mention the distance of Huachuca City from the border. You did and I would agree with your 16 miles. My 40 miles was thinking about the road distance up from the Naco area, not the “as the drug smuggler walks distances.”

    Thanks for providing the information about the problems down here the last couple of posts.

  22. Matt Says:

    “I honestly don’t know how many are carrying the minimum mandatory two spares, vis-a-vis the optional four.”

    At that moment, a 9mm Browning HP starts looking a LOT better than a 1911.

  23. Phillip Says:

    Y’know, that terrorism scenario makes for a great movie plot. Like this here:

    And looking at the comments to this article, I can’t help but find the irony of anti-immigration ex-colonials (your parents were immigrants into the US, too, once!) deeply amusing.

  24. Mas Says:

    Phillip, help us out here. We’re talking about insights gained from law enforcement intelligence sources, not movie plots.

    You bet our parents were immigrants once, most of us anyway. All four of my grandparents came to the US in the lat 1890s or early 1900s…and they all followed the rules,and all became citizens. None of them shot it out with cops, ran drugs across the border, or had hostile plans for the country in which they hoped to live and flourish.

    So, Phillip, please clarify for us…what, exactly, were you getting at in your post above, and where does it touch on anything under discussion HERE, in this particular blog?

    Hoping for enlightenment,

  25. Knight 99 Says:

    @ Phillip Says:

    “deeply amusing”

    What is amusing is that people would compare immigrants that legally entered a country via all the health screening and background checks of Ellis Island verses criminal gangs and plague ridden cast-outs of Mexico’s third world.

    They came without welfare or anchor baby subsidies expected. No expectations of free anything except the opportunity to participate in building something greater than themselves with the freedom from repression and tyranny to do it. Not to bring tyranny and failed elitist systems to the “land of the free” while proudly waving their flag of repression and demanding their language and culture to be the prevailing norm in society.

    There is a difference between those that build and those that take. If anyone cannot see that difference and logically comprehend what that will mean to their future, they deserve everything they get.

  26. BikerRN Says:


    While many of us, most in fact, are the offspring of immigrants or the Grandchildren of immigrants, our ancestors came to better themselves and enrich the country they immigrated to.

    That is unlike the current crop of illegals that cross our southern border. There is an active movement in this country, by people of mexican origin, to re-conquer what they consider land taken from Mexico.

    Also, the drug cartels are fighting over territory, and killing plenty of people in the process. Even Americans that live on the border, or along a smuggling route, that are not involved in the drug trade are in danger if they so much as report the illegal activity.

    I fear that we are coming to a war on our southern border, and our inept politicians will do too little too late, and go after the wrong people. Instead of the illegals and drug smugglers they will go after the American citizen that was forced to defend him or her self.

    The stories told by people that live along the border are truly hair raising and chilling. The border country has become “Injun Country” and is not the country of the peaceful Jose coming over to make money to feed his family and hasn’t been for quite some time.

    For what it’s worth I grew up on the border and frquent areas along our southern border often. I see the changes, and it scares me.


  27. marc -wi Says:

    Mas, as soon as this post came out I tried to find a post from a different blog that I,d read about one week earlier to post a link. Unfortunately it must have been archived or some thing, I spent two days. Same with another post with tv links. They had photos videos and gov’t doc’s showing just who’s coming in. Fruit pickers to terrorists to russian mafia. Backed up everything in your post and thensome. IT IS COMING AND THE ADMIN HAS CLOSED IT’S EYES. God help the Republic.

  28. pt1775 Says:

    this is no accident! obama and his buddies want this to happen! they want america to fall! HE IS A MUSLIM!!!! he is the kind that believes it’s ok to lie about being one in order to decieve the enemy. most people were shocked and surprized when 911 happened. well get ready. they didnt just go away. in fact they put one of their own in the white house to facilitate their plans.

  29. Bark'n Says:

    BikerRN, Good to see you here buddy!

    Yeah, with all the programs and training I’ve attended over the years, I’ve seen this coming for almost a decade before 9/11 and here we are almost a decade post 9/11 and it seems we may be on the brink of some major mishaps here in the States.

    I believe things are starting to build now at an exponential speed. And still there are so many people, including elected officials still in the dark. As far as the elected officials go, to be willfully silent and intentionally blocking an aggressive plan to secure the border is criminal. It is certainly a breach of their oath of office.

    And when something happens, no accountability is the norm.

    It’s not very encouraging in the least.

  30. James Robertson Says:

    pt, easy there. BHO is no muslim. He doesn’t act like one AT ALL. A devout muslim wouldn’t be endorsing the far-left social organizations like he does.

    BHO is an ardent post-modern secularist. He’ll buddy-buddy up to America’s enemies, but that doesn’t mean that our enemies cozy up to him in friendship. our enemies cozy up to him saying nice things to him all the while they have the long knife ready to stick into his back or the back of any American who tries to play nice with them.

  31. BikerRN Says:


    It’s great to see you here friend.

    I’ve been advocating closing the border with military troops since as far back as 1984, but what do I know?

    The situation has gotten out of hand and reached the boiling point. I fear that many good people will be caught in the crossfire, through no fault of their own. I know which side I stand with, and I think people may have to pick sides and go with their beliefs. The time for philosophical discussion and consideration is over. We have reached the point, as a nation, where it has become time to act.


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