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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016 by Mas | 89 Comments »

When I was a little boy, my dad’s choice of home defense gun was “American Traditional”: a double barrel 12 gauge shotgun and double-aught buckshot. Joe Biden would have approved.

The shotgun was the home defense standard in this country for centuries, but recently we’ve seen a huge surge in the adoption of the A15 rifle for this purpose. With proper ammo, it won’t penetrate through residential building materials any more than a service pistol bullet, but is very easy for all authorized members of the family to manipulate, particularly when equipped with the telescoping stock so hated by those who scream for the ban of “assault weapons.”

At the other end of the spectrum, my old friend Rich Grassi made a case in The Tactical Wire for the tiny Ruger LCP .380 pistol as part of the home defense armory. Reason: it can be constantly carried in your pocket, giving you a firearm instantly at hand wherever you are inside or outside the four walls, buying you time to fight your way to something more substantial if necessary.

As I write this, our current home defense guns motel room defense guns are a couple of .45 autos: A Springfield Armory Range Officer 1911A1 on my side, and a ROBAR Custom Glock 30-S for the lady of the house hotel room.

What’s your current approach to home defense hardware?


Friday, August 19th, 2016 by Mas | 15 Comments »

Reference one of our great champions and American role models:


Sunday, August 14th, 2016 by Mas | 64 Comments »

Why am I concerned with the prospect of Hillary Rodham Clinton as President of the United States? Let me begin to count the reasons.

For many years I have been a sworn police officer. Mrs. Clinton’s dislike of police has long been a matter of record. From her contempt for the Arkansas troopers on her bodyguard detail when her husband was governor of that state, to the disdain with which she treated Secret Service when she was in the White House, to her campaign’s recent announcement that it was not interested in an endorsement by the Fraternal Order of Police, it is clear that Mrs. Clinton is no friend or supporter of law enforcement.

For many years I have been an expert witness in weapons and homicide cases, on both the criminal and civil justice sides of the house. Even-handed fairness is the very essence of justice. Go back to her earliest professional days, when her ethics were questioned during the Watergate matter. Go back to the case where her ethics came into question in her defense of a child molester.  As we look at the questionable contact more recently between her husband and the Attorney General immediately before the AG abjured from deciding on Mrs. Clinton’s prosecution in the email matter, we wonder about even-handed fairness by a potential President whose appointments to the US Supreme Court will determine the tenor of that body for the next generation or two.

For many years I have been a life member of the NRA, and a responsible gun owner and firearms instructor. When a candidate compares groups you belong to – and thus, by extension, you – to terrorists, you start getting nervous.

We live in a time when there is strong sentiment to put suspected real terrorists on lists such as the no-fly list and the no-gun list. A candidate conflating law-abiding Americans with terrorists is unacceptable. It is not surprising that some American gun owners watch the rise of Hillary Clinton and feel like German Jews witnessing the ascendance of Adolf Hitler. (And, before anyone invokes Godwin’s Law, I invoke Ayoob’s Corollary to Godwin’s Law: If you don’t want to be compared to Nazis, don’t act like one.)

Your thought and comments are welcome here.


Thursday, August 11th, 2016 by Mas | 18 Comments »

Something I haven’t seen in the mainstream media…more than mosquitoes to worry about down there.

This from my old friend and colleague John Farnam this morning:

10 Aug 16

Brazil, the “Nation of the Future,” and always will be! Summer Olympics in yet another “socialist paradise!”

Down in Rio, armed robbers are having a field-day in the “human wild-dogs” versus “stampeding unarmed human wildebeest” competition!

Despite “extreme security,” the Olympic “security chief” himself was attacked by four knife-wielding armed-robbery suspects directly after opening ceremonies. He lived through it, through no fault of his own! Armed police officers arrived in time to shoot one of the suspects before he could perform a murder. Suspect was DRT. His companions fled the scene and are still at large.

Imagine this so-called “Chief of Security” not carrying a pistol. What a fool!

Portugal’s own Minister of Education was simultaneously assaulted and robbed as he headed back to his hotel.

Many other assaults and robbery/kidnaping attempts, but the situation is so embarrassing to local politicians, most of it is being hushed-up. The American press won’t report it, of course, as it does not fit-in with their pro-socialist talking points. No socialist/Communist government can ever do wrong!

The wise are not attending. Between armed robbers and local bacteria, it is not a safe place to be!

Back here, the wise go armed! We know that “rescue” is mostly fantasy. We know that “protection” is also mostly fantasy. What protection you do enjoy will be generally what you personally provide!

Socialists here care as much about our personal safety as do socialists everywhere else!

“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent ‘virtue’ is the equal sharing of misery.”




Saturday, August 6th, 2016 by Mas | 47 Comments »

“Children die from gunfire. They can only be saved by removing guns from society, and you gun people are all savages and selfish bastards if you won’t give up your guns to save JUST ONE CHILD’S LIFE!

Sigh.  Yes, that’s the kind of argument we get from the prohibitionists.

Let’s talk.

It is generally accepted that a far greater number of tragic, accidental deaths of children are due to drownings, often in private swimming pools or even hot tubs, than to unintentional gunfire. Let’s explore that.  See: , and also

If you want to save the children, why not become an activist for banning private ownership of swimming pools and hot tubs?  After all, there is nothing in the Bill of Rights that guarantees the right to own such things, the way there is with firearms.  You could play the Bloomberg Card and change the terminology to fit your narrative. “Oh,” you could say, “we just want to regulate your swimming pool.  We’ll start by demanding twenty-foot-high fencing, nuclear facility grade if you please, around the pool property.  And of course, require 24/7 lifeguards.”  Michael Bloomberg could afford that, just as he can afford his large, heavily armed contingent of round-the-clock bodyguards.  Ordinary folks can’t afford that?  Too bad.  There you go being selfish bastards again, instead of thinking of those poor children!

Of course, all those nice, law-abiding citizens whose hard-earned pools you might want to brick over will say, “But – but – we didn’t install that pool to kill anybody!” Well, guess what, law-abiding gun owners didn’t spend their hard-earned dollars at the gun shop so they could kill people, either, or American sidewalks would be littered with corpses.

“But, pools are beneficial to society. They relax people. And there are all kinds of healthful benefits from swimming, and exercises physically challenged people can do best in pools.” True. And guns are hugely popular in sporting applications, from target shooting to harvesting meat from the hunting field.  And marksmanship is one of the few sports at which some physically challenged people can compete and win on equal ground with the able-bodied. More than once, the handgunner in the wheelchair has been overall top shot in my classes.

And, as statistics show to those who simply open their eyes and minds, guns save a huge number of innocent lives and prevent a great many serious crimes.

All of which is why banning guns, or restricting them to the rich and privileged, makes no more sense than doing the same with hot tubs and swimming pools.



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