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Massad Ayoob on Guns

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Wednesday, October 19th, 2016 by Mas | 28 Comments »
America's First Freedom

Hillary will ban, if she can, fifteen round magazines like there. See what NRA has to say.

The pundits warn us that we can expect tonight’s Presidential debate, the third and final, to be the nastiest of an extremely nasty campaign.  Will Trump cry, “B*tch of Benghazi”?  Will Clinton snarl back “Fascist f*ck,” a term she has reportedly applied to her adversary behind closed doors?  One flings an old hot mic dialogue, the other’s riposte is the latest from Wikileaks.

NRA this month points out that a President Hillary Clinton would be likely to: “Ban semi-autos; Mandate “Universal” background checks; Overturn Heller; Shut down gun shows; Implement Australian confiscation & registration; Use tax dollars to promote gun control; Secret government list bans; Ban online gun advertising; Extreme executive actions on guns; End lawful access to guns; (and) Repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.”

In a campaign that’s already looking a bit like Saturday afternoon wrestling, will the candidates go all the way with that and throw their debate stools at each other?

After all, they’ve been throwing another kind of stool at one another for a while now…


Saturday, October 15th, 2016 by Mas | 30 Comments »

My, it has been an interesting last few days.  As we come down to the wire of the election, things aren’t looking good from the gun owners’ perspective.

The “L” party might have foreseen that this year would have been the best ever to really put a third party on the radar screen.  Instead, they dragged their feet and didn’t offer candidates to the public until late in the game.  Their Presidential candidate seems to think Aleppo is a brand of dog food, their Veep choice was a vehement anti-gunner when he occupied a Governor’s Mansion, and they really aren’t in position to do anything but suck votes away from the one person who can beat the candidate who has declared us to be an “enemy.”

The “R” party had four years to mentor a viable candidate, didn’t, and got what it got. Whether Donald Trump has been hoisted by his own petard in the last few days, or sandbagged by hostile media and political machines, or both, his candidacy has been badly hurt.

My own biggest concern is the House and Senate.  The next President will doubtless appoint multiple Supreme Court justices in a time when even the one due appointee will tip the balance of our highest Court.  That nominee will have to be confirmed by the Senate.  Now, I’m an Independent, not a Republican, but I’m one of the many other people Ronald Reagan was speaking for when he said “I didn’t abandon the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party abandoned me.” You have only to look at the Democrats’ own published platform to see how hostile the Ds are to law-abiding American gun owners.

I implore you, don’t give up and boycott the election. Vote for pro-gun candidates in the House and Senate.  Vote for pro-gun candidates within your own state legislatures, where the Bloomberg anti-gun forces will be pushing heavily for state-by-state restrictions in the coming years.

It matters.



Monday, October 10th, 2016 by Mas | 59 Comments »

…there IS no debate, at least for people who want to keep their gun rights.

It was sad that neither candidate could give a straight answer to simple questions.

They say the devil you know beats the devil you don’t. This is the first time I can remember where I’ve had to choose the devil I don’t know, because the devil I do know so blatantly hates my kind and everything I stand for.

I am one of the five million plus NRA members Hillary Clinton has declared to be her enemy. She has publicly praised the Australian “gun control” scheme in which the government confiscates firearms legally purchased and responsibly owned by law abiding citizens. Her deep contempt for law enforcement, including her own Arkansas State Police bodyguards in the past and Secret Service agents since, is widely known.  More recently, without hearing from the police defense side, she called police shootings “intolerable” – a poor showing of ethics or fairness by a woman who was once an attorney, after she finally passed the bar exam.  I’m a cop; I’m a law-abiding gun owner; and I am not inclined to vote for people who hate and demonize me and Americans like me.

On this litmus test issue, Donald Trump has come out for our side. Yes, at one time he supported the “assault weapons ban,” but he has since foresworn that publicly.  Hillary Clinton has been implacably anti-gun and anti-police for her entire career. The devil I don’t know can’t possibly be worse than the devil who has made herself clearly known.

I understand why many people I respect are voting for third party candidates. But it’s clear that those candidates can’t win.  The “statement” made by voting for them gives only an empty, self-righteous “feel-good” moment to that particular voter, and does not serve the common good.  It appears that third party votes will draw mostly from the Trump side, not the Clinton side, and equal a vote for Clinton…not a good thing for those to whom either justice or the right to self-protection is important. If you look at the polls, predicted Trump votes plus predicted third party votes will be enough to defeat Clinton, but predicted Trump votes alone will not.

We remember when Ross Perot was the spoiler whose third party votes gave us eight years of a Bill Clinton presidency, and the ten onerous years of the Assault Weapons Ban.

Which is why I for one am inclined to hold my nose and vote for Donald Trump.



Thursday, October 6th, 2016 by Mas | 28 Comments »

I have an article on “Understanding the Gun Control Debate” in the current issue of Backwoods Home.  It’s the first of three parts, with part 2 due out soon in the next issue.

The election is almost upon us.  If Hillary Clinton is elected, she will appoint Supreme Court justices whose opinions will shape our nation for the next couple of generations.  She has declared NRA members to be “the enemy.”  There are still people who say, “But Hillary swears she believes in the Second Amendment.”  That ignores the fact that she said SCOTUS got it wrong in the Heller and McDonald decisions that said the right to keep and bear arms was an individual right, not an empowerment of state militias.  She has spoken favorably of the Australian model of mandatory confiscation of semiautomatic rifles.

Be active. Write respectful letters to the editor or essays for the op-ed pages in your local newspapers.  Feel free to link the above-mentioned article.

Our future as gun-owners is on the line, and we’re getting down to the wire.


Sunday, October 2nd, 2016 by Mas | 21 Comments »

Schedules are funny things.  Months ago, I knew that September of this year was going to be consumed by a wrongful death trial in Federal court on one coast and a murder trial on the other, with some days allotted for the Texas Bar Association’s annual Firearms Law Seminar, and the Gun Rights Policy Conference.  That left only a couple of days at the end of the month for a regular training class, which is what I’m doing as I write this.

When not one but both trials postponed (not an uncommon occurrence), I figured the Evil Princess and I might have a few rare days of free time.

No such luck.  Nature abhors a vacuum.  An opportunity came up to take a Ruger new product seminar, at the awesome FTW Ranch in Texas.  It coincided well with the Bar Association seminar.  An annual periodical I used to write was resurrected when a publisher bought the rights to the title from the original publisher, which had closed its doors earlier in the year…and the deadlines were coming up close.

There was also an invitation to lecture in the town where I live on how Stand Your Ground laws actually work, and to be guest speaker at a local Republican Committee meeting where I advised them not to take gun owners for granted because a whole lot of them were inclined to cast protest votes for a third party.

Each of those opportunities turned out to be useful and enjoyable, so I really can’t complain.

Christmas. Yeah, that’s it.  I’ll relax around…Christmas.


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