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Letters and email from readers about Backwoods Home Magazine and the BHM website


Archive for the ‘Newsletter’ Category


Password Site

Friday, December 10th, 2010

For the first time, I really understand what a “random” password is.  Thanks for sharing!

Peggy Pace


Password Place

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

First off I completely acknowledge that what you have done is infinitely better than the common password examples you gave. However, a couple of quick points.

1. The browser password stash is notoriously insecure.  Google it or ask a security guy.  Granted it is much better than nothing but is not secure against a lot of malware, let alone anyone with physical access to your computer.

2. Use Lastpass.  It’s free, encrypted, allows one use passwords for access when traveling and works across all your computers.  For that matter use  Roboform or any other good manager although they may not be free nor have all the security features that Lastpass does.  It generates and secures your passwords, notes and personal info along with automatically entering the login and password for each site as needed.

3. Use a trick for your master passwords such as an easy to remember word or name but type the offset letter above or below from the correct one.  Such as; “password” becomes ;zxxslfc  Just create a simple system that works for you and you can use easy to remember words or phrases for your master passwords.

Jim Kretschek

Your first and second are good points. For folks who have to manage many passwords, Lastpass, Roboform, etc. are good options. But many folks only use one or two passwords and are unlikely to want to acquire and learn to use a password manager.

As to the trick in your third point, the key offset is well-known and easily programmed into the bad guy’s bot for each regular word it tries. Ih92c@yq5v*bJn3qh? Better is to create a true nonsense word that can be  easily memorized, such as flepismarp, then insert some capitals and other symbols, to end with fLep_is~Marp or FlepIsMarp38 or flep3is8marP, etc.




Saturday, December 4th, 2010

Thank you so much for this site!  [Password Place] I got a notice a few weeks ago from Facebook that they caught someone trying to get into my account–from Istanbul Turkey!  I changed my password immediately and now will do so about every month.

Thanks again!

Catherine Cooper


Newsletter comments

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Dear Dave,

Just a quick note about E-NEWSLETTER VOL 12, #8.  The 2 Eagles and a Duck photo essay was beautiful!  I sent it to a bunch of family and friends.
And I laughed out loud at the humor section!!!

Marco Polo!!!


Nancy Perry
Hollywood, Fl


Thank you!

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Editor and Staff,

I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for a great magazine and E-newsletter. I look forward to getting the newsletter every month and the magazine every couple. I have several friends (hopefully future subscribers) who I have turned onto your magazine and and I know have been visiting the website.

I live in the depressed economy of Michigan and like many others is trying to keep my head above water. I hate going to my job due to the negativity and dismal spirit found there. I work in the auto industry and can tell you things are better than they were even just 6 months ago but I can still feel that my job is in jeopardy on almost a daily basis. It’s time for a change I just haven’t figured out what that is totally going to be.

You are always a bright light of hope as I can see where I need to go. I’m working on it and probably will be relocating my family in the near future to a property where we can practice the homesteading spirit. I don’t know what I will be doing yet but you have given me some direction on where to look.

Thanks again,

Jim Loomis


Coming economic meltdown

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Dear Mr. Duffy

I was just reading in the newsletter, about you comparing our current economic upheaval. I have been watching developments and I have found eerie similarities with the economic collapse of Austria, and other European countries, as the National Socialist Party rose to power during the thirties:

1. Using the welfare state to take control of people live and getting them used to having the government take care of them

2. Hyper inflate the national debt, mainly by spending to [pay for] the welfare and increasing government control

3. Hyper deflating monetary value by printing paper money. (to pay for the debt)

4. Taking over and/or over regulating business. to cause failure of the jobs and money making machinery

5. And blaming capitalism for the problems

To those people, they only had two choices. One was the Communist Workers Party and the National Socialist Party. I hope that you can make a better connection than I can. Thanks and please keep up the good work

Chris Rakes
Mt. Airy, NC


You are right!

Thursday, September 17th, 2009


In [the September] newsletter you mention that when you give good people “free” stuff they will eventually return the favor.  I bought your magazine off the news rack and learned about your website.  I spend much more time on the website, but as soon as the magazine cover changes I head for Barnes and Noble (last night!) to purchase one because I certainly want you people to stay in business.  I have not missed a copy since I purchased the first one.

Oh – and please don’t tell anyone – but there are a few of us conservatives lurking around college campuses.  We are mostly in the vocational technical areas (We have SKILLS), but so you know we are out there……

Also, you might mention to John that this morning I had to wait for a gang of antelope – a momma and twins, blocking the road, slowing traffic (1 car – me) and threatening vehicle damage if I went more than 5 miles per hour…this IS a real problem.  They must have run the deer gang off for now – that is the group I usually see.

Holly Burch
Bismarck, North Dakota


Newsletter humor

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009


Maybe it’s just me, but the last few issues of the  BHM Newsletter, the humor column seemed to be a little  off – I cannot articulate what was missing, just not your usual level of humor.

Well, this months humor column was- well, my wife and I still bust out laughing when we think about the jokes- good work, especially the one about the thugs wondering around in your town- that one should re-run for April Fools issue :)

Thanks for a great publication, and some humor to help us not take ourselves too seriously.

Bob Taylor


Great Newsletter

Monday, January 26th, 2009

That was a great newsletter. I am glad I subscribe!!

Lynn Vielbaum


BHM Newsletter – January, 2009

Monday, January 26th, 2009

THANKS for the great jokes in this issue!!! I almost wet myself when reading them-keep ’em comin’!!!

I absolutely love your newsletters-thanks for the work that goes into them!!!

Marsha, freezing here in Michigan!!



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