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Letters and email from readers about Backwoods Home Magazine and the BHM website


Archive for April, 2011


Dorthy A’s shirt

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

The May/June copy came a couple of days ago. Usual band of great stuff. There was one thing that stood out that I would like to know more about. One of the pages had a picture of Dorothy wearing a sweatshirt that says “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for YOURSELF.” Great paraphrase on JFK’s speech, however did she make that herself or did she pick it up from a vendor? If that is not copyrighted I am going to have some made up for myself as it reflects my outlook. I am sure that Ayn Rand would be proud of our Dorothy for wearing that shirt.

Randy Westfall

Dear Randy,

Re: “Building Eric’s House Part 5”: I was wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt I ordered from an affiliate of the Ayn Rand website “Atlasphere” (a take-off from “Atlas Shrugged”). I’ve been a proponent for 50 years of Ayn Rand’s philosophy that celebrates individualism and personal achievement (without government help). Thanks for noticing the quote!

Here is the website link if you’d like to order one for yourself. It’s a GREAT message to spread around!


Dorothy Ainsworth



More on sweet potatoes…

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Thanks to Vernon Lewis for “The Under-Appreciated Sweet Potato” article in the May/June issue – I learned quite a bit from it about one of my favorite foods.  I’m delighted and amazed to know that they’re actually low-glycemic, even though sweet! – and to have that much more reason to indulge.  (BTW, I tried to grow them – slips of 6 different types – in clayey soil, and they were very unhappy.  Maybe I’ll try planting them in compost-and-straw, as one can do with nightshade potatoes… perhaps after growing my own slips.)

I wanted to mention another use for them that I discovered this past year:  dried slices make wonderful, healthy, teeth-cleaning dog treats – expensive to buy (if you can find them), easy to make.  Precook the tubers (to “al dente” stage, before mushy), slice 1/4 – 1/3″ thick.  (And like beets, dehydrated sweet potatoes are gorgeous in color and rehydrate very well – for humans!)

Sherry Gordon


Dandelion greens

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

I picked some dandelion greens from my yard a short time ago. I wanted to prepare them but didn’t know the best way. So I searched the Internet and found a website with the name John Kallas mentioned. I knew that the name had to be Greek. Having lived in Greece and visited there many times, this had to be the right source, remembering how the Greeks love dandelion greens. I found Dr. Kallas’s article very interesting, informative, and well written. His explanation of the bitterness of the greens and how to reduce it was most helpful. Thanks for a great article.

Ellen O’Neill


Gold Beach Gestapo

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

I’ve been getting Backwoods Home for many years. And I really wanted to come to Gold Beach.  I even went so far as to plan a trip this year by Making my own bio diesel to make the trip.

After reading [issues] #128 & #129  I realize that I don’t have all the equipment to make the trip.

I don’t have an on board attorney.
I don’t have a radar jammer.
I don’t have a passenger to keep watch on other vehicles.  ie cops
I don’t have a measuring device to make sure I stop at stop sign with my front bumper even to the stop sign.
I don’t have a glow in the dark or florescent orange seat belt to make sure the Gestapo can see it.
I don’t have a permit to transport my bio diesel in Oregon, I’m sure the Gestapo would want to check after he smelled my exhaust.  It smells like french fries and not donuts.

I did check the web for speed traps and sure enough Gold Beach is on the list.

Sorry I can’t make the trip this year, but maybe in the future when you get rid of the Gestapo.

By the way do they were the Nazi swastika?? And have nice shinny black boots??

I have even had the thought about moving there.  Sure seems like a real nice place, but I don’t want to have the watch my back all the time.  Sure wish you all the luck in getting things taken care of so you can enjoy Gold Beach.

Thanks for hearing my side.

Robert Widmar



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