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Letters and email from readers about Backwoods Home Magazine and the BHM website


Archive for April, 2010


Second Revolution

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Dear Editor,

As an online reader that missed being a “Baby Boomer” by one year or so, and not quite young enough to be of this so called “younger generation” I was awestruck by one comment in Mr. Duffy’s article.

“One thing I feel pretty confident in predicting: America’s Second Revolution is coming, and the young will bring it.”

America has lost her way. One can only hope that these young people can right her course and guide her through the rocks and shoals of this treacherous bay. As someone that has sworn an oath “to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic” I can only hope and pray that it comes by the ballot box instead of the rifle barrel.

Time will tell. I will not say I look forward to the future, as that would be a lie. I will however say that these are indeed interesting times.



Massad Ayoob article on Appleseed Project

Sunday, April 25th, 2010


Been with you guys off and on for years now. Just a quick note of thanks to Massad Ayoob for his current issue article on the Appleseed Project. It was very well written and reading of his experience at the AS in Hernanndo County, FL, was very interesting. I love to read his articles and appreciate all you guys for such a fantastic SERVICE you have been doing over the past couple decades now at BWH.

Take care and keep up the good work. I’m sure that Massad Ayoob’s article will generate more people to go to an Appleseed, as I did, and for many of them to also take up the Heritage and seek to become more like the people who gave us this great Nation which we are seeing be dismantled day by day now. Your editorials always inspire me along the political lines as well and we are both on the same song sheet.

William Stover


Eric’s House

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Among your other fine articles, I’ve been following the construction of “Eric’s House” with interest. It appears that he will have a beautiful house when finished, at a fraction of the cost of hiring it done.

Of course, the pride of doing it yourself is inestimable.

Since I bought an old farmhouse on 145 acres in rural West Virginia in 1989, I have had to learn all of the skills involved here. While I have formal training in commercial carpentry, nothing in that prepared me for working on these old “Jenny Lind” houses.

I’ve done plumbing from the well, wiring from the service connection, gas piping from the wellhead or city meter, and septic systems from where you don’t want to know.

When severe summer or winter weather knocks out the power for weeks at a time, those less prepared can visit me for a hot shower and some TV, because I’m prepared for that.

I have also acquired four rental properties, and have had to replumb all of them, rewire most of them, and fix roofing, windows, doors, and things too numerous to mention.

I love where I live, and also your magazine. I have only one question.

Uh…What’s a “Building Inspector?”

John Dillon
West Virginia


Your Essay “Qualities of a Free Man”

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Just found this via some other blogs and wanted to say, Kudos! Outstanding!

Especially “When we have sufficient free individuals, political, social, and institutional freedoms will follow. They will arise not through revolution or politically driven reform, but from who we are and the choices we make every day.”




Wyomiles says howdy

Sunday, April 18th, 2010
Hi Claire,
I have been enjoying your stories of the desert. As well as those from Joel.
Sounds like a great place.
Hope you are well.

Chicken feeder

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

I loved the bucket feeder idea. I can’t believe how much they want in the feed stores for such a simple container.

I have been looking around yard sales and flea markets but someone had just snatched them up. This idea makes my day.

I even think it works for ducks. At least they think so.

Thank you

Jackie Smith


Appleseed coverage

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Just wanted to say thank for the story by Mas Ayoob on his journey to an Appleseed event.

I have attended a few so I know what he was experiencing. I think the whole idea is one we all should share, not just the shooting but the history that the instructors teach. Yes I have shot a rilfeman score and am proud to do so. It took a couple trips to the line but well worth it.

Appleseeds are a great way to make new friends and learn a little more of that day in 1775 when our country was born.

Thanks for all the great work. Keep it up.

M. Besneatte


Assessment of America

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Mishin makes some excellent points. Far too many Americans remain blind or indifferent to the alarming erosion of freedoms taking place as well as the lurking threat posed by what has essentially become unlimited government.

The phenomenon may be due to public school indoctrination combined with the fact that half of all Americans  now recieve a substantial portion of their income from government. The two are undoubtedly related. Twenty million Americans now receive Earned Income Tax Credit, a form of welfare. Ten percent of the population receives food stamps. Far more depend on Social Security. The list goes on and on.

Although not all  people become fatally compromised when their subsidies start arriving, it would probably be safe to assume that most do.

Unfortunately, the only thing will put an end to it is an economic meltdown. With the official national debt shooting up the hockey stick handle like an Atlas rocket, such an event looks more and more likely with each passing day.

Marc Swanson


Awesome article

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

The article about Russia seeing how America really is, from afar, is entirely correct!

It is very sad to see our great country in the ruins that it is in now, and from what I have seen from other people; there is no way to fix it.  People don’t care; they truly are sheeple.

Finding like-minded people to associate with is rare and you have to be careful that you are not being watched, although I know we all are.  There will be a day when we will no longer be welcome to state our opinions and will be thrown into prison or exterminated because of what we think or believe.  I do believe it is not far away.  Especially under the ruling of the “czars!”

Thank you,

Sue S.


Potential for RV fire

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Hey, Claire,

Your otherwise excellent article has a couple of important omissions. The schematic diagram shows two deep-cycle storage batteries connected in parallel, but neglects  isolation diodes and fusible links, and there is no mention of either one in the text.

An isolation diode prevents one battery from discharging the other, while still allowing both batteries to be charged from a single +12VDC connection.  In actuality, as long as all batteries in a storage bank are diode-isolated, any number of batteries may be connected safely.

In a worst-case situation, and if directly connected to another, one battery (for whatever reason) could present itself as a dead short to the remaining battery(ies), draining all the ‘juice’ quickly enough to start a nasty fire and/or explosion.

I would also install a fusible link at each battery’s positive terminal, just in case… it would act as a high-current fuse, preventing the sort of massive current drain that could really heat things up in  a heartbeat.

In what I would consider a safe setup, each battery is contained within its own plastic battery box (vented to prevent the buildup of hydrogen gas) to catch acid leakage, connected to its respective fusible link, to a high-current conductor ‘manifold’ (I have used flattened copper pipe with holes drilled for connector bolt/nut/washer assemblies), each battery with its own isolation diode connected in series with its fusible link.

If a catastrophic failure were to occur, the fusible link would blow, removing the defective battery from the circuit altogether.

Talk to an RV dealer for more details, but the practice of directly connecting two or more high-energy storage components, without fusible links and isolation diodes is a potentially dangerous one.  I’m surprised the schematic diagram didn’t catch fire on its own.

Keith Savoy


The Art of Living In Small Spaces

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

How does one buy a copy of this book?   It is not listed on Amazon.



The Art of Living In Small Spaces” is not a book but an article that was published in Backwoods Home Magazine.

Click the title to read it.




Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

My kids got an electronic monopoly game for Christmas. I wondered why you got 2 million dollars to pass go.  Could this be the first step in desensitizing us to hyperinflation?

You just gotta wonder.

Sue Pulen


Lovin’ it!

Friday, April 2nd, 2010


I just wanted to send you a little note and let you know how much I appreciate your magazine!

We live here on Cape Cod in Massachusetts and my husband and myself have been living  simply for a long time.

Thanks to all the great info from your magazine we are striving for total self sufficiency!

In these times of a bad economy,your magazine has become our bible.

Thanks for giving us a shot at the good life!

Julie & Don Goulart



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