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Letters and email from readers about Backwoods Home Magazine and the BHM website


Archive for January, 2009


Bury a gun article

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

I’ve never replied to an article that you’ve written before but felt compelled to this time.

Your article on how to bury a gun and ammo for 15 years SHOULD never have been written. Emphasis on should. The sad fact of it is that the government has gone so far askew from the founding fathers ideas that articles of this type ARE necessary information.

I look forward to receiving your magazine and only wish it came every month. My best to you and your fine staff and keep up the excellent job.

Travis Schade


Great Newsletter

Monday, January 26th, 2009

That was a great newsletter. I am glad I subscribe!!

Lynn Vielbaum


BHM Newsletter – January, 2009

Monday, January 26th, 2009

THANKS for the great jokes in this issue!!! I almost wet myself when reading them-keep ’em comin’!!!

I absolutely love your newsletters-thanks for the work that goes into them!!!

Marsha, freezing here in Michigan!!


Silveira’s article

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

Hi Editor,

I love the article by John Silveira, If you don’t like it here why don’t you move to another country?

This article so aptly expressed what I so often feel – if people want to live in a country that is different than the USA then by all means move there, but leave us freedom loving Americans alone and stop trying to turn this country into something that is was not intended to be. As I see more and more liberties being under attack or taken away I become disheartened and wonder if anyone else feels the way I do. This article answered that for me and I knew I wasn’t the only sane person left in America!

Thanks for your great magazine, I found a copy at a health food store over 10 years ago and have been a fan ever since. I’m glad I’m not alone in my views and frustrations as of late.


Anna Colbert


Social security numbers (not)

Saturday, January 24th, 2009


I didn’t get a social security number for my kids [born] in ’90 and ’91 and it has been an uphill battle.  Can you believe an American would actually use his/her rights?

I always ask “what do you do for the Amish, AC’s or Mendenites?” and claim religious rights.

I am lucky to be in Kansas they have voter registration, drivers licensing, passport, and go to school without much fuss. Just don’t live in Alabama.

I am appalled by how ignorant and sheepish Americans have been.  My children are more American than 50% of Americans. Even our Senators think you have to have one by law.  I asked them.

Have you done any more work or have information about banks or employment without a social security number with more detailed info? My daughter has just started working for me at my Distillery. The state said they would honor anything the Feds said I had to do.

She lives in Lawrence, Kansas and goes to Kansas University.  The city wouldn’t turn her gas or water on unless I gave them my social security number. Talk about discrimination. I would like to launch a lawsuit but even the attorneys I talk to don’t understand not having a social security number.


Seth Fox


The meltdown and the bailout, why, how, and what they mean, by John Silveira

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Everyone should read this article, whether you are struggling in this economy or not.

I know many families losing their houses. Three of which are close friends. I remember wondering how they where going to make the large mortgage payments or home equity loan payments with their incomes. But who am I to judge? The banks know better than me right?

Well here we are and until some of them figure out what they are going to do next, my property is starting to look like a compound. That just means a bigger garden and more hands to help with it! We may end up having to use the local food bank. But many of us will be donating time and plants to the new garden being installed there this year. I live in a small community and in the last two years the number of families using the food bank has nearly doubled.

Back to John’s article, thank you for writing this in a way everyone can understand. Instead of trying to explain it myself I just hand them my magazine. Works great.

Sandra Housego
Whidbey Island


Mandated switch to CFC bulbs

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Thank you for your article on various types of cfc bulbs (“Dim Bulbs in California“)

I came across it while looking for information on why I can no longer purchase an incandescent reflector flood R20 60-watt (apparently, federal law) even though the replacement of 45-watt bulbs puts out insufficient light for our kitchen.

What nobody mentions in articles about CFC’s is that, efficiency aside, the quality of the light put out by incandescent is far superior to CFC. Light is such an emotional thing. Even the “warmer” (ie, yellow) CFC bulbs are cold and depressing. I appreciated your sensitivity to governmental “strong-arm” tactics, and your implicit understanding that some consumers may just prefer incandescent bulbs for various reasons.

I have been advised that I should just “learn to like” CFC’s. But I don’t like the light they produce. It’s a flat and creepy effect. Things illuminated lose their depth and shadow and nuance. Things illuminated take on a weird color. It’s unpleasant.

We’re in the process of starting a home remodel, and with all the cost and effort involved in Northern California, even in a down real estate market, we are dismayed to learn that we will be severely limited in the kind of illumination we will be forced to live with. Sheesh!

Edith Lavin
Berkeley, CA


Duffy’s article

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

About the only thing I don’t agree with [in Dave’s editorial] is that Fox News is on our side, as an opposition to the left.

Fox is also part of the problem, as they appear to be conservative while leading us down the path of Fascism just as surely as the rest of the Mainstream Media.

In Liberty’s Cause,

Clell Adams
Alabaster, AL


Last Word Jan/Feb 2009

Friday, January 2nd, 2009


Having received this issue a few weeks back and finally getting a chance to read the Last Word from this issue I was struck by the simplicity that could have prevented the current meltdown.

I have a 14 year old stepson. He is given a set amount each weekend that is enough money to pay for his school lunches for the week and give him a small amount of pocket money. If he goes to the mall and spends it all on something, that is not my problem. The money was there. If he could not be responsible with it, when it is gone it is gone. I refuse to bail him out by giving him more money. If it costs more then he is willing to spend that is what saving your money is all about.

If governments acted like a tough love parent and kept their hands out of our pockets this could have been avoided. Yes the less efficient companies would have failed. So what? They’re in what is called business not what is called bail me out. Show the backbone I show to my stepson when someone comes whining for more. Suck it up companies, your mommies are not in government.

Jamie Allen
Sacramento, CA


Great Articles

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

Just found the BWH website and read 2 of your articles; one on the bailout and one on the Bill Of Rights.  Just the kind of stuff I’ve been looking for; easy to understand, concise articles on issues important to people who care about the direction this country is going.





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