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Archive for the ‘Gas mileage’ Category


Good used car

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008


I lost a good paying job and as a result I now need to let my Escalade go. I have about $3500 to spend on a replacement used car. I live in Ohio and I have five children so snow and space are issues. Also obviously since my cash flow right now is very poor, mileage is very important. Any ideas as to what make and model would be my best bet?


Dennis in Dayton


With today’s cost of gas almost all of us are in the same boat. However there are some good used cars out there that get great mileage. The Volkswagen made a diesel Rabbit in the 70’s that got over 50 MPG, and their newer Jetta and Golf diesel models of the 80’s and 90’s also got great mileage. A diesel engine has a higher up front cost on any new car as it is heavier construction and much longer life. Also, since a diesel engine does not have spark plugs or ignition system, there are less things to go wrong.

If I had limited funds and wanted highest mileage, I would try and find any used Volkswagen Golf or Jetta. They have better mileage than the new hybrid models and are far less expensive. I think most Rabbits are long gone but it may still be possible to find one and the parts are still available. My best friend had a diesel Rabbit in Ohio many years ago and it would go through the snow like a snow plow. He loved that car although he did have to plug in the oil heater on cold winter nights to make it easier to start.

Regardless of the high cost of diesel fuel, it is about to level out while gasoline has been lower but will soon pass diesel again like it was until this mess started.

I am sorry you are hurting as I know many others in same situation. Hang in there as things will get better,

Good Luck,

Jeff Yago



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